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BOS-1 "Lohengrin" Beam Sword version 1.01
By InfiniDragon


Revision History:

1.0 (10/8/11): First release of the mod!
1.01 (10/13/11): Updated the .esp file to (hopefully) correct a crash bug involving the installation of the "Precision Cutting Laser" mod.



This is actually my first mod released on the Nexus, though I've been modding the game for my own personal use for a while now. The reason this sword exists is by request; Kimnokmar of the Nexus Forums asked my brother AlphaDragoon to create a beam bastard sword after seeing his "AE-86 Seiryuu" mod on the Nexus (an excellent beam katana which you can download at http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=44068). My brother was a bit busy at the time making adjustments to his own mod, and so rather than have him try to take on both at once, I volunteered my time to make the sword. And well, here is the result.


Download Instructions:

I tried to make this as painless as possible for people by arranging everything so they could choose exactly what they want and place it in. There are two versions of the .esp file. One is the default "lohengrin.esp" where the weapon is hidden in the world. These are swords created by the Brotherhood of Steel; so look in places where you might find them and refer to the screenshots provided in the folder (the location is revealed in the FAQs section if you have trouble), The second .esp, titled "lohengrin_easy.esp", simply places the weapon and all available modifications for it in the Goodsprings Schoolhouse. Please note that if you have a mod that changes/alters the Goodsprings Schoolhouse, you will not be able to select the "lohengrin_easy.esp" since the location will not match. Also, the mods will only work for their respective version of the .esp so if you have both .esp files selected, you won't be able to use the mods collected from the Schoolhouse on the version of the sword that was found in the Wasteland as they're technically two different weapons, according to the game.

Once you've decided which .esp you want, simply copy that .esp (you don't require both, although you can use both for multiple copies) as well as all of the folders located in the .zip file into the "Data" folder of your "fallout new vegas" folder, whereever that may be located on your machine. When asked to merge folders, click Yes. To uninstall this mod, go into the fallout new vegas\Data folder, and delete the .esp file you chose (either the "lohengrin.esp" or the "lohengrin_easy.esp"). Then from the Data folder, go and delete the folders marked "Lohengrin" from these folders:

Weapon Mesh: Data\meshes\weapons
Static Mesh: Data\meshes\clutter
Weapon Textures: Data\textures\weapons
Static Textures: Data\textures\clutter
Pip-Boy Icons: Data\textures\interface\icons
Sounds: Data\Sound\fx\wpn



There are actually two versions of the sword included in the .esp file; the default sword which is a rather large, imposing two handed melee weapon, and the smaller, lighter one handed version. Here are the specs in game for both, starting with the original:

BOS-1 "Lohengrin" (2H):

Weight: 15.00
Health: 2500
Reach: 2.0
Damage/DPS: 80/79
Value: 7000
Attack Speed: 0.7000

And here is the one handed version:

BOS-2 "Lohengrin ß" (1H):

Weight: 6.0000
Health: 1500
Reach: 1.3000
Damage/DPS: 50/115
Value: 7000
Attack Speed: 1.0000

There are also two modifications available for each weapon, either craftable at a Workbench with 50 Repair (if you chose the default "lohengrin.esp") or located next to the weapons in the Goodsprings Schoolhouse (if you chose the "lohengrin_easy.esp"). The modifications available are as follows:

Precision Cutting Laser (2H, crafted by combining 1 Scrap Metal, 1 Scrap Electronics, 1 Sensor Module):
Increases the attack power of the weapon by 5.

Lightweight Parts (1H, crafted by combining 1 Scrap Metal and 2 Tin Cans):
Increases attack speed of the weapon.

Superior Alloy (1H and 2H, crafted by combining 1 Abraxo Cleaner, 1 Turpentine, and 1 Scrap Metal):
Increases condition of the weapon by 50%.



Q: Does the blade come in different colors?
A: Sure does, just download the optional file "Lohengrin Colors" and follow the Read Me.

Q: Where are the weapons? I can't seem to find them even with the hints.
A: There are screenshots provided in the folder, but if you'd like to know exactly where they are, here goes. The BOS-1 "Lohengrin" (2H) is located in a crater near Black Mountain; you'll actually visit this area as part of one of the Brotherhood of Steel's quest lines. The 1H version BOS-2 "Lohengrin ß" is located in one of the empty bunkers in Hidden Valley. Most of the other bunkers are barren, but one of them is filled with clutter and steel crates. The sword is located behind one of the crates on the left at the end of the room.

Q: That's a cool outfit your character is wearing in those screenshots. Is that on the Nexus and can I download it?
A: The answer here is no, and no. The outfit that Melody (I named her before I got to The Fort and found out a little girl has the same name XD) is wearing is my own creation, a custom model from the ground up. For several reasons it is not available (as of now) on the Nexus for download, I may end up releasing it in the future.


Legal Stuff/Credits:

All of the modeling on this sword was done from scratch by me, InfiniDragon. The original concept was by Kimnokmar (thanks for inspiring me to create this), and textures are created from scratch by myself and AlphaDragoon. Also, the mod case model and texture were provided by my brother AlphaDragoon (thanks bro). Long story short, don't steal our stuff. We'll find you like ninjas while you sleep. If you want to use this in any part in a mod of your own or post changes to the file on the Nexus (with the exception of Kimnokmar who the weapon was created for), please ask permission first. :D

InfiniDragon, 2011