Desmond Lockheart goes to Vegas from Point Lookout - Compani by MrLechugo
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NosCo Companion System:

Desmond Lockheart is a ghoul from Point Lookout, Maryland, that appears in Fallout's 3 DLC.
I have tried to recreate this character that I liked so much when I played the DLC, I hope you like it, because it is my first mod. I couldn't put his original voice, I used a default ghoul voice.

This mod has 2 options:

-Desmond as companion:
Desmond appears in Freeside, next to the Mormon Fort, thinking and reflecting on their streets.
He appears with a dirty business suit, black rimmed glasses, combat knife and sniper rifle.

-Desmond as player:
I also added Desmond as a pre-designed model for the creation of the player. His face will be in the ghoul race, number 4. When you activate the mod, also activate the ghoul option as playable race, allowing you to choose the number 4, where is the face of Desmond.
Hope you like

If you have decided to choose Desmond as a player, you may be interest on this ghoul player mod:

Thank you for downloading, especially if you like Desmond as me. Special thanks to NosRhyfelwr and Herculine from the greatest companion mod.