Permanent Weapon Shells by Jodwig
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Added: 22/11/2010 - 11:35PM
Updated: 11/12/2015 - 06:23PM

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Last updated at 18:23, 11 Dec 2015 Uploaded at 23:35, 22 Nov 2010

I bet that everyone heard about Shells Rain mod made for Fallout 3 by Ginnungagap. This mod does the same thing, but here it comes with 5 different versions to let you better adjust your tastes and performance.

This mod simply increases the duration and amount of shells left on the ground after you shoot with a gun.

v1.1 Fixed bug with a Heavy Version not working properly.

Vanilla stats are following:

Duration - 5 seconds

Visible Range - 512 units

Amount - 25 shells

Duration means how long it lasts before it disappear from the ground.
Visible Range is the maximum range when you can see shells, shown in units (21.3 units are 1 foot, 64 units are 1 yard, 70 units are 1 meter, etc.)
Amount is the number of max amount of shells on the ground, if you pass the limit the previous shells will start to disappear.

My mod comes up with 5 different plugins to let you use it both on weaker and stronger machines.

Very Light:

Duration - 1 minute

Visible Range - 1024 units

Amount - 500 shells


Duration - 10 minutes

Visible Range - 2048 units

Amount - 1250 shells


Duration - 1 hour

Visible Range - 4096 units

Amount - 2500 shells


Duration - 12 hours

Visible Range - 6044 units

Amount - 5000 shells

Very Heavy:

Duration - 24 hours

Visible Range - 10000 units

Amount - 10000 Shells

WARNING! Few things which you need to know about mod...

Remember to use ONLY ONE plugin!!!
This mod doesn't work with First Person (it's hardcoded in the game and it can't be simply changed), but it works in 3rd Person, in VATS, with all NPCs within your range of view.
If you weren't present on the fight you won't find any shells near the bodies.

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And my enormously giant Complete Overhaul Mod called After War Nevada.

Enjoy :)