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T.H.O.R - thermal opposing radiomizer

weight - 25
health - 200
damage - 90
value - 20000 (and YES, you need to buy it)
ammo usage - 5
magazine - 20

cooler + 20 damage
radiator + 100% condition
plates - 50% spread

value - 5000 for each mod


1. Buy it in Van Graff's store in Freeside, Silver Rush. The price is really high, and the ammo use is high too:) so i don't think that this is a cheat weapon
2. FOR THOSE WHO KILLED VAN GRAFFS:) find a key in the safe, open another safe that is placed in Abandoned Warehouse near Allied Technologies Offices. see the location of the safe in image area>>

in case somebody wants to know IDs of gun and WMK: XX000ade,XX000add,XX000adf,XX000ae0 XX - number of the mod in fomm

The gun is provided with 3 texture resolutions, so choose wisely, cause it's a bit highpoly

This gun is a product of two moders:
CaBaL120 http://www.newvegasnexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=571605
and me(AnOneTwo)

inspired by this art http://th05.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2010/172/4/d/Tesla_gun_collab_by_flaketom.jpg

CaBal120 made most of the textures for this gun
I made models, some tiny edits in textures + some textures for WMK

Thanx hazardic for help in engineering stuff and a lot of other things:)

And a huge thanx to DARKFIRE GAMING for video:)