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Release 1A: Another 30 DDS files for use as a resource in the game. Again folks can use/tailor as they want with these as this is a resource. Credit is nice bu not required.
Release 6A: A word document with a simple and very basic outline of how to apply new textures to existing nif's. VERY VERY basic and not intended to be an indepth tutorial.
Release 6: This file includes 70+ creature variants using vanilla and resources by CIB/Q. Again this is a resource available to any that desire to use .. if do not know how to use GECK to add just ask. Images posted of some of the variants that are available. Believe we credited all for the base meshes but if missed someone please let us know.
Release 5: A varied set of decals that may be used on walls/floors to add that delicate Ork flavor to them. Consists of patches, cracks, and stains (see rugs below) that may be placed to change the general look of an area.
RELEASE 4: A set of rugs using the Vain oval rug resource (again base credit to him for the efort) to hid dust, dirt, and general Ork mess on the floor. Purely for cosmetic effect and sometime to cover up cracks that won't go away.
RELEASE 3: This is a set of drapes (based on Vains drape resource .. credit to him for basic meshes) that have been retextured for use by well Orks. Basic use to block windows so don't have to set up external views or just pure look and feel to an area. Again as with vains a resource for general use.
RELEASE 2: This file contains a redone vault meshes and textures that will be used for the Orks. It is a resource for any and all to use as they see fit. Since it is for Orks the esthethics may be atad off for some folks.
RELEASE 1: Contained in this file are some 512x512 dds files that can be used as a template to mod various things in the game .. see sample images on this that includes 1 mod'd template applied to a Gecko.
New Release with more DDS textures with many customized (partially) for a given creature.
UPDATE: A selection of resource files will be added shortly to this mod. These files will be used with the updated Ork quest that is nearing completion (if get the quest/scripts working in harmony .. dang ORKS).
As stated these are resource files and may be used by others in their own mods. Stay tuned as images and files are coming shortly.
Endorse and Vote if you do like the mod, so I acknowledge whether it is to continue improving or change project


ORKs for NV, version 1.4 changes

General: This version combines the overall mod plus all later additions through v1.3 into one package. Sorry for the major download but needed to reset everything to a new base. New additions that have been incorporated into this version are as listed below.

I. New Creatures Added and incorporated into the existing Leveled Lists (like Orks harder to kill and somewhat more dangerous)

a. An Ork small version of the Clanka .. Clanka Smallz
b. An Ork Eyebot version, ORK Snooper
c. Two version of sentrybots, ORKn Friend Bot
d. An Ork version of Mr Gutsy, Taka Part
e. A new creature Leveled List made for Ork Robotic.

II. New Creatures Added and not in Leveld Lists (yet)

a. An Ork version of the Robobrain .. Nobrain R.

III. Weapons

a. Have retextured the basic ORK weapons (shoota, double shoota, haha, and shutie) to give a different look.
b. Added in 18 Imperial conversions (this includes some level of retexturing for each) of existing weapons to the game. These weapons have been added to a level list and made available to five merchants in the wastes. There is no guarantee that the weapons will show up (i.e. the chance is not 100%) but overtime you will be able to purchase them.
b1. Merchants that may have them: Chet, Mich, Michelle, Torres, and Miguel.
b2. Conversions done and in the LL.

b2a. Sinners Voice = conversion of the 127mm SMG. Stats: Value = 5100; Health = 900; Base D = 46; Clip = 42
b2b. Singers Voice = conversion of the 22 cal silenced SMG. Stats: Value = 4850; Health = 1000; Base D = 20; Clip = 180
b2c. Wolf Bleesing = conversion of the light machinegun. Stats: Value = 8200; Health = 1800; Base D = 31; Clip = 90
b2d. Imperial Lords Fist = conversion of plasma rifle. Stats: Value = 12540; Health = 900; Base D = 72; Clip = 30
b2e. Death Smoking = conversion of 127mm pistol. Stats: Value = 4000; Health = 480; Base D = 60; Clip = 12
b2f. Peace bringer = plasma defender. Stats: Value = 23000; Health = 1100; Base D = 88; Clip = 32
b2g. Imperial Assault Rifle. Stats: Value = 5540; Health = 1100; Base D = 39; Clip = 32
b2h. Blessed Conscript = cowboy repeater. Stats: Value = 3800; Health = 720; Base D = 42; Clip = 11
b2i. Clear Vision = laser rifle. Stats: Value = 5800; Health = 1125; Base D = 32; Clip = 32
b2j. OI Hunting Rifle. Stats: Value = 2200; Health = 300; Base D = 72; Clip = 9
b2k. Imperial Word = assault carbine. Stats: Value = 6540; Health = 1400; Base D = 42; Clip = 20
b2l. Imperial Strike = battle rifle. Stats: Value = 5540; Health = 1100; Base D = 32; Clip = 32
b2m. Imperial Sanctifier = minigun. Stats: Value = 17540; Health = 1900; Base D = 23; Clip = 230
b2n. Imperial Lords Blessing = plasma rifle. Stats: Value = 15540; Health = 1100; Base D = 92; Clip = 30
b2o. Imperial Blessings = combat shotgun. Stats: Value = 7540; Health = 1000; Base D = 72; Clip = 40
b2p. Imperial Gift Bestowed = riot shotgun. Stats: Value = 9540; Health = 1100; Base D = 82; Clip = 30
b2q. Imperial 9 = 9mm pistol. Stats: Value = 900; Health = 450; Base D = 26; Clip = 13
b2r. Imperial 44 = 44 magnum. Stats: Value = 4500; Health = 750; Base D = 56; Clip = 6

Note: Only the 9mm and the 44 magnum have weapon mods done for them .. uses the normal mod components ones for the regular weapons already in the game.

IV. Additional Adds

a. Have placed additional Ork spawn points in the wastes (8 in total). These points only have level 1 or 2 Orks set to spawn there so (one hopes) should not prove to be overkill.
b. Have modified some of the Ork leveled lists to include all new creatures except the stationary ones. Thus may run into robots or the spore derived ork hounds from v1.3 to mention a few.

V. Not Changed

a. Basic hunt and messages about same have not been modified. You still get sent from incursion point to incursion point to kill Orks, please note that these 'activators' reset after so many days so can go back and kill the orks again for fun and profit. This will change dramatically when the overall quest mod is complete (about 75% done at this point) and the incursion points will become part of the ovrall quest.

Changes for v1.3
(requires original file as only contains the esm and new meshes/textures)

I. New Creatures Added and in Leveld Lists

a. Three versions of 'sporecarrier' variants
b. Two worker level Orks. Smaller and less robust then the normal Ork.
c. New Ork type, the Bone Rattlers. They are equiped with a new weapon, as indicated below.

II. New Creatures Added and not in Leveld Lists (yet)

a. A spore plant variant.
b. A large clanka robot.
c. Ceiling turret variant.
d. Stationary turret.

Note: These four are being added into the overall quest and will be encountered once this comes out.

III. Weapons

a. The 'ShakeemUp' is a shoulder mounted weapon similar to a missle launcer but firing a large ball of flame.
Ammo: Promethium or Ork Gas
Base Damage: 120
Clip Size: 25
Value: 7900
Note: This may change to a sound based projectile in the future vice this or a new weapon will be added.

IV. Fixes
a. The size 10 Ork was found and brought down to size.
b. Orks tweaked to try to speed them up and make more agressive. This is still being worked to increase threat level at higher levels.

Changes for v1.2a
1. Updated Ork Weapon tables to add in all the new weapons in use (I hope).
2. Replaced the cutemup weapon with a BashemUp based on the baseball bat (seems Orks equip it but don't use it?).
3. Added a case to the last 'known' sign that marks where the Orks are being inserted.
4. Placed a note at this last location .. if already have been there go back should be there.
5. Begun work on next phase of the operation to make an ongoing quest with 4 or more phases (input solicited).

Credit: 'Lord Inquisitor' for skull stand resource. Has not been implemented yet into the mod but is in this d/l so advance credit offered.

Version 1.2 (BETA)

General: Download contains one 'esm' (OrksNV1) and one 'esp' (OrksNV), plus two folders (meshes and textures) at this point. If get the red ! of 'dang we forgot that' please let us know so we can correct.


1. The 'esm' contains the core data on the Orks, i.e.

Faction Data (who the Orks like and don't .. you being one of the don'ts)
Creature Information and the Leveled Lists that go with them (see detail below)
Weapon Data, those unique to Orks and the Leveled Item lists that go with them.
Ammo: Needed for the weapons, all are unique, so standard ammo will not work in these weapons.
Base Scripts .. call variations of Orks (to be used in the esp/s)
Base Activators .. (scripts above are tied to them and they are to be placed in the esp at various locations). Total of 10 in the esm at this point.
Spell/MGEF: Can be associated with the Orks .. only ones used at this point are the DT ones. This is still being tested to see how effects gameplay and balance.
Signs: Using variations of the basic stop sign and others these 'may' be placed in the esp/s before get to an activator as a warning. Used in provided esp for testing .. i.e. so know an activator is near and to check if it kicks off as planned.

The 'esp' itself contains mod's to the above data and the world data to place the initial batch of Orks into play. At this point it should be considered a 'work in progress' (BETA) to get a feel for how the Orks and game world mesh.

2. Creatures: Overall there are 40 different Orks that can be placed into the wilds of NV and 16 different Vspawn combinations of them for group/random encounters. In general unless one of the below Orks is specifically placed (by hand or script) then the scripts will call a leveled list that keys on player's level to determine what shows up. At this point the scripts are limited to calling up to 4 (although more may show if we forgot to fix some of the Variable Lists) Orks. More have been tested but want to limit at this point until insure working properly.

CrOrk1GunA - CrOrk1GunF Shoota Boy
CrOrk1MeleeA - CrOrk1MeleeF Slugga Boy
CrOrk2GunA - CrOrk2GunC Shoota Boy
CrOrk2MeleeA - CrOrk2MeleeC Slugga Boy
CrOrk2MinigunA - CrOrk2MinigunC Big Shoota Boy
CrOrk2MissleLauncherA - CrOrk2MisslelauncerC Bomma Boy
CrOrk3GunA - CrOrk3GunB
CrOrk3BurnaA - CrOrk3BurnaB
CrOrk3MeleeA - CrOrk3MeleeB
CrOrk3MinigunA - CrOrk3MinigunB
CrOrk3MissleLauncherA - CrOrk3MisslelauncherB
DLC03CrOrk4GunA Nob
DLC03CrOrk4GatlingLaserA Nob
DLC03CrOrk4MeleeA Nob
DLC03CrOrk4MissleLauncherA Nob
CrOrkBOSSA Bossa Boy

3. The Weapons:

Melee = 3 different weapons have been used at this point.
Cutemup .... a 1 handed machetee
Choppa ..... a 2 handed axe like weapon
BigrChoppa . a more powerful version of the choppa (normally only used by the Nobs and Boss levels)

Automatics/rifles = 4 different weapons added so far, all using zinger ammo
Shoota .......... the standard automatic for lower level Orks
Double Shoota ... A double barrel automatic found on more powerful Orks
HaHa ............ A kick up version of the shoota
Shutie .......... A rifle version of the shoota with more punch then the automatics.

Launchers = only 1 at this point
BlowemUp ........ Missle Launcher with own unique missles

Large Weapons = 2 different at this point
BurnaBurna ...... Flamer equivalent using promethium fuel as ammo.
BigBomma ........ Minigun equivalent with own ammo (Oblats)
Note the gatling laser has yet to be customized will follow later.

4. Within The ESP:

This esp (on activation) should place a Note into your Inventory that sends you to a set location that starts the hunt. At each location go to you will find a Case that contains the next hunt point to go to. Again this is to be considered 'incomplete' by the player. The complete story line and associated Quest (n voices) are still in development by team. All ideas for this are hereby sought from the community and would also be appreciated. Additionally certain creature level lists have had Orks inserted into them to randomize their appearance here and there in the wastes. Should not be an overload (yet) but just enough to give you a flavor.

Changes for v1.1
- orks are now not evil all the time
- spawnrate whas made longer inbetween killings
- spawn points in around 30 city/ maplocations were taken out so no ork would spawn.
- atm 3 ork weapons were added
- and the orks are only evil to the following factions unless they are shot or something
- legion
- boomers
- enclave
- BoS
- followers of apoc.
- powder gangers
- and you
the NPC's should be safe now from going and getting themselves killed. besides the 3 factions and the NCR am i missing anyother important faction? oh and if u would pls give a vote on what SM armor the factions should wear. pls ty and hope u enjoy

unpack to your NV data folder
will update the description more later with more details

this mod is fun time waster that spawns WH40k orks
PLS PLS leave feed back on the mod what needs work and so on. i will add ork weapons and wh ork game sounds very shortly

Thanks & Credits
thanks to Andersh for the texture/meshes
--permissions granted
thanks to ZuluFoxtrot for the use of his scripts from
--permissions granted
Resources Used/To Be Used >> Authors
CIB (creatures)
Q (creatures), to include Kurese and Pale rider
Lordinquisitor (varied)
Brisea (mirrors)
VaiN (drapes and rugs)
StewB (materia)
Rivens (tattoo)
BrokenSwords (cyberroach)

We claim no credit for any intelectual properties involved in this mod and this mod is completely unofficial and unendorsed by Games Workshop.