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January 2013
Yeah yeah, I know, you've been patient and still no uploaded update. I've been learning more and more within the GECK and applying it to the update I'm working on. I'm hoping the finished product will be worth the wait. I'll be honest, I work on it when it's fun for me to do so - and that happens when I learn something new and get excited to practice it. When I get distracted by things like dragbody's new armor, for example, some time will pass before I get back to it. If someone wants to work with me on this or even be a cheerleader behind the scenes I'm sure it would go much faster - until then it's simply a side project for me.

I'm also going to attempt to get access to CaliberX so that if/when I make changes or updates I can hit both mods at the same time. Going forward I also intend to put the "original" AK-47 and AK-74 from earlier versions of Reload back into use - permission was obtained, might as well get some use out of them.

Comments, questions, feedback? The Nexus does not always notify me when forum responses have been made, the best way to reach me is via PM. Thanks!

April 8, 2012
I have begun recreating Reload. I started out this project eager to rebuild the original Reload with the additional ammo types added by CaliberX and the Fallout New Vegas DLC's in the last year. I was up to the daunting task of changing naming conventions back to the original Caliber standards as well as costs and weights, but I asked myself the simple quesiton "why?". I decided there was no point or "payout" in doing all that work for a few reasons.

1. The people who will notice the difference have likely not added mods or updated their game in over a year since many vanilla updates have changed weights and values in the last year and CaliberX HAS been updated to reflect some of these changes as well as intergrate the DLC's into the Caliber framework.

2. The naming conventions, as they differ between the original Caliber and CaliberX are merely cosmetic details and a matter of preference. I will be more than happy to customize or put out special editions to be consistent with almost any accepted convention IF (read that emphasis on the IF) someone can point me to a reputable, verifiable reference for the conventions they wish to see a naming patch for. It would also be more worth my while the more changes are required - if it's only one or two cartridge types that need changing I will leave that to the individual to edit their own patch for and if they wish to share I would be happy to host it. In that vein I will likely include one I will use myself because my personal preference is to see 7.62mm NATO instead of .308 Winchester and 9x19MM FMJ instead of 9mm Parabellum for example. My view on weights and costs will be similar - I understand and appreciate that for some every little .001 of a pound is important to be 100% real world accurate, but for me this is a game to have fun with and extremely close is good enough. If there are enough changes and a reliable reference shared, I may attempt alternate or updated versions.

3. After hearing nothing from other contributors of Reload for quite some time I persoanlly uninstalled it for my own game because there were more recipes available through the AmmoXCookbook (the recipes included with CaliberX). I had also made my own personal DLC integration patches that, for the most part, did the same as Earache's patches or had a similar final result, but his did more than mine so it made more sense to go with them. In that spirit and sense I am rebuilding Reload in a way that CaliberX users can simply add it to their game and enjoy it without needing to relearn their ammo mod. I am incredibly greateful and thankful for my part in and association with the original Caliber and Reload projects. I still tweak every mod that adds weapons to use the damage values as introduced in Rebalance and the Prospector perk mod will always be in my load order.

It was predicted when CaliberX first came to be as a "child" of Caliber that it would quickly outpace its origin and that has come to pass. There is even another community ammo resource on the Nexus now, though it seems more focused on expanding options for existing calibers and
cartridges it does also introduce some new ones and it has its own crafting supplement but that only adds recipes for the most part - not an overhaul to the way ammunition is constructed like Reload does. For the record, I support all modders who give of their time to help you enjoy your game more and have even offered a comment or two to help with the other mod I mentioned. What I'm saying is that I will be rebuilding Reload to use CaliberX as a base instead of the original Caliber as the origianl has become obsolete. I will do this to make the new Reload useable to more than just the old school Caliber/Reload users or there is no point in sharing it here - those that like the old system already have it and I would be wasting my time.

It was FluidFire's intent, I believe, to change Rearm to allow users to simply offer optional .esp's for other mods to use instead of their original files that would integrate their weapons and assets into the game while adding items to the appropriate perk lists, holdout lists, and other lists programattically as well as change ammo references to reflect real life models. A mod that would introduce a Vintorez, for example, would have it fixed to use 9x39mm ammo instead of 9x19. To be blunt, NMM doesn't really "allow" that since if you uncheck a mod in NMM in uninstalls the assets too (this is what I've gathered from reading on it and watching videos that use it, I could be wrong. I still use FOMM myself and will not be supporting NMM). What I can do, however, is offer a sort of Caliber patch for other mods. If there's a mod out there that uses vanilla ammo instead of a real life cartridge offered in Caliber I would likely be more than willing to make a quick Caliber/Rebalance patch for the weapons.

Thanks to all who have been part of the Caliber, Reload, Rearm, and Rebalance project in the past. This mod is what it was and is because of your help and contributions. There's definitely a place for you if you wish to help me with this new project I'm taking on. There is room, too, for other members of the community that wish to help in the future, credit will be given for all contributions.

-- Brigand231
NOTE FROM FLUIDFIRE: THIS MOD IS CURRENTLY MAINTAINED BY BRIGAND231 (Effective Feb 2/1/2011). (I'm acting in a pure advisory capacity for the time being due to real world issues...!)

NOTE: Unzip Reload2 to your data directory. Use FOMM or NVMM to manage your load order. NVSE is not required.

SEE Reload2.pdf in your data directory for how to use the mod.
Reload 2F 2/28/11 Support for 5.7x28 ammo handloading added
Reload 2E 2/23/11 cosmetic changes in the recipe section
Reload 2D released 2/9/11 M1D reinstated after verifying that it IS legitimately Crash_Down's assets being used and used with permission. AK-47 and AK-74 now use the mesh for the Chinese Assault Rifle which was included in the game. Thanks Bethesda/Obsidian! -- Brigand231
(upgrading info from version 1 moved to end of this document)


Reload is a realism mod for Fallout New Vegas. Reload started as an overhaul of the FNV reloading system, and has grown from there to encompass new calibers, new weapons content, and a general overhaul of the factions in the Mojave wasteland.

Reload is comprised of these core modules:

1. Caliber (core ammo library)
2. Reload (reloading overhaul, new calibers, new variants of stock weapons.)
3. Rearm (weapons pack add-on, faction weapons overhaul.)
4. Rebalance (damage model overhaul)

The first module, Reload, is a lightweight mod intended to modify the vanilla game without making anything feel “out of place”. It adds a variety of new calibers, and will give some new weapons options, but these are scaled to use the stock weapons models. It adds a LOT of options to reloading, with 13 new calibers, new weapons, several reloading specific unique crafting items, over 50 new cartridge types, and over 250 new recipes.

The second module, Rearm, builds on the first model by combining weapons modifications published by other authors (see the credits section for a full list of these fantastic modders!). Most weapons mods are intended as player weapons only. Rearm takes this to another level by not only adding the weapons to vendors, but also by outfitting NPC's and factions throughout the game with those new weapons.

The third module is intended for ultra-hardcore players who want an extreme challenge. Damage models are tweaked, firefights are absolutely brutal, ammunition is scarce. It is designed to make survival of the fittest a reality, where the player truly has to think through their options.

Because this mod extensively modifies vendor and loot lists, as well as a wide variety of standard items, if you are running other similar mods, it's recommended you put this mod late in the load list and merge together conflicting lists with NVEdit!


We'll all need to do this one time only, due to changes made in order to spin off Caliber.esm from the main package.

1. Break down your ammunition to components.
2. Save your game.
3. Install the V2 update.
4. Load your saved game.
5. Reload your ammo (visit Gunrunners if you need shellcasings, a one-time script fires when you install to add extras for the first 3 days of gameplay)
6. That's it.