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Are Ojo Beuno textures too demanding for your machine? Then try Poco Bueno!


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Wood Shack
Sunset Sarsaparilla Vending Machine
Ojo Bueno's Autobody
Saloon Hardware
Many more in the image gallery...


Ojo Bueno's Texture Shop offers only the finest! These packs do not yet cover ALL the textures that exist in their categories (i.e. I have not yet finished redoing ALL vehicle textures in the game), but I plan to supplement each of these packs with updates as I continue to grow the body of work. The packs contain hundreds of MB worth of textures, so there's already plenty of visual goodness in each one ;)

... Feel free to leave a comment or request, and please endorse the mod if you like the textures ... helps other people find 'em!

- Objects V1

- Architecture V2

- Architecture V2 - Novac Hotel

- Autobody V2

- Environmental V1

- Rugged Roadways V3b

- Sidewalks V1

- Securitron V1

- UHQ Versions: textures up to 4096x4096
- HQ Versions: textures up to 2048x2048 (I will release HQ versions of any UHQ textures I create)
- Based on original vanilla textures to remain visually consistent with the game's aesthetic
- Includes new, UHQ custom normal maps, also up to 4096x4096 (UHQ) and 2048x2048 (HQ)
- Custom surface texturing and detailing throughout, with a few added bells & whistles
- Each file includes a detailed README file with installation instructions and more

First, extract the ZIP file you download to any location you like. Then, either install the enclosed FOMOD, or copy the enclosed 'data' folder from your downloaded texture package into your 'Fallout New Vegas' game folder, and overwrite any files if prompted. Also, a detailed README with installation instructions is included with every Ojo Bueno download. BE SURE TO USE ARCHIVE INVALIDATION or the textures will not appear in your game. I recommend changing this setting in the 'Tools' menu of Fallout Mod Manager, or using the Archive Invalidation Invalidated mod, easy as pie!

NOTE: The UHQ textures require a LOT of memory/RAM. I highly recommend using the NVSE 10b 4GB Loader if you have a 64-Bit OS and more than 2GB of RAM. Those with only 2GB of RAM may experience issues with the UHQ textures.

WITH REGARD TO YOUR INI FILES: If you have edited the 'cell buffer' values in your Fallout New Vegas .ini files, I recommend resetting them to their DEFAULT VALUES, as shown here:

uInterior Cell Buffer=3
uExterior Cell Buffer=36

This is because the larger textures cause cell sizes to be much larger, and as such, trying to hold more cells in your memory will allow less memory to be used for other activities.

Please note that I am not 100% sure about how exactly these settings work; my suggestions are based on internet research and my own experience.

- Are you using a 4GB+ Enabler? If you have a 64-bit system, use one. There is an NVSE-friendly 4GB+ loader available on the NVSE website.
- Have you modified your .ini files as per the mod installation instructions?
- Is your in-game Textures setting set to 'Large' (or 'High', I forget)
- Have you tried toggling Archive Invalidation OFF then ON again?
- Are you using other/additional Archive Invalidation methods than FOMM?
- Have you tried reinstalling the textures?
- Do you have any other mods that modify the objects in question?

- Will conflict with any other mod/texture that tries to re-texture the same items ... ;)
- May cause minor performance issues for older computers, as the Ojo Bueno textures are significantly larger (4x to 16x) than the original 'vanilla' textures

The name is an homage to my talented modding buddy MGE (My Good Eye), creator of the Electro-City and Lumenarium Mods. And yes, I know, the 'right' way to say it is 'Buen Ojo' ... but that just doesn't have the same ring to it ;)

Cinematech with GOPHER
Imaginator with Marcurios

This is my first texture project. I do some graphics work professionally, but this is my first effort at doing any 3-D texture work. It's lots of fun :) Feedback and requests are welcome.

I am also the author of the 'Enhanced Shaders for Fallout New Vegas' mod, which was used to help capture the juicy screenhots for this Ojo Bueno mod. Check it out!

Enhanced Shaders for Fallout New Vegas


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