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CaliberX is back, complete and corrected!

CaliberX is a fusion of FluidFire's Caliber mod for NV with the xCalibr Ammo Pack from FO3. It provides a comprehensive, eye pleasing upgrade to Obsidian's complex and interesting ammunition system. CaliberX adds popular new rounds to the game, and extends the vanilla ammo with powerful new options. Then it throws your game into overdrive with hi-resolution bullets and shell casings, detailed world objects, accurate weights, scaled ballistic data and alternate ballistic options, casing weight & recovery, and enhanced features for modders.

CaliberX goes beyond FO3 CALIBR and xCAL in that it provides not only an ammo standard, but an ammo DISTRIBUTION standard as well. Modders need only call an existing quest to distribute required ammo to all major vendors and loot lists. Users only see ammo required for mods they have installed, not tons of unusable stuff. Plug and play baby.

CaliberX is a collaborative effort between myself and Fluidfire. This release of CaliberX IS the upgrade to Caliber. This updated release is now available thanks to the kind help of The Vampire Dante.

*****WARNING - CaliberX installation can cause excessive ammo use*****

CaliberX has been tested safe for use in all New Vegas weaponry

CaliberX contains dangerous amounts of lead. Please don't let your children lick the bullets.

CaliberX's carbon footprint is enormous. Especially at full auto.

Key features are:

Improved Ammo:
  • More than 30 new calibers added. All fully configured with proper lists and shell recovery.
  • Nice selection of new handloads for the true enthusiast.
  • Full selection of ammo types for most calibers, all with proper lists and settings
  • Real world accurate weights for the anal retentive handload enthusiast.
  • Accurate, standardized naming. All ammo sorts to top for easy management.
  • Fully compatible with Caliber 2.0 and Reload.
  • CaliberX does not introduce new ammo into the game. It is up to weapon modders to activate desired rounds.

Improved Visuals:
  • Hi resolution replacements for all vanilla slugs and shells.
  • Expanded library of hi-res bullets pre-assigned to projectile data
  • Expanded library of hi-res shell casings, most accurately sized and shaped with caliber specific markings
  • Replaces all vanilla bullets and some shells automatically. Other shells require minor edits to the weapon entries.

Improved compatibility:
  • Players only see the rounds required by the mods they install. No pointless ammo.
  • Standardized ammo resources can be used by all mods.
  • Integrated distribution mechanism can be shared by all mods
  • All new calibers are fully implemented including weights and case recovery
  • All standardized list types provided and can be shared by all mods
  • Does not overwrite any vendor or loot lists. All ammo additions are done via script.

Integrated Distribution and other blessings for modders:
  • Activating a specific round required by your mod is accomplished by simply starting a quest.
  • Multiple mods can activate the same or different rounds without conflict.
  • Global AAmmo variable applied to vendor ammo lists, allowing modder control over ammo availability.
  • Initial activation accompanied by message for visual confirmation. Loot updates immediately, vendors on refresh.
  • Full and complete implementation for each round, over 12 entries for each including world object, ammolist, vendor, loot and spawn lists, case entries and lists, and linked projectile data.
  • Shell casing provided as loose files for easy selection from GECK.

Projectile data:
  • Unique projectile data for every caliber. Pistol and automatic entries for dual use ammo (9mm, 10mm, .45, etc).
  • Silent projectile option for some popular rounds. Reduces ballistic attributes by ~ 10% but is truly silent with reduced muzzle flash.
  • Unique muzzle flashes for sniper and PDW/SMG rounds. Extra bang for extremely large bore rifles and hand cannons.
  • All projectiles set "pass through small invisible" so you can shoot through things like chain link fences.
  • Velocity, range and impact force scale up with cartridge size.

Change Log:

What's new in version 4.107
  • Ammo consumed percentage corrected for 5.45x39mm rounds so the y now give back spent casings
  • Crafting and breakdown recipes added for 5.7x28mm round (FMJ, AP and JHP)
  • Adjusted the 5.45x39mm (7N22 AP+) round so it's worth using and more realistic. Less damage than normal AP ammo (0.9x damage multiplier), but much higher DT mitigation (-25 DT).
  • What's new in version 4.016
  • Case box script for 7.62x39mm case box corrected to deliver appropriate casings
  • Crafting and breakdown recipes added for 7.62x25mm Tokarev (FMJ and JHP) and 9x18mm Makarov thanks to WhiskeyRiver2

What's new in version 4.015
  • .45-70 HP Breakdown recipe corrected. Thanks to nOObie for pointing it out!
  • Projectile entry added to .45 ACP HP, +P, and Super rounds to correct "blanks" issue users have mentioned
  • Possibly a few other naming and recipe corrections I forgot to record when making them

What's new in version 4.014
  • Added recipes for .303 British FMJ and AP with corresponding breakdown recipes for same and .303 British JSP Hand Load

What's new in version 4.013
  • Renamed 5.45x39mm 7N10 Breakdown recipe to truly reflect being a breakdown recipe and corrected input to 7N10 ammo instead of 7N22. Thanks to MVuc for pointing it out!

What's new in version 4.012
  • Switched name but not weight for .454 Casull ammo rounds. The JHC should be heavier and have the HP effect while the JSP should be lighter and have the penetration bonus. Doing it this way, the ammo will have the same effect it always has by IDRef. If you stocked up on the -DT ammo, you'll still have it. Recipes also changed to reflect new names and nothing else; JHC bullets weigh more and require more powder, thus the cartridge is heavier. The ammo distribution and loot lists already accurately refer to the "new" JHC as hollow point and the "new" JSP as the standard rounds.

What's new in version 4.011
  • Corrected recipes for 5.45x39mm AP and AP+ to reflect names properly as seen in CaliberXAWOP ammo patch.
  • Replaced instances of .45 ACP obselete and 5.56mm NATO match obsolete ammo on vendor and loot lists for consistency. Testing revealed this could be a concern with older games. This will also make older mods more compatible going forward if they (incorrectly) include the old .45 ACP activation quest and script.

What's new in version 4.01
  • Renamed 7.62x39 JHP recipe to display properly at reloading bench.
  • Populated .30 Carbine ammo list reference.
  • Duplicated ammo entries to .45 Auto and .45 ACP lists for maximum compatibility.
  • Changed HH weapons to reflect visual assets in Caliber.ESM reducing need for separate ESP
  • "old" Caliber 5.56mm NATO match ammo rolled to overwrite GRA ammo of the same function to ensure forward compatibility on new installs.
  • Sorting convention applied to GRA.

What's new in version 3.18
  • Cleans up 10mm ammo variations for clarity and effectiveness.
  • Cleans up .50BMG ammo variations for clarity and effectiveness.
  • Renames .50 MG to .50 BMG for primers and casings.
  • Renames 7.62Nato as a .308 variant for consistency.
  • Consistent use of "." when designating calibers
  • Adds Missile to RPG and RPG to Missile recipes.
  • Adds more missing recipes.

What's new in version 3.17
  • Updates CaliberXhonesthearts.esm patch to include .45 ACP +P round.
  • Adds .444 Marlin round (previously a BOE addition).

What's new in version 3.16
  • Updates some ammo affects Obsidian overwrote in FNV 1.4.525. Again.
  • Adds Gunrunner's Arsenal DLC patch.
  • Assorted tweaks and fixes.
  • Renames HonestHearts patch. Delete HonestHearts-Caliber.esm from your data directory if upgrading.

What's new in version 3.15
  • Revamp new muzzle flashes. More flash, less smoke, better balance.
  • Adds Honest Hearts DLC patch which replaces new .45auto rounds with Caliber .45ACP. Effects DLC weapons and worldspace.

What's new in version 3.14
  • Corrects missing mesh for 12.7mm projectile
  • Corrects bad mesh for 40SW
  • Corrects bad mesh 380ACP
  • Corrects mis-orientation of .20 ga hull
  • Adds more ToastyFresh muzzle flashes
  • Adds optional compatibility with HonestHearts
  • Updated Fomod

What's new in version 3.13
  • More fixes and recipes.
  • Adds compatibility with FNV 1.3.452 update (April 2011)

What's new in version 3.12
  • More fixes and recipes.
  • Better standardization in names and abbreviations. Not 100% there yet, but very close

What's new in version 3.11
  • Corrects errors identified with some recipes.
  • Adds missing recipes. Not 100% there yet, but very close
  • All Lead rounds now require the handloader perk.

What's new in version 3.1
  • Vanilla style recipes include for all rounds. Set ammoXcookbook to 0 to disable for 3rd party reload mods.
  • Distributes casings to major arms dealers
  • Restores missing Shotgun Primers from GunrunnerHQ
  • Restores 9mmP rounds to Special ammo lists
  • Vendor inventories now refresh immediately on ammo activation
  • New Modder's resource - CaliberDebugReset quest will disable all round when called.

How do I install CaliberX?

Use FOMM's package manager to install the FOMOD ready 7zip file. Go here for a FOMOD tutorial.

What is the Load Order for CaliberX?

Caliber.esm should be placed near the top of your load list.

    [X] FalloutNV.esm
    [X] Lings.esm
    [X] AWorldofPain(Preview).esm
    [X] Mo'.esm

What new calibers are available?

    .30 Carbine
    .300 WinMag
    .303 British
    .338 Lapua Magnum
    .380 ACP
    .40 S&W
    .40-70 Sharps
    .408 Cheytac
    .416 Barrett
    .45 ACP
    .45LC (45 Colt)
    .454 Casull
    .458 SOCOM
    .50 Action Express
    .500 S&W Magnum
    .50-70 Gov't
    4.7mm caseless
    5.45x39mm, used by AK74
    5.7x28mm P90
    6.5mm Grendal
    6.8mm SPC
    7.62x54mm Rimmed Russian
    7.62x39mm used by AK47
    8.57mm Mauser
    7.5x55mm Swiss
    7.62x25mm Tokarev
    9x39mm Subsonic
    9x18mm Makarov
    14mm AP
    HN Needles

How do I use CaliberX?

After installation, most bullets and some shell casing (like the 12 gauge) will be automatically upgraded, but the rest of the goodies lie dormant until used. The full benefit of CaliberX requires use of GECK. Specifically, when you change the ammo type of a weapon, you can now also select the appropriate projectile data and shell casings. When building a cell, you can now populate it with a huge assortment of identifiable ammunition types. If you are building an armory, you NEED this mod!

How do I enable new rounds?

If you are a modder, follow these simple instructions. NOTE: The activation method has changed from earlier releases. PLEASE READ BELOW!

#1: Add Caliber.esm as a master to your mod.

#2: Add a quest named CaliberStartup{YourModName}Quest

So if your mod is called BigGameRifles, name your quest: "CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuest".

#3: Set this quest to start when the game starts, check to use the default script processing delay, and set a priority of 60 (or higher). When done, "OK" out of the quest - leave the script blank for now..

#4: Create a new script. Here's an example for the fictitious BigGameRifles mod which will activate 416 Barrett and 338 Lapua Magnum:

scn CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuestScript

begin gamemode
Startquest CaliberActivateQuest338Lapua
Startquest CaliberActivateQuest416Barrett
Stopquest CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuest

#5: Change the drop down at the top of the script editor to "Quest", and save the script.

#6: Reopen the quest you created earlier ? CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuest. Select your script from the script dropdown. Make sure "Start game Enabled" is still checked!

#7: Hit save.

#8: Set your weapon(s) to use the appropriate ammo list(s), shell casings, and projectile resources.

That's all there is to it. Caliber.esm activate quests take care of distribution and then shut themselves down. If the ammo has already been activated by another mod, scripts detect this and simply shut down.

When the game starts, if you did everything right, you will see a message saying "Caliber Added: xxxx" shortly after the game starts. This means the caliber has been distributed to vendors and loot lists. Loot is immediate, vendors will need to respawn so it will take about 3 game days before players can buy that type of ammo.

Known Issues:

  • None

Primary Resources & Credits:

CF Ammo by Listenerr
AG Ammo Can v1-2 by ApocalypticGirl
Shells and Slugs by odin_ml
Fallout Ammo Pack by Gennie
SSR_VINTOREZ_AR by Nesterman (9x39mm AR ammo only)
Toastys Action muzzleflash

Special thanks to einherjrar for the generous use of magazines from 19th and 20th Century Weapons

Special thanks to odin_ml for the amazing new resources built for this mod.

Special thanks to Conifer (Khugan) for letting me play with his 7.62mm models.

Special thanks to pickinthebanjo for the genuine 7.5mm Swiss box label.

Special thanks to MunkeeNuts for help with the P90 clip.
Mag model: Short Fuse
Mag texture: Cyper
FO3 compileport: MunkeeNuts
Edits: Earache42

Redistribution Rights:

You are not permitted to make ANY changes to caliber.esm without obtaining permission from the authors. To do so would defeat the whole purpose of modders sharing the same resource, and would run the substantial risk of your mod being rendered incompatible. It would also make me, and others, who have worked so hard on it quite upset. :)

NEVER override any Caliber*** quests or scripts in your mod! Ever!

You *may NOT* re-upload Caliber.esm to another website. Please direct players to NewVegasNexus to download the most current version of Caliber. This way if there are updates you don't screw up someone else's mod that is using a newer version! I _strongly_ discourage including it with your particular mod, UNLESS you do it in an installation program that detects if a newer version is installed prior to copying the ESM in to the data directory.

You *may* add new ammo variants, but do it IN YOUR MOD to ensure maximum compatibility between all weapons mods!

All weapons shown are from Book of Earache Vegas Edition which is no longer available on the Nexus. It still exists somewhere in cyberspace. Google it.