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Added: 28/02/2011 - 08:17AM
Updated: 30/10/2011 - 07:21PM

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Last updated at 19:21, 30 Oct 2011 Uploaded at 8:17, 28 Feb 2011

This mod allows you to quickly trade with merchants. Instead of talking to them, then getting to trade through dialogue, you can simply click the Right Mouse Button (RMB) with the merchant targeted to open the trade window.
If the Quick Trade Prompt is active, you will see a "Trade" prompt appear above "Talk" on your HUD when looking at someone you can Quick Trade with.

All merchants in the default Fallout: New Vegas should be ready for Quick Trade, and care was taken to ensure that the same conditions apply to trading as normal.
This means that you'll receive the same discounts as you would normally, although you won't be able to Quick Trade with the NPC if you wouldn't normally be able to trade with them.

By using The Mod Configuration Menu, the following settings can be changed:
  • Quick Trade Button
  • Quick Trade Prompt*
  • Trade With Followers

* The prompt only appears when targeting the NPC, and will not be seen in dialogue if you decide to talk to the merchant instead.



  • Extract Quick Trade.FOMOD from the archive.
  • Launch FOMM
  • Select "Package Manager"
  • Select "Add FOMOD" and open to Quick Trade.FOMOD
  • Select Quick Trade and "Activate"

  • If upgrading from version 1.0, the folders Data\Meshes\Pelinor\Quick Trade\ and Data\Textures\Pelinor\Quick Trade\ may be deleted.
  • If upgrading from 1.26, the Quick Trade.bsa file may be deleted.