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"A World Of Pain" by David LeMaistre aka Dj Mystro

Adds 114 intense locations to the wasteland filled with enemies and loot. They vary from small Gas Stations to huge maze-like sewers and derelict factories. Adds several days of new gameplay possibilities. A massive new linked Underground complex awaits filled with quests, NPCs with dialogue, vendors and some of the toughest enemies you will encounter anywhere in the game. Also adds many modified weapons, armors and items to the game with enhanced stats to help and hinder you throughout.
Everything has been done using vanilla content at this stage so the filsesize should still be tiny. That said everything is complete and navmeshed and there should be no gaps or unfinished interiors.
The final version will not have a name change (I changed my mind about that) so it’s gonna be called a Preview forever.
Note about Loot: This mod adds quite a lot of loot (though much less than older versions). If you don't like finding lots of useful stuff in most AWOP locations then get the Low Loot patches from the patches site.
Also if you are concerned that having about 300 extra NPCs in the wasteland will slow your computer down too much grab the LowNPCs Patch (also on the AWOP Patches Site) which removes all but about 15 AWOP NPCs (from exteriors only and removes no-one important or with dialogue).
AWOP Patches Site:

AWOP 4 Dead Money Updated!
-2 new interiors (linked)
-Approx 20 new Vendor Codes (for various ammos, drugs, Nuka Colas and other stuff) spread through the new locations.
-A sort of end to the mods original plot.
-A seperate patch for adding DM Vending Machines to AWOP areas.

AWOP VERSION 5.0 Overhaul Released!
[NOTE: All PATCHES need updating to match the new AWOP standards. They have all been updated too and trying to run some of the older versions will most likely lead to problems].
-All areas have improved lighting.
I found how to reduce the fog without losing too much darkness and have been systematically altering every location's base light & fog in order to better suit their size, location and shape.

-Old areas revamped.
I have been through each area alphabetically, cluttering each location to the same standard. Many extensions have also been built to smaller or previously less unique areas.

-Tons of loot reduced, altered, moved, hidden and stuffed into locked cabinets.
Instead of 40 5.56mm expect to find clusters of 2-16 rounds in most ammo clusters but look around carefully enough and you should find some more hidden, more reloading supplies or something else to use instead.

-New Notes.
Every listed area has at least one note explaining something about what happened there (thought there are still a few limited exceptions in the Underground and in small houses). Many areas now have several notes (though they can often be hard to find). Finding certain terminal logs will also add specific AWOP Map Markers.

-New Quests.
4 new Quests added:
1: Find Baxter for Sgt Arkus.
2: Help either Legionary Burr or Frost kill the other in Canyon Station.
3: Help a mini-revolution by speaking with Marshal at Cottonwood Bunker.
4: Kill the ghouls east of Novac and find out what happened there for Reed.

-‘M’ Weapon Overhaul:
Significantly increased M Weapon Strength and Skill requirements so they are harder to use at early levels.
-New Music & Ambience settings:
All big areas (and most of the others too) now have appropriate audio settings and music.

-New dialogue.
Find out about local AWOP locations through NPCs such as Rogan and Reed, one new Legion vendor and loads more quest related dialogue.
-Tiered Frankie’s weapon selection to spawn better weapons at higher levels.
-Replaced a load of Static crates in Spring Mount Visitors with more easily movable Empty Sunset Sass Crates.
-New Armors.

-For a full list of new alterations made to AWOP's interiors check out the last part of the FAQ near the end of this page.

Adds several new locations to the Sierra Madre in Dead Money. The new locations are some of the most detailed and unique that I have attempted so far and loot is very scarce. Ammo drops are mostly in bundles of 2-8 rounds and you'll need to use the reloading bench a lot and scavenge from every corner to get through the new encounters.
Also added are several new notes, recipes and healing items.


Drag AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm to the Fallout NV data folder. Select from the data menu on startup or use FOMM in the same manner. Launch game & enjoy.
[WARNING 01: NEXUS MOD MANAGER Auto-Install function does not seem to work properly with this mod. Use the manual drag & drop process outlined above].
[WARNING 02: AWOP adds a huge amount of content to the vanilla game. For this reason it is best played from a new game to avoid corrupting saved game data by creating large discrepencies in the back load data].

None apart from one change to the Fallout_default.ini file in order to display the NPCs faces correctly.
Open the file 'Fallout_default.ini' which should be found in the Steam/SteamApps/Common/FalloutNV folder. Search for the line:
and change it to
Without this all NPCs faces appear in default skin colour. Apart from this there are no requirements and the mod should run anyway. Make a backup if you are uncomfortable editing the file.
There is another version of the Fallout.ini file in the Saved game folder directory (usually in My Documents/My Games). The first one should overwrite this one but if not
changing both should do the trick.

There is one remaining bug in AWOP FNV that I discovered a little too late to do anything about. It's innocuous on it's own but couple it with a mod with the same bug and it's a CTD-inducer. It only happens in the North Cistern (around the Strip) so it's not a big loss either way. The easiest process for fixing it is to run a "Identical to Master" filter in FNVEdit and delete AWOP's reference to the Cistern from the cell menu.
For the sake of refernece any major recurring slowdown or CTDs induced after installing AWOP are the result of mod conflicts or the saved games (quick & auto saves especially) trying to adjust to all the new data.

Hey everyone,
I'm sorry to say that I'll probably never be updating the AWOP mods again.
It's nothing against the Nexus or the games or modding scene in general. I feel I have done all I can with the Fallout games and have burned out on them to such an extent I can't even play through my own stuff anymore. My mind is now on other things (happier things I feel) and I do not have the time to maintain these mods or the comments pages anymore.
Thanks for the feedback over the years and sorry if I have been a needlessly harsh gobshyte in the past. It's nothing personal. I get frustrated easily for a lot of reasons and tend to fire off in all directions but there's not time to go into that here.
All the best to everyone that has helped out with AWOP, any of my other mods or just enjoyed the experience and felt inclined to let me know (and the modding scene in general of course) :)

I'll email Star now and see if she is still interested in making the voice mod. I have about 10-15 voices ready at the moment so it's still far from complete but at least if work begins and is released people with have somewehere else to organise their comments for the mod.
If Star is unavailable I'll upload the voices to the downloads page as a MISC download option in case anyone want's to have a go in the future.

AWOP for FNV is officially a modder's Resource (also Psiclones) and can be used for any purpose the Nexus community sees fit.
Feel free to copy out sections if it helps you get started on a mod.
AWOP for FO3 (and my other Fallout 3 project - Waseland Defence) is not a Modder's resource. However I do give open permssion for any of my mods to be patched *with a seperate* .esp (or .esm if needed) in any way and for whatever reason (just to be clear duplicate main esm files are fine for the FNV stuff but not the FO3 stuff). Feel free to upload any patches without asking me for permission.
Duplicating the existing AWOP patches is fine as they are already patches though you will probably have to re-gain the permission of the original authors as well to avoid breaking any rules for uploading to the Nexus.

BOE (and it's patches) will most likely not be returning to the Nexus. As far as I'm aware it can be found easily enough through Google searches. Unfortunately Earache has too decided to call it a day and no longer intends to update any assets claimed as stolen. I can't blame him and wish him all the best.

If anyone want's to be granted access to update the FNV main pages let me know why and what you have in mind and I can grant you access to page edits (though the response may take a long time).

Have fun and good luck out there all :)

PS: Here's my YouTube link if you're interested in seeing what I'm getting upto in the future:

Weapon, CalX & Monster Patches all effect varoius containers and NPCs affected by other recent changes. Running those patches will bring back certain NPCs Armor and weapons. I have no plans to change this unless I identify a problem (In those patches more stuff is not a bad thing - lots to buy and lots to kill).
Saved games are affected in a similar way.

-Low Loot Patch Bundle (31-07-11)
-Monster Patch (16/11/11) *Recently Updated
-BOE Weapon Patch (10/07/11)
-Ahztek's Weapon Patch (10/07/11)
-CFW Weapon Patch (10/07/11)
-CaliberX Ammo Patch (10/07/11)
-Low NPCs [to reduce AWOP wasteland NPC spawns & boost performance]. (10/07/11)
Check out the 'Required By Others' link bar above for AWOP Patch site links and tweak AWOP to your liking (many other patches available).

[aka AWOP 4 FO3]
Like this mod but for Fallout 3 :)

For anyone who want's to have a go at something similar to AWOP here's a quick guide I wrote for creating large interior locations fast.

Fast-paced combat adventure mod:
Psiclones thread:

Find out what Dogtown1 and myself have been cooking up for ages. Aliens (many varieties), Terminators and more monsters just crash landed in a Alien Collector's ship in Nevada. New enemies, worldspace, locations, weapons, armor, ammo, notes and more.

2x Abandoned Legion Camp Shacks.
Abandoned Gas Station
Abandoned Goodsprings Shack
Ant Caves
Bonnie Springs Sewer
Canyon Station
Clark Field Reservoir
Collapsed Underpass
Cottonwood Cove Bunker
Devil's Gullet Cave
Drainage Chamber
Emergency Railyard Station
Fiend Hideout
Fiend House
Firetooth Caverns
Frankie’s Guns & Ammo
Freeside Bank
Freeside Thug Hangout
Greenblood Caves
Goodsprings Player House
Goodsprings Sewer
Hopewell Apartments
Infested NCR Bunker
Ivanpah Maintenance Tunnels
Jean Sky Diving Bomb Shelter
Junction 15 Station
Nipton Road Gas Station
Nipton Sewer
Novac Collapsed Tunnels
Pit Stop Bomb Shelter
Primm Sewer
Quarry Junction Break Room
Radiological Research Facility
Reimann Bunker
Reimann Cave
Redoubt 007
Redoubt 016b
Redoubt 0291a
Redoubt 03S4
Redoubt 04RR5
Redoubt 055Va
Redoubt 06AF14
Redoubt 07GV18c
Riddler’s Toys & Games
Samson Rock Crushing Plant
Searchlight Bomb Shelter
Searchlight Sewer
Spring Mount Underground Station
Spring Mount Visitors Centre
Summer Springs Boarding House
Sunnytime Cigarettes HQ
The Immortal's Shack
Toxic Caves
Underground Facility Barracks
Underground Weapon Research Facility
Vault 21 Hydroponics
Vault 40
Vault 41
Vault-Tec Office
Viper's Lair
Xander Bay Storage
Xander Bay Labs

2x Abandoned Underground Houses
2x Abandoned Nightstalker Den Houses
4x Single Used Underground Apartments
Abandoned Ghost Town Home
Abandoned Grocer
Abandoned Workshop
Boulder Sewer
Dead Man's Pass
Commander Scowell's Quarters
Fabrie's Shack
Freetech Broadcast Building
Ghost Town
Headbangerz Turf
Hershey's Bar
Lakelurk Nest
Lost Legion Camp
Market Trooper Barracks
Military HQ
Nightstalker Den
Power Station A
Power Station B
Residential Trooper Barracks
Skeleton Crew's Apartments
Tech Raider Mini-Vault
Tech Raider Barracks
The Abyss
The Arena
The Radshack
Trapper's Pass
Trapper's Shack
Underground Access West
Underground Apartment Block
Underground Armory
Underground Bar
Underground Diner
Underground Communal House
Underground East Sector
Underground Incomplete Sector
Underground Market
Underground Reactor Sector B
Underground Residential
Underground School
Unused Mini-Vault Home
Used Mini-Vault Home
Worker's Barracks
Zed's Caverns

6 main quests
5 new map-markered and defended campsites.
Hundreds of new wasteland NPCs
Over 40 NPCs with unique dialogue
2 Vendor trade Quests
Lots of new Vendors, Repairmen and a Doctor.
Improved modified versions of most vanilla weaponry and some armor.
The chance to lead a team of up to 8 troops into battle (including a Deathclaw).
*The Underpass Experience*
Optional Starter Box for use with difficult mods.


This file only requires Dead Money (not the original ‘A World Of Pain’ mod which is unneeded to play this).

Burkley’s Bar (Villa)
Oasis Cafe (Medical District)
Medical Safehouse (Medical District)
Police Training Block (Villa)
Postal Offices (Residential)
Redmoon Apartments (Residential)
Reinforced House (Villa)
Residential Metro (Residential via The Postal Offices)
Sewer Monitoring Station (Salida Del Sol South)
Sierra Sewer (Salida Del Sol South via the Monitoring Station)

Cloud Mash (Obtained through Old World Gourmet Perk or finding Recipe)
Meat Cakes (Obtained through Old World Gourmet Perk or finding Recipe)
Concentr8 Pills Black (Requires Recipe only)
Sweet & Sour Smoothie (Requires Old World Gourmet Perk only)

As I will not be around to offer support for AWOP as much as I used to be I have now set it as a modders resource so people are free to take the file and re-use it in whatever way they see fit. This includes just taking out individual locations for another mod, Gameplay and damage tweaks, complete overhauls, adding new locations, compatability patches or whatever else you can think of to do with it.
You do not need to ask my permission as I may not be around to give an answer all the time though I have requested a name-check in the credits.


Available on main patches site:
- AWOP/CaliberX Ammo patch 5.0
- AWOP/Ahztek's Weapon Overhaul Patch 4.0
- AWOP/Classic Fallout Weapons Patch 4.0
- AWOP Low Loot 2.0
- AWOP Low NPCs 1.0
- AWOP Low Robots 2.0
- CaliberX Update
Check them out here:

--AWOP Monster Patch Released!
(now features 16 huge new locations in total plus loads of awesome new creatures from Dogtown1's Monster Mod).
Get the Monster Patch here:

Get EARACHE42's complete 'Book of Earache' here too in the 5.0 patch bundle. Also includes Earache's official update for CaliberX. Get them all here:

AWOP High Quality Song Pack relaesed:
22 original new songs made by myself (mostly) for the Freetech Radio Station (WIP).

I have a large collection of very well-mixed and tracklisted mixsets that I can send people the links to if they are interested. I cannot link anything from this site due to various understandable copyright policies so if you are interested then message me your email and I'll send you all the info you need.
Current mixes include such styles as Breakz, Breakcore, Drum & Bass, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Old Skool Rave, Electronica, Frenchcore, Speedcore and probably a few others I forgot about.
One mix is entirely made up of tracks by DJs and musicians who I named NPCs in the friendly Underground after (such as The Headbangers are 'The Headbanger', 'Drokz', 'S**tmat' and the three members of 'Endymion' only I used thier real names). So it's kind of a best of the best in my opionion coz all the people down there are my biggest musical influences (for the most part).
Most of the mixes are along similar lines to tracks in the High Quality Song Preview Pack in the downloads section so if you like those you'll probably like these.


Version 4.2:
Quick re-upload fixing a door teleport bug in The Underground Military HQ.

Version 4.1 Released!
-Many bugfixes (no new locations, sorry).
-Underground Areas split into several more interiors to speed run times.
-5mm Hunting Rifle stats altered (damage lowered slightly).
-Lowered certain vendor caps again.
-Fixed aesthetic portal bug in Vault 21.
-Tweaked Rose’s quest conditions so it’s easier to access her quest reward dialogue.
-Fixed many spelling mistakes.
-9mm SMG now in appropriate repair list.
-Powder Ganger Cannibals now all in thier own faction (including the single guy upstairs).
-Fixed several aesthetic bugs.
-Moves a lot of rubble in a Hidden Valley bunker for mod compatability.

-Adds 12 new locations.
-A teleport array that can be accessed fairly early in the game with exits in several key locations across the Mohave.
-One new NPC with loads of dialogue.
-A new unmarkered quest.
-Extensions and edits to several AWOP and vanilla locations.
-4 new Recipes with new corresponding food items.
-Loads of new Notes.
-New speech challenges for 3 Underground NPCs.
-Removes Cannibal Powder Gangers from generic Powder Ganger factions.
-Several aesthetic fixes.
-Lowered Frankie & Reed’s levelled caps and replaced with more specific cap respawn amounts to help prevent ‘barter overload’ where they refuse to give change.

Version 3.6 was corrupted/broken somehow. 3.7 should resolve any malfunctioning doors.
(V3.6) Small bugfix update - Removes unwanted edits to several vanilla interiors including Primm Sherriff's Shack.
hairylegs222s AWOP Fixes released. Small file that addresses a few error messages that would otherwise appear when loading AWOP in FNVEdit (AWOP sill works without so do not panic).

Version 3.5 RELEASED:
-2 New Loactions:
--Reimann Caves [New infested cave on the hills north west of Goodsprings].
--Reimann Bunker [New potential player home with room for many companions].
-Freeside Thug Hangout now has a teleport to Space’s Room to speed run times in the area and help prevent her getting killed.
-Fixed several ‘Dirty Edits’ including restoring a deleted rubble pile.
-Removed all chance of an AntiMaterial Rifle spawning in Goodsprings.
-Levelled lists re-shuffled to prevent Powder Gangers becoming too powerful.
-Antivenom at Frankie’s Store.

Version 3.4 RELEASED:
3 New Major locations added bumping the total upto 100!:
-Samson Rock Crushing Plant (now has 2 interiors above ground and 5 below)
-Greenblood Caves (North of Vault 22)
-Hopewell Apartments (next to Westside West Entrance)

Version 3.3 RELEASED:
-Many script updates improving the timing and quality of DOD (Destruct on Death) animations and loot removals.
-Fixed a perk that showed up in the lists. [Both thanks to HarderMan].
-Small expansion to Goodsprings Player House Basement adding a cave with a campfire (no containers have been removed or changed). Also the toilet no longer gives off rads.
-Removed a note that was appearing in lots of wrong locations and added another that nearly got left out.
-Added stashes of reloading bench supplies to several areas.

-Many new fixes and an entire gameplay overhaul courtesy of HarderMan:
--Loot concerns? Have them no longer as about 25% of AWOP enemies now have DOD (Destruct On Death) implants meaning once killed they and any of their tagged possessions are destroyed in a variety of cool ways. Maximum difficulty, minimum loot (Only applies to high power weapons and armor).
--Hoff’s Quest fixed – Wondering where half the dialogue is for the Underground? Now you can go track down that spy and find out.
--Roach’s Quest repaired – Quest markers and objectives now update properly.
--Note Perks fixed – They now add once all the notes have been collected and do not need to be selected. The Underground Ally perk now works as advertised (and Frankie counts and an Underground resident).
[All the above was fixed by HarderMan so drop him a kudos and check out his awesome re-release of HarderThan at http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=43253]
Other stuff:
-Quarry Junction interior areas extended.
-Faction data updates for Novac and Goodsprings NPCs so player will not be attacked if vilified by the NCR.
-Fixed the position and ownership of several notes and removed a test suitcase I forgot about.
-Set a Powder Ganger near Primm to not respawn.
-Expands on some notes and dialogue (Arkus mainly).
-A dangerous new Sniper to defend Sloan.
-Removed The Axe/Metal Armor combo from a controversial Powder Ganger just to be on the safe side (he explodes too).
REUPLOADED (V 3.2) - For better compatablity with MCM (needed for DOD option Menu) and more seamless loot destruction.

AWOP 1.2 Released!
-Main edits are for compatibility with Chucksteel’s upcoming NVInterors Mod. Removes 2 locations from Cottonwood Overlook and moves them to a new Abandoned Legion Camp on the shore opposite the sunken beach houses. Good luck making a landing :p
-[Spring Mt Visitors] Replaced a certain ‘troublesome’ group of boxes with another group of boxes
-[Spring Mt Visitors] Widened a Jail door to allow full access for Super Mutants.
-[The Arena] Inaccessible area shrunk to improve run speeds.
-[UG Emergency Station & Military HQ] General reduction in stuff to improve run speeds.
-[Scowell’s Quarters] Hidden stash added.

AWOP 1.1 Released!
Small update to provide full compatability for davidallen's 'Decision With Regrets' mod. The southern Jackal camp has been moved to near the Nuclear Test Site Shacks and has been changed to a 'Mad Ghoul Camp'. The ghouls there are tough but don't respawn.
One warning - if you are running these 2 AWOP weapons patches; Ahztek's patch or the CFW patch, both spawn Jackals in that area still.
DWR's NPcs can handle it though since they are all essential.
The Readme is unchanged but the FAQ has been updated.

AWOP 1.0 Released!
-‘The Professional’ Form List updated.
-New unlootable Armor for the 5 main Goodsprings NPCs.
-Underground troops removed from near quest Fiends.
-Some unimportant stuff removed from Freeside Thug Hangout
-Most Goodsprings and Novac NCR replaced by Wastelanders.

No new locations (sorry - check out the Monster Patch for those).
-NCRCF Powder Ganger Faction updated (again - for some reason the changes I made last time undid themselves).
-Lost Legion get all their missing gear back.
-Fixed a Novac Hotel Room Crash.
-Joe Cobb’s gang are now a mob of bosses and can wipe out Goodsprings without player intervention (though I have seen the battle play out many ways already).
-New levelled lists for use in the highly recommended ‘Monster Patch’.

AWOP has been designed to be the base of a much larger project that I will never have the time to complete. To fill out the AWOP experience I would highly recommend the following mods which do a lot of the work I cannot better that I would have done:

IWS (Increased Wasteland Spawns): Loads more enemies and lots of options.

VVV (Very Voracious Vermin): Like MMM if not much better.

Monster Mod: Loads of new very cool and tough monsters.

Hardened aka Harder Than You: Makes most enemies (especially creatures) much tougher with unique attacks.

My Radio (Myradio):
Allows you to play your own MP3s through a new radio station. A good way to play Roach's tracks until AWOP has it's own station.

More Gunz:
Book of Earache:
Classic Fallout Weapons:
Ahzteks Weapon Overhaul:
Stalker Weapon Pack
Patches in progress for all these weapon mods.

There are a whole load of other great quest and adventure mods available too but far too many to list here.

Possible bug when reseting this MOD with 4D storage active. Only reported once and I've never seen it myself but if you find you get stuck with too much carryweight (and no active storage) use this console command to deduct the relevant amount from your carryweight:
player.forceav carryweight -325
or whatever the extra total carryweight is (250/75 etc..).

Changes to the exterior wasteland have been kept to an absolute minimum, mostly to avoid conflicts but also to avoid heavily changing the exterior navmesh which can be very awkward at times. As a result conflicts should be minimal. Goodsprings has been changed slightly so anything that alters certain Goodsprings interiors will conflict. The same with certain Stations, shacks etc... I don't think it will crash any games if you play with both mods running but you will only end up in the overriding mods interior.


Q: Is there a map?
A: There are now two detailed maps of The Underground thanks to bwilderbeast. You can check them out on the images section. Other than that there's just the location guide.

Q: Are the NPCs voiced?
A: At the moment no NPCs have voice overs. There and over 50 NPCs with dialogue in AWOP and I do not have time to do them all. Check out the help post of info in the 'REQUESTING HELP' section for more info.

Q: MY NPCS ARE EXPLODING (and armor dissapearing along with main weapons), is this a bug?
A: No, this is not a bug, this is an intentional part opf the AWOP gameplay to avoid too much unbalancing the game with too much loot. These NPCs are referred to as having Destruct on Death (or DOD) implants. See below for ways to configure these DOD NPCs.

Q: Can I turn off/alter The DOD (Destruct On Death) loot scripts?
A: [From HarderMan] "Ya, it is optional, but you need to install MCM to use the menu to make it so. There are four options, iirc, one is to plain turn the feature on/off, the other is to turn off the feature that makes it much more difficult to disarm the affected NPCs by crippling their arms(and getting their sweet, sweet loots before they destruct), the third is to have the destructed items removed at 30% health(to prevent the possibility that a massive damage spike causes them to die before their loot is destructed, resulting in a dropped weapon), and the last is to turn on/off the destruction of all loot on death.

Again, you need The Mod Configuration Menu to be able to configure these options, it is available here:

Enjoy, and feel free to PM me with feedback, I'll try to stop around here and see how people respond as well.

In case anyone is confused, you do not, repeat DO NOT, need MCM to use the AWOP mod, you only need MCM to adjust the loot destruction features. Default settings have high end weapons destructed on affected npcs, harder disarming of affected npcs, and high end weapon removal at 30%.

Oh, and I plan on creating a separate esp patch that will affect much more of the AWOP NPCs with loot destruction, for myself and for anyone else that wants minimal loot. Normally I like massive loot, but I want my next playthrough to be more challenging, item wise."

A: You need to have Fallout New Vegas updated to the latest version to run AWOP. This is the only reason (other than incorrect installation) for *nothing* to show up.

Q: Any advice on LOAD ORDERS?
A: I'll tell you the basics about load orders though I'm not a specialist with 'em. I just follow these rules:
1: ESM files go first (they have to anyway). It's best to see ESMs and ESP as seperate lists requiring thier own attention.
2: FNV at top always followed by DLCS (so mods that use info from these can read it from them/alter it after the master files have loaded first)
3: Priority ESP files that replace a lot of data (Gameplay Overhauls) add a load of stuff or affect a lot of levelled lists (such as Weapon mods) go last so other mods cannot over-write thier changes.
Thats it really. Mods that other mods rely on have to go first and the mods you want to overwrite other things/be dominant go last.
I pretty much just use guesswork beyond that.
Also merged patches help coz if two mods affects a creatues weapon spawns one will overwrite the other without the merged patch (though often still do with one in my experience).

Q: Can you reduce the loot?
A1: Already done, checkout the AWOP Patches site. There will be a reduced loot version released upon completion of each current main version.

Q: Where are the quests?
A: Quests are from the following NPCs:
Colonel Hoff, (Power Plant A)
Frankie, (Frankie's Guns & Ammo)
Major Cobb, (UG Market)
Riazanov, (UG Apartment Offices)
Roach, (Freetech Boradcast Building Upper)
Sgt McMillan, (Dead Man's Pass)
Bulldozer, (Emergency Railyard Station/Collapsed Underpass)

Also two open trade quests from:
Fabrie (Fabrie's Shack/Haedbangerz Turf)
Schulze (UG Market)

Q: Do the ememies respawn?
A: Yes, a lot of them do, just not the boss or named characters. Most enemies in 'The Underground' complex are set to not respawn so once purged you can re-use the tunnels to travel relatively safely.

Q: Does Frankie's inventory respawn?
A: Yes, it does but half of his initial inventory is containted within the store on shelves and such (including a lot of ammo) and these items can only be purchased once. This applies to all the vendors in the Underground too, Salamone in The Underground Armouy for example has aprrox 75% of his stock in the Armory itself and it will not respawn.

Q: Why not give the 'M' weapons unique names?
A: Personally I prefer the simple 'M' for two reasons:
1: The weapons are easy to find in the inventory which I find very important when carrying 20+ guns.
2: There are a lot of them about (more than one of each) so to give them personal names would not really make sense in that they are modified versions of existing weaponry as opposed to uniques.

Q: Why M Weapons at all? Are they there coz the enemies are so tough?
A: No, they are not there because the enemies are tougher in AWOP (this never even occured to me during thier creation). Many vanilla Unique weapons are superior to M Weapons but if I had spread those about as interesting rewards many people would have rightfully complained. So to rectify this I created a new tier of weaponry. Firstly beause the challenge AWOP offers requires interesting rewards but also because I felt that many vanilla weapons were underpowered and did not want to alter any vanilla stats (to avoid conflicts). On top of this I feel it is more immersive for many reasons but mainly after 200 years all the weapons would not still be identical and NPCs cannot make used of modded weapons so fights can become unbalanced in favor of the player.
If you still do not like them as they are they can be removed using one of the Low Loot patches from the patches site or replaced and reskinned by a very cool new firearm set courtesy of Book of Earache and the BOE Patch from the AWOP/BOE Patch site.

Q: I'm getting crashes on every save or when fast-travelling or on enering locations after a certain point in the game with AWOP installed:
A: Don't worry too much, this is not an AWOP issue, more of a discepancy between save games issue (as far as I can tell). A lot of people encounter it far a lot of reasons. For example it happened to me with no mods running whilst changing the difficulty settings a couple of times in game.
Basically you just need to find a save that still works (i.e load a back save from before the issue started), play though the same affected area again and it should work fine.
There are ways to restore your saves but I've never had the time to look into it personally.

Q: Crashes at The North Cistern?
A: An edit was made, in the "A world of pain(Preview).esm" file, pertaining to the North Cistern in Westside. When you enter the cistern, Fallout crashes.
Deleting the record in FNVEdit or similar remedies the crash.
The cell is "1ECisternA".
[Thanks to FiftyTifty for much of the above advice in post]
It's a small area and the only edit of it's nature I have found in AWOP.

Q: What is in the Starter Box?
A: Here's a list of the contents courtesy of Paxton2:


Super Sledge
Blade Gauntlet
Frag Grenades (2)
Sawed-off Shotgun
Merc Cruiser Outfit M
Buffout (2)
Concentr8 Pills Purple
Psycho (2)
Boxing Times (2)
Taels of Chivalrie (2)
Purified Water (4)
Stimpak (4)
20 Gauge Rounds (60)

.44 Magnum Revolver
Armored Doctor Fatigues M
Concentr8 Pills Yellow
Med-X (2)
Doctor’s Bag (2)
Today’s Physician (2)
Purified Water (8)
Stimpak (8)
.44 Magnum Rounds (100)

10mm Pistol
Cowboy Repeater
Armored Trader Outfit M
Concentr8 Pills Blue
Fixing Things (2)
Weapon Repair Kit (2)
Purified Water (4)
Weapon Repair Kit (4)
Scrap Metal (2)
.357 Magnum Rounds (100)
.357 Magnum Rounds, Hollow Point (50)
10mm Rounds (100)
10mm Rounds, Hollow Point (50)

Plasma Pistol
Laser Rifle
Armored Lab Technician Outfit M
Concentr8 Pills Blue
Future Weapons Today (2)
Programmer’s Digest (2)
Purified Water (4)
Stimpak (4)
Fission Battery (2)
Energy Cells (100)
Energy Cells, Max Charge (50)
Microfusion Cells (160)
Microfusion Cells, Max Charge (80)

10mm Submachine Gun
Lever Action Shotgun
Frag Grenades (2)
Merc Adventurer Outfit M
Concentr8 Pills Red
Purified Water (4)
Stimpak (4)
10mm Rounds (200)
10mm Rounds, JHP Hand Load (100)
20 Gauge Rounds (80)
20 Gauge Rounds Magnum (30)
20 Gauge Slugs (30)

Caravan Shotgun
Frag Mines (8)
Bottlecap Mines (2)
C-4 Plastic Explosives (2)
Merc Grunt Outfit M
Concentr8 Pills Red
Patriot’s Cookbook (2)
Purified Water (4)
Stimpak (4)
20 Gauge Rounds (140)

4-D Storage Device Gen. IV
Merc Veteran Outfit M
Stimpak (4)

Merc Charmer Outfit M
Stimpak (4)
5000 Caps

9mm Pistol
Combat Knife
Leather Armor
Stimpak (2)
9mm Rd (80)

Q: Do you have the ID Codes for the M Gear?
A: Here's a list of AWOP M Weapons, Armor and other unique items courtesy of Paxton2 who took time out to make this list (without using GECK I may add):

10mm Pistol M xx011DC4
12.7mm Pistol M xx014BAF
.223 Pistol M xx026C0A
44 Magnum Revolver M xx036C34
9mm Pistol M xx0066D9
Hunting Revolver M xx017B45
12.7mm SMG M xx05881A
9mm SMG M xx01BE31
9mm SMG Drum M xx000ADE
Silenced .22 SMG M xx0327BD

Anti Material Rifle M xx0445F5
Assault Carbine M xx006DDB
Cowboy Repeater M xx00A95C
Hunting Rifle 5mm M xx013DCB
Light Machine Gun M xx00B619
Marksman Carbine .308 M xx04B3DA
Service Rifle M xx00247A
Sniper Rifle M xx05CEFA
Trail Carbine M xx03EBE4
Varmint Rifle M xx01D2F2

Caravan Shotgun M xx004ECB
Hunting Shotgun M xx0012C3
Lever Action Shotgun M xx004891
Riot Shotgun M xx04B3DB
Single Shotgun 12G M xx085613

Grenade Launcher M xx035393
Grenade Rifle M xx106D5F
Minigun M xx021C5E

Flamer M xx04A11D
Gatling Laser M xx057701
Heavy Incinerator M xx054DC0
Incinerator M xx01FB15
Laser Pistol M xx00FD8B
Laser RCW M xx00995B
Laser Rifle M xx01A506
Multiplas Rifle M xx03824B
Plasma Caster M xx066994
Plasma Pistol M xx030EA3
Plasma Rifle M xx01571C
Recharg Plasma Defender M xx02DB21
Tesla Cannon M xx05996B
Tri Beam Laser M xx048A7B
Assault Rifle M - XX006DDB
Brush Rifle M - XX06A907
Grenade Machinegun M- XX05CEF8
Missile Launcher M- XX05CEF9
Gauss Rifle M- XX01FAC1
.357 Magnum Revolver M- XX01429A
Silenced .22 Pistol xx042054
10mm SMG M- XX00F3A9
That Gun M- XX026CQA
Plasma Defender M- XX02DB21
Ranger Sequoia M- XX0227A1

Bladed Gauntlet M- XX063331
Ballistic Fist M xx055FD6
Chainsaw M xx05D26A
Hyper Sledge M xx054DC1
Power Fist M xx020F1B
Ravage’s Bumper Sword M xx055FE1
Ripper M xx018704
Shishkebab M xx064517

Armored Casual Wear M xx050113
Armored Doctor Fatigues M xx04E32B
Armored Lab Tech M xx04F7AD
Armored Radiation Suit M xx04303C
Armored Trader M xx047F10

Armored Prostitute M xx0460DF
Chained Prostitute M xx016605
Exposed Prostitute M xx04A8B8

Merc Adventurer M xx006DF2
Merc Charmer M xx00FD84
Merc Cruiser M xx00E0F3
Merc Grunt M xx049737
Merc Troublemaker M xx00995A
Merc Veteran M xx00B61A

Raider Painspike M xx0647F4
Raider Blastmaster M xx063330

Combat Armor M xx04B3D5
Combat Armor Reinforced M xx04B3D3
Leather Armor Reinforced M xx00B611
Metal Armor M xx055CF3
Metal Armor Reinforced M xx055CF4
Recon Armor M xx021C16

4D Storage Device Gen IV M xx068741
Rusty 4D Storage Device M xx014BAC

Emergency Elevator Keycard xx069783

Concent8 Pills Blue xx01F390
Concent8 Pills Green xx01F394
Concent8 Pills Purple xx01F396
Concent8 Pills Red xx01F38F
Concent8 Pills Yellow xx01F392


A Question Of Time - Summer Springs Bording House (on a bed).
Bring The Pain - Fiend Hideout (Enclave Crate)
Do What We Do - Abandoned Gas Station (In a movable box under books)
Far From You - Underground East Mini-Vault Home (Bookshelf behind books)
More Noize - Vault 41 (Next to Maddox's bed).
Pulse - Fiend Bunker via Fiend House (On top of a safe)
Recharger - Viper's Lair (Vex's room on a Gun Cabinet)
Substance C - Pit Stop Bomb Shelter (On a bed)
Them - Riddler's Toys & Games (Footlocker)
NOTE: Many are not in containers so beware if you are using explosives nearby.

Q: I have killed Labal, Firetooth and/or Smokey but the quest refuses to update (one often is not marked as dead).
That's a strange but not uncommon bug. I can only guess that it is caused by a conflict of some kind. There's a few ways to try and tackle this problem.
Open the console in game and type the following:
setstage XX03986b 10
Replace XX with AWOP's mod index number, you can find this by checking in FOMM or by activating the console and clicking on something from the mod (e.g Frankie). Then just take the first two numbers that appear after his/its name.
That should move you to the next stage of the quest.
Alternatively in the console select the dead Gecko with the mouse and type:
this will bring it back to life so you can kill it again.(use 'kill' in console to do this quickly) I have been told doing this several times can fix the problem.
Also you can try just playing through the areas again from quest start or later.
If all these fail you most likely have a conflict (if you cannot use console either then this is almost definately the case). Try deselecting mods till everything works properly again.

Q: I killed Bertha but she won't show up as dead:
A: Same as above with the geckos only in the console type the following to set the correct quest stage:
setstage XX03986b 30
XX = AWOP's mod index number, you can find this by checking in FOMM or by activating the console and clicking on something from the mod (e.g Frankie). Then just take the first two numbers that appear after his/its name.

Q: I'm having trouble with another part of Frankie's Quest:
A: You have a few setsatge options to progress Frankies quest
In game open the console and type:
setstage XX03986b 10
XX = AWOP's mod index number, you can find this by checking in FOMM or by activating the console and clicking on something from the mod (e.g Frankie). Then just take the first two numbers that appear after his/its name.
10 = Just an example in this case. See below for other options:

setstage XX03986b 10 : should be the end of Kill The Geckos
setstage XX03986b 20 : Kill Bertha
setstage XX03986b 30 : Collect Key
setstage XX03986b 40 : Enter The Underground
setstage XX03986b 50 : Quest Complete XP reward.

Hopefully one of those should fix it.

Q: Problems with ROACH's Quest?
A: Here's the codes for the discs. Hopefully theres a fix in there somewhere:

XX= Awops Mod Index Number (to find this in game click on something from AWOP, e.g Frankie and take the first two numbers)
A Question of Time: XX0507CA
Bring The Pain: XX06A906
Do What We Do: XX0507CB
Far From You: XX06A909
More Noize: XX0507EE
Pulse: XX0507C9
Recharger: XX0507ED
Substance C: XX0507EC
Them: XX06A908

Quest objective update console commands for Roach's quest:
setstage XX0507C7 20
First 3 discs found, Return to Roach.
setstage XX0507C7 40
Discs 4-6 recovered
setstage XX0507C7 60
Discs 7-9 recovered.
setstage XX0507C7 70
End of quest. Objectives cleared.

UPDATE CODES for 'For The Underground':
setstage XX005600f 10
Quest initiated. Assemble team.
setstage XX005600f 20
Team assembled, kill Tech Raiders
setstage XX005600f 30
Quest complete. Collect reward.

If these codes do not work then drop the third digit (0) and try again. e.g:
setstage XX05600f 20

UPDATE CODES for "McMillans Quest":
setstage XX04B6C3 10
Kill Blaze
setstage XX04B6C3 60
Purge The Wester Bosses
setstage XX04B6C3 70
Bosses dead, Return to McMillan
setstage XX04B6C3 80
Quest Complete

Q: Where is *that* key in Spring Mt Visitors Centre?
A: [Spoiler Warning] It?s in the neighbouring underground station. It?s on a dead guy who liked to climb. You?ll need to shoot a bit of him off to get it.

Q: I Still can't find that key.
A: [Spoiler Warning] You would be able to see him on the screenshot of the Underground Station if the resolution was much higher.

Q: That was a crap clue, seriously I have spent hours looking for this.
A: It's on a corpse - he could have been blown to pieces already by a stray missile. If you are really stuck and can't see the guy anywhere use 'tcl' in the console to get up on top of the station entrance to Bonnie Springs Sewer. That's where he should be.

Q: What was changed in the 5.0 update?
A: All of this (plus a load of other stuff I probably forgot about):
5.0 Interior Overhaul Detailed Info:
Medium loot reduction.
Medium Clutter overhaul.
1 new note.
Severe loot reduction.
Medium clutter overhaul.
1 new note.
Extended interior.
Minor loot reduction.
Major clutter overhaul.
2 new NPCs with dialogue.
2 opposing quests (help the Legion or the locals)
1 new note.
Extended interior.
New enemies.
Medium clutter overhaul.
Features in a new quest (stop the Ghouls east of Novac).
Medium Clutter Overhaul.
New Legion Vendor.
New Quest (expose the psychotic Centurion's drug addiction).
1 new Note
Extended interior (more Vault 40).
More enemies.
1 new Note.
Extended Interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
More enemies.
Minor loot reduction.
Several new notes.
Major Clutter Overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
1 new note.
Minor Clutter Overhaul.
Very minor loot reduction.
New quest (find Baxter)
Extended Interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
More enemies.
Minor loot reduction.
Several new notes.
Extended Interior.
Medium Clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Medium Clutter Overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Minor clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Medium clutter overhaul
Medium loot reduction.
1 new note.
Major clutter Overhaul.
Loot reduction.
1 new Note.
Extended Interior (new small bomb shelter)
Major clutter overhaul
Minor Loot Increase.
Involved in new Quest (Stop the Ghouls east of Novac and find out what happened there)
1 new note.
Extended Interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Several new notes.
New faction data for ‘Gangers so no Reputation is lost on a kill.
Medium clutter overhaul.
Medium loot reduction.
At least 1 new note.
Extended several notes.
Butch is now permanently frenzied.
Extended interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
Several new notes.
New enemies.
Extended interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
Minor loot increase.
1 new note.
New enemies.
Several minor tweaks & 1 new note.
Medium clutter overhaul.
At least 1 new note.
Exterior improved.
Extended Interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
1 new Note.
Extended interior.
Major clutter overhaul.
Minor loot increase.
At least 1 new note.
New enemies.
Extended Interior (2nd Level).
Medium clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Several new Notes.
Major clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Major clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Minor clutter overhaul.
Minor loot reduction.
Split into 3 levels to speed load & run times.
Removed & replaced a REPCONN HQ model with a much simpler wall and reduced lighting to speed load & run times.
Split into 2 levels to speed load & run times.
Slightly reduced the speed and perception of pretty much everyone inside (and changed a few packages) to avoid immediate mobbing.

Q:Which AWOP NPCs have dialogue?
A: As of the 5.0 update the floowing NPCs have dialogue (no-one else that I am aware of):
NPCs with dialogue:
Underground bar owner/vendor.
Sgt Arkus
NCR’s sole representative in Goodsprings with lots of dialogue and a quest.
NCR Project X-13 injured trooper who can be found (in The Emergency Railyard’s Collapsed Underpass) and healed after which he can become a temporary follower. He is 1 of 3 NCR X13 Troops left alive in the area.
Legion boss at Canyon Station with a quest.
Underground inventory manager.
Major Cobb
Underground troop who guards the entrance to Tech Raider territory. He can activate the main Underground quest allowing the player to hire Underground Troops to defeat the Tech Raiders.
Crazy Super Mutant Dwarf.
Underground resident.
Underground diner owner/vendor.
Underground Super Mutant guard.
The Underground’s friendly feral ghoul reaver.
Underground Armor/apparel vendor.
Super Mutant who can build unique ‘M’ weapons with the correct parts.
Goodspring’s guns & ammo vendor with a main quest and the key to Goodsprings player house.
Canyon Station’s chemist and enemy of the Legion. Will give you the key to his stash if you agree to help him.
Underground veteran ghoul.
Underground Weapon customisation specialist.
Underground Mini-Vault resident.
Colonel Hoff
Acting military commander for the Underground and quest giver.
Underground trooper who can be hired during the main Underground quest “For The Underground”.
Corporal Iapicca
Squad leader for the troops you can hire to attack the Tech Raiders (and the only member who cannot be killed, at least before completing the quest).
Super Mutant who volunteered for the FEV process and spokesperson for the Headbangerz clan of intelligent Super Mutants.
Underground Broadcast Tower head-guard.
Underground Apartments resident and vendor who makes cigarettes.
The Legion’s top Sniper and quest giver.
Deathclaw hireable during the “For The Underground” quest who can join as a permanent companion after it’s completion.
Sgt McMillan
Underground guard for Trapper’s pass with a lot of local info and a quest.
NCR X-13 Troop who can be found and recruited in the Collapsed Underpass Control Room
An immortal alien from another dimension, Underground trooper, shape-shifter (in her spare time) and she can become a permanent companion if hired during “For The Underground”. She also can lead players to the Immortal’s Shack if hired.
Underground trooper hireable during “For The Underground”
NCR X13 Trooper found in Collapsed Underpass Utility/Maintenance tunnel.
Underground ghoul trooper hireable during “For The Underground”.
Underground trooper hireable during “For The Underground”.
Underground Apartments resident, part time doctor and vendor.
Novac Scrapyard’s ammo merchant and quest giver.
Underground Resident in charge of The Power Plant
Underground resident and head of Robotics.
Underground Apartment Office manager and repairman with a small quest.
Underground ghoul musician and minor-celebrity radio broadcaster with a big quest to recover his lost music.
Cottonwood Bunker’s Legion vendor.
Rose lives in hidden redoubt in Vault 21 and fears much of the outside world. She is also a vendor with a quest.
The Underground’s main Armory vendor. Ex BOS.
Underground Chief of Security.
Underground random junk and book merchant.
Underground resident.
Freeside Thung Hangout’s depressed drug vendor.
Underground bar regular.
Underground chem merchant.
Underground resident who used to own the Goodsprings Player House.
Underground chief physician with doctor dialogue options.
Underground trooper hireable during “For The Underground”.
Underground residential rave DJ.
Underground Security Deputy.

Myself - David LeMaistre

Dogtown1: For Novac's "Collapsed Tunnels" and much work on both patches for Monster Mod.

Maps of the Underground in the images section.

For the old optional file adding voice over for Frankie's dialogue.

rickerhk, Quetzlsacatanango & davidallen:
For solving the major bug with reappearing objects in the wasteland.

For the Ghost Town Workshop terminal entry.
For the Pit Stop Bomb Shelter terminal entry.

For assistance with the reappearing wasteland objects and for work on related mod project, "BlackCompany - WME for Word of Pain" which is a compatability patch for AWOP and WME and can be found here:

rickerhk, Quetzlsacatanango & davidallen:
For solving many issues with scripting and quest creation.

rickerhk, Quetzlsacatanango & davidallen:
For helping to restore a corrupted file back to full health.

rickerhk, Quetzlsacatanango & davidallen:
For advice fixing many issues regarding the Underground Troop quest.

For quest objective fix info and advice on AI packages.

For frequent accurate aesthetic bug reports.

For frequent accurate aesthetic bug reports.

For accurate support and bug fixes for other users in the forums.

For advice on scripting the Starter Box.

For help with advanced NPC dialogue options and permanent fixes for Frankie's and McMillan's quests.

Fo the following:
--DOD (Destruct On Death) implants meaning once killed enemies and any of their tagged possessions are destroyed in a variety of cool ways. Maximum difficulty, minimum loot (Only applies to high power weapons and armor).
--Hoff’s Quest fixed
--Roach’s Quest repaired
--Note Perks fixed
[check out his awesome re-release of HarderThan at http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=43253]

Big thanks to these people without whom I would not have been able to create massive sections of this mod.

madmalachi has released a compatability patch for AWOP and WMX (Weapon Mods Expanded) which can be found here:

Also if you enjoy AWOP check out the Serial Killer version by reco22:

Modded Armors used in screenshots:
Ghost Variants (NV Nexus)
TYPE3 and SKINNY LNC StealthSuits (NV Nexus)
AEVGear NV (NV Nexus)
Wasteland Warrior 2 NV (NV Nexus)
Alice Armors (NV Nexus)

Unique FO3 Armor Ports:
Hentai Mania - Apple Suit
Bronson's Dark Temptress
Backsteppo / TKone's Microbikini, Harness & Thong (assorted)