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Added: 18/06/2011 - 01:38PM
Updated: 25/02/2014 - 05:38PM

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CAGE - Continue After Game's Ending 1.9.3


Hey guys! So me and and a few friends decided to make a Minecraft server called... Earthen! We previously owned a successful server named Zion, that we poured our hearts and souls into creating. We poured in that and then some while making Earthen, and we'd really love to see you guys there! (Even just a lil' visit :P)

IP: earthen.mymc.io

(P.S It'd be a really good way to get a hold of me, 'cause I'll be on it a lot. Just send me a /msg and I'll be right with you.) Again, thanks and we hope to see you on Earthen!)

Note ! :-

Hey, guys. Not updated in a while, reasons being that I'm working on a youtube channel, and school. Also been devoting a lot of time to learning guitar, which has came along nicely if I might add ;) So, yeah, to the point. I would like to make this mod available as a modders resource, as I probably don't have the time (or patience) to make a post endgame Mojave come to life. So if anyone would like to attempt to try this feat, then, by all means, use my mod as a base. This doesn't mean I have given up on my attempt, every now and then, I will try to add some content or fix a bug and hopefully this will let a fully polished post endgame mod come to fruition.

I'd like to give my thanks to the two following people, to which, this mod would not be where it is today, freddy_farnsworth and fcterryb. Guys don't think your help went unnoticed, I would sincerely like to say thank you :D

Also, to the people that have downloaded my mod. Thank you for giving it a chance.
To the people that have endorsed my mod. Thank you so much. When I first released this mod, those first few endorsements felt so good, they felt so motivating and they still do.

And to all the people that helped me whenever I ran into a problem with scripting, and helped my on the forums, I thank you also.

Description :

This mod will allow you to play on after the game's ending. The slideshow will begin and you will then be loaded into the Wasteland. You will be able to do quests, explore and play other mods normally. In later versions, I will change and adapt the story and world space of the Mojave based on your ending. Every small quest that affected someone or someplace will have an effect after the ending.

Installation/Un-installation :

To Install :-

Due to some comments, it has come to my attention that this mod interferes with the start of the game, although I haven't experienced any of these problems myself. For now I recommend you install the mod just before you finish the game.

Method 1: Install using Nexus Mod Manager. (Download using the green button in the downloads

Method 2: Windows 64 installation : Download Continue After Ending's .rar file in the downloads
tab, extract to Local Disk (C:)Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppsCommon
Fallout New VegasData

Windows 32 installation : Download Continue After Ending's .rar file in the downloads
tab, extract to Local Disk (C:)Program FilesSteamSteamAppsCommon
Fallout New VegasData

To Un-install :-

Method 1: Delete all of Continue After Ending files from Fallout New VegasData


There are currently no mods that conflict with this one. This uses a script which has only edited the endgame scripts, the only mods that would conflict with this is other mods that alter the games ending.


1.You may link this mod in a Forum or on a site like Youtube.
2.You may upload this mod to a another file hosting site (e.g planetfallout) but as long as I have
credit as the mod author.