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Models by Hengebobs

This is a modders resource. I've included only meshes that use vanilla assets common to both FO3 and FONV. Stuff i've done that include texture work, ect. will be added later. Again, this is a modders resource. There is no esp, they don't replace anything (though i suppose you could use them for that). I'm not going to explain what to do with these, if you need me to you shouldn't be dl'ing this. No i won't make an esp for this stuff.

However you want under the Bethesda Softworks ELUA. Just give me credit for my work.



Bethesda for FO3, FONV

Nifscope (um... just because i guess...)

Blender (where i modelled this stuff)

Bunsaki for helping me learn this sh*t...

The collision and positioning on the lockers is wonky, i messed with it... and what i tried didn't fix it and i haven't felt like going back to it. I might eventually. Or you could fix it. Its not intended to have stuff put in them unless they are statics as the afore mentioned wonky-ness will do wierd things to havoked items. You've been warned.