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Added: 26/04/2011 - 10:06PM
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Let me start by saying Fallout: New Vegas is one of my favorite games of all time. I can play it for hours and hours on end, and the mods only progress that. On one file, I had clocked over 300 hours.

I purchased Dead Money the other day, to support the company and to see what new and amazing content they delivered. And I was very surprised. I loved it. The lack of equipment, the feeling of being trapped, the DLC just had almost a survival-horror feeling.

I haven't had any bugs with my fallout game at all. Loading over 100 mods, including some very load-bearing ones, and not a single error. It seemed too good to be true.

I noticed, randomly, on the Dead Money DLC that for some reason my health kept dropping rapidly. No, not because I'm on hardcore, but as if I was in a toxic cloud, and I wasn't.

I just cracked open the brand new GECK and took a look at the scripts. So, it seems that when you exit a cloud, sometimes the trigger breaks. I don't know why. But then every cloud you enter after that adds on to the damage multiplier, to the point where you need to use stimpacks every few seconds. This is obviously game-breaking.

And so, onto the quick fix I made.

----------HOW IT WORKS----------
This will run a script that resets the quests that cause you to take damage over time in the cloud and checks if you're in a cloud. You'll get a message confirming if the script ran successfully.

----------BEFORE USING, PLEASE READ----------
This .ESP runs a script similar to pre-order DLC packs. It'll run once as soon as you load up your file. You should get a confirmation message that the toxic cloud scripts were reset. Keep in mind that if, for some reason, your health starts draining again, you must disable the .ESP, load and resave with it disabled, then exit and re-enable this .ESP.

Drop the .esp in your data folder in your New Vegas root. Activate it using either the default launcher or Fallout Mod Manager. [Preferably the latter.] Load order doesn't really matter as long as it's after Dead Money. No conflicts since it merely runs a script once.


Credits to rangermanlv for finding the quests that need to be reset.
Credits to Bethesda for the GECK.


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