Better living through chems NV by SethCreiyd and LucidusCruorem
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Added: 24/11/2010 - 02:08AM
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Last updated at 2:26, 12 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 2:08, 24 Nov 2010

CHEMS is required for one minute part of this esp (crafting heroin)

This is a somewhat moderately modified version of BLTC by SethCreiyd, http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1745. So, obviously, 99% of the credit goes to him. Also included are CptJoker71's better booze textures and meshes, so credit to him also.

The only items I added are new types of vodka (renamed some old stuff and added new ones) and drugs such as peyote mescaline, codeine phosphate, adderall, and lsd with their respective effects. The vodkas include retel one, grey goose l'orange, reyka, and some others. No new meshes or textures are currently used past the original btlc with better booze.

Known bugs: The venom dart gun I added to the recipes won't transform into another dart gun. There is a broken reference in script somewhere since the venom dart gun is italicized. If anyone can resolve this, kudos to you.

I see this as a minor bug and nothing worth complaining about since the dart gun wasn't in the game to begin with. :P