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Mikoto's Beauty Pack is bringing back some beauty to the people of the wastes.
If you like this mod, please endorse. If you experience bugs please submit a bug report in the discussions.

Now Available in Spanish!

Mikoto's Beauty Pack contains one of the largest hair selections available in Fallout, as well as adding working eyelashes and a host of new and improved eye textures to choose from.

151 Female Hairstyles
70 Male Hairstyles
131 Eyes
25 Glowing Eyes (Custom Races)

All planned new hairstyles converted to fallout compatible model formats. Sadly this is only a small step in a much much larger process. The final count was down to 178 hairstyles, as I accidentally had a few repeats. I still need to set up the texturing for each hairstyle, create texture maps for the hat hair, export and conformulate each hairstyle, add them all one by one to the game, and then to each race, and finally, fit each hairstyle to the head. I've made progress indeed, but there is probably a few hundred hours of work left to be done.

With that said -- I would really REALLY like a creative type person who has a good working knowledge of hairstyles to help me with getting proper names for each style ^_^

If anyone is interested please contact myoumans@gmail.com

End of day note -- Only 22 hairstyles left to conformulate. I found a much quicker method that allowed me to shave off about 50 hours of work ^_^

Version 5.0 hairstyles have been totaled.
There will be 184 new hairstyles added.
For those who care there is currently 156 total hairstyles in BPP. The new total should be 339. Version 5.0 will be a content-centric release. The following subversions will be driven towards tightening up the content and bugfixing.

End of day note -- 86 hairstyles converted for use in Fallout NV

Deep underground, in the heart of western Canada, version 5.0 starts development.


Alternate Commands Courtesy Darkcerb

Showrace Fix by Cirandel
-open pipboy
-open console
-type showracemenu and press enter
-close console
-colse pipboy
-Now the showracemenu should pop up and work


Please submit photos of your character made with project Mikoto ^_^. I would love to see a larger imagebase be built!

I've recently updated the page with much more information in areas of troubleshooting and installation, as well updated the layout. Please check the troubleshooting section BEFORE posting bug reports.

Current version cannot be installed with FOMM!
FOMM will unpack the .BSA file, causing the hairs to function strangely. Version 5.0 will include FOMOD data to correct this problem.

Version 5.0 Development Suspended I find myself rather abruptly back to school after 7 years. I WILL continue v5.0 once I get comfortable with a schedule that includes school life.

Version 5.0 Development has begun! Looking to add yet another 50+ hairstyles and atleast one more set of eyes. Will be adding missing Ren's hairstyles that I can find, Elaborate Eyes, Omake hair, possibly some hair by Louis, possibly Jhenova Children hair, Hairstyles by Pageboy... Currently seeking permission from Westley, Mandamus, WanderDryad, C0RWYN, fallen20, and PeggySims to use their hairstyles. If you can help with any of these I ask that you email me to let me know. I'm also seeking permission from Anto of Coolsims... but if I get that permission it will be included in v6.0, as the amount of work will put it far too much work to meet any expected release time for v5.0. My current goal for v5.0 is a new year release. Please, report any fixes that need to be made before that time so I can include them. I am planning to go over current hairstyles with a fine tooth comb looking for any little bald spots and fixing them (Probably another 100hours of work >_>) I will also be updating all tangents to make sure lighting is good on every hairstyle (I noticed there is one that isn't). If you know of any hair resources that I have not added, and are not listed in my "trying to contact" list above let me know. I am always in the search for a greater selection of hairstyles. My email is always available @ myoumans@gmail.com.

Complimentary to the beauty pack are a number of side projects to further improve your wasteland experience.

Mikoto's BP Waster's Overhaul
The Waster's Overhaul brings hair and eyes from Mikoto's Beauty Pack to many citizens of the wastes.

Mikoto's The Armorer
The armorer is a new shop in fallout NV, adding a compilation of several different armor packs from Fallout 3.

Mikoto's Wood Elf Race
Adds playable Wood Elf race.

Mikoto's De-Equipable Companions
De-Equipable companions allows you to remove base companion gear, bringing a wide array of new fashion opportunities.

Mikoto's BP Companions Companion
Companion's Companion is a compilation of companion visual overhauls.

Mikoto's BP CC Boone
Mikoto's BP CC Rose of Cassidy
Mikoto's BP CC Veronica
Mikoto's BP CC Arcade
Mikoto's BP CC individual packs allow the choice of replacing only select companions with visual overhauls.

Please be aware that this mod is not compatible with any mod that alters races. This will include other beauty packs or similar files.

To install:

If you are having trouble, use WinRAR
-Download RAR from any one of the mirrors on the (Mirror) tab.
-Extract to your data directory
-Enable ESP and ESM

To uninstall simply delete both esp and bsa files.

Load Order
All Other.esm
Other -Project Mikoto-.esm
All Other.esp
Other -Project Mikoto-.esp

"I Can't See Any New Hair"
1) First check to see that both esm and esp are enabled.

2) Check your load order. Generally load order should be as follows. FalloutNV.esm -> Other ESM -> MikotoBeauty.esm -> Other ESP -> MikotoBeauty.esp

3) If still not seeing any changes try disabling all other mods to test if it is a conflict. The most probable reason for the mod not showing up when enabled is a conflict with another race altering mod. This does include rationalization mods, though placing the Mikoto ESP after the regional esp should stop the issue.

"Hair Is Showing Bald Spots"
Every single hairstyle in the pack is conformulated to morph with the head when the sliders change. Most of the hairstyles included were NOT originally designed for the fallout head meshes. If you are having small bald spots, please report on the discussions/bug reports section, with hairstyle name, gender, race, other mods running AND screenshots of the issue. However if you are seeing very LARGE baldspots on many hairstyles, check the following. [NOTE: FOMM will unpack the BSA if used to install the mod. Install manually only. I will make v4.7+ FOMM compatible if possible.]

1) Check to make sure that the MikotoBeauty - Assets.bsa is in the data folder.

2) Check for the Data/Meshes/Characters/Hair folder. This folder should NOT exist. If it does, delete it and re-test in game. (See "A Note on .BSA" below for more info.)

3) Report on the discussions/bug reports section, with hairstyle name, gender, race, other mods running AND screenshots of the issue.

"I'm Seeing Purple Hair / Eyes"
or "I'm Seeing Red Exclamation Marks"
Both errors are caused by missing resource files. Solid purple means a missing texture, while the red exclamation mark means a missing mesh.

1) If you are getting LOTS of these errors, check to make sure that the MikotoBeauty - Assets.bsa is in the data folder, and that the .esm and.esp are BOTH enabled. If all three are true, redownload the mod and replace files, they are likely corrupt. If you are only getting a few errors or a single one skip this step.

2) Report the issue on the Discussions/Bug Reports tab. These issues should not be caused by conflicts or unpacked / overlapping resources. They either mean the resources are missing, or corrupted.

There has been one major bug come up in Fallout NV that directly affects the use of custom hairstyles. While in Fallout 3, you could have all your meshes loose in the data directory; in Fallout NV this is not an option. For some reason the .nif files will not properly interact with the .esm files when running loose. This causes two separate issues, being that hairs are ill fitting and not morphing with heads, and when a helmet is worn head becomes bald. So for those of you wanting to unpack the .bsa files, it seems it cannot be properly done with Fallout NV. With that said, .bsa makes for much simpler to install and uninstall mods anyway.

Ashara's Hair Conversions
Thanks to SydneyB for use of converted fallout hairs.

Soya Hair
Thanks to Soya for use of Oblivion Hair Pack

Comprehensive Style Collection
Thanks to Room207 for use of hair (Comprehensive Style Collection)

Fallout 3 Hairpack
Thanks to Yoshikinakota for his fallout 3 hairpack.
Thank to Ren, idkrrr, Kozaburo (http://digitalbabes2.com) and other master, for modeles and textures.
Thank to Zacam1369, for all english names of haircuts and fixes.
Thank developers NifTools, 3D max and Windows:)

Oblivion Corean Mod
Corean mod - made by idkrrr-
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks.
Thanks to My hero 'Ren'
(This mod started from Mystic Elf, Many files of this mod is based on Mystic Elf.
I learned many knowledge from her Blog. and If there were no Mystic Elf, Also there were no Corean)
Thanks to Corean mod Tester 'chris(sscss2)'
Thanks to My Family(Elder scrolls naver Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/elderscrolls7.cafe)

Oblivion Saram
Thanks to idkrrr for models and textures

Oblivion Sulwah
Thanks to idkrrr for models and textures

2ch Hair Explosion
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks.
Thanks to Capucine for the help about making colourable hair.
Thanks to Daeger and Ranma-chan for fixing texture pathes of meshes.

All of the meshes and textures are made by Ren.

Models & Textures: HISSSA

Better Hair Alpha
Author: BlueMax

RANs Hair
Author: RAN46
Ren for hair textures
HISSSSA for hair textures
Yukisuke Tennoji for Guide of How to make

Kafeis Short Hairstyle Improved
Thanks to:
- KafeiDotour
- The NifTools developers
- The Blender team
- Bethesda Studios
- Timeslip (for OMM)
- Scanti (for Conformulator)
- The whole Oblivion modding community!

Head and Hair Resource
Models & Textures: Robert2

FFVII Clouds Haircut
Meshes & Textures: Renzeekin

Eye-Covering Hairstyle
Meshes & Textures: Montbello Knight

Braided Redguard Hair for Fallout 3
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Kafeid for Braided Redguard Hair.
Thanks to Ghogiel for his great help.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.

Braided Rearguard Hair
Models & Textures: Kafeid

Models & Textures: throttlekitty

VB Hair

Babe Hair
Models & Textures: Babe

Tribute to Final Fantasy
Models & Textures: MeguRyel

Lop-ears Elf
Working Eyelashes Author(s): Throttlekitty,Jclyde6108
mmouthargonian.egm/nif/tri/DDS Author: Scanti
RenHair Author: Ren
x1.17Race Author: uzk
x1.17Race add Hair Author: Ringo

Eyelash New Vegas
Models and FaceGen work by throttlekitty, based on jclyde6108's original model.
Special thanks to Scanti and NifTools, who wrote the tools I use.
Texture by Luchaire.

Ashara's Character Presets
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Dimon for the Type 3 body.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on: http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp.
Thanks to Fallout3Nexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to all the modding community for all their tutorials, tools and help. Especially, thanks to the Clan Dlan and TesEyeCandy communities.

GlowingEyes Resource
Models: Kikaimegami

Sparkling Eyes
Textures: AntoniusMaximus

Cernasites Oracle Eyes
Textures: Cernasite

Cernasites Dragon Eyes
Textures: Cernasite

Ethereal: Eyes Universal Edition
Textures: DagothBalls

Beauty Pack PLUS Original Eyes
All other eye textures done by Matteius.

All ESP work by Matteius.