Interior Lighting Overhaul by Sarge198 and Killergrimm
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Version: 6.7.4, Last Updated: March 03, 2014


Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition
Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition
Mojave Street Lights - Under Development
Fallout Lighting Overhaul - Under Development

Steam Community Group
Thanks to everyone who voted ILO for File of the Month for April 2011, ILO came in 3rd place!
Thank you Commander_Tak for the amazing graphic designs!



INTERIOR LIGHTING OVERHAUL'S main purpose is to increase the immersion and creepiness of the Fallout world, especially inside the vaults, caves and ruined buildings.


The features of ILO can be broken down to three categories:


- Lighting values of most all lighting templates and image spaces have been adjusted.
- Changes have been made to every single interior cell in Fallout NV + DLC.
- Addition of lighting fixtures to the appropriate places where they were left out.
- Lighting color changes to both lights and fixtures.


This includes the removal and/or changes of:

- Poorly placed lights (Not Sure who to blame for this one)
- Invisible lights (lighting in areas that should be dark or have light fixtures)
- Bleeding lights (lighting that is protruding through walls)
- Caves (No really, you cannot see your hand in front of your face in a pitch black cave)
- And lots more!

Think of Interior Lighting Overhaul as the Mission Mojave for lighting!


- Light Switches (Mostly all residential interior cells (houses, hotels, and safe houses))

After 200 years of degradation some things just aren't going to work, so don't expect all light switches to work.




This file includes the following features:



This file is a load order fix that meant to be loaded as low a possible in the load order.
- Wrye Bash users please see the Details section below.


Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS (Adds pretty lights to the Lucky 38 Suite)
Goodsprings Shack (Fancy Player home outside Goodsprings)
Rust Town (RT)
NVInteriors Project (NVIP)
Searchlight Airport (SLAP)
A World of Pain (AWOP)
Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW)
Portable Tent (PT)
Realistic Portable Tent (RPT)
New Vegas Bounties I (NVBI)
New Vegas Bounties II (NVBII)
New Vegas Enhanced Content (NVEC)



Make sure you have your monitor brightness levels set correctly, ALONG with the in-game settings. Maxing out your LCD's Brightness and Contrast setting is recommended. ILO is developed and tested on an ASUS VH242H LCD with Contrast: 80, Brightness: 100, and Splendid: Standard Mode.

Wrye Bash users: If you are using a Bashed Patch use the import cells option and select "Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm". Doing this will make "Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp" obsolete as it is just a load order fix to ensure the proper overrides take place. Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm should have these bash tags: {{BASH:C.Climate,C.Light}}

You might want to consider a Night vision mod (Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision). Otherwise a ghoul might eat your face off. Also check out Pelinor's Glow Sticks mod!

You should know that we really enjoy weather mods, they make the game much more immersive. We are working very hard to keep ILO compatible with all those popular mods.



Fallout New Vegas v1.4
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road


I highly recommend that you do NOT run FNVEdit's Master Update on ILO, it may cause CTDs. Fallout NV does not seem to need Master Update, unlike Fallout 3.

FNVPlugin Utility. A guide on how to merge files can be found HERE

Compatible weather Mods:

Compatible with Fellout
Compatible with Nevada Skies
Compatible with URWLNV Ultimate Edition
Compatible with FNV Project Reality MkI
Compatible with Nights are Darker FNV - DLC
Compatible with Western Sky - Weather and Atmosphere

Mods with ILO compatibility:

Compatible with Electro City
Compatible with Simple Street Lights - New Vegas!
Compatible with OFT v3.1.1 and Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition
Compatible with Clean-Deluxe NV
Compatible with NPC Project Freeside

Mods that may conflict with ILO:

NOT Compatible with 00 Red Cross.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Was ILO designed to be compatible with ENB?
A: ILO + ENB should work just fine together. ILO was not designed with ENB in mind.
Q: I have giant red exclamation marks right next to doors.
A: The Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.bsa file is missing. I don't usually include this in updates, make sure NMM isn't uninstalling the base version.
Q: Will there be a variant of ILO without light switches?
A: Maybe. Eventually.
Q: Can I translate ILO to "x" language?
A: Yes of course!
Q: I have a problem where the lighting through the windows will not appear.
A: This happens during a weather change in Nevada Skies.When the weather is switching to the next weather in the cycle, there will be no sunlight in interiors (no lighting through windows, no lighting through holes in shacks etc).You could either wait 1 hour using the wait menu, or if you don't want to increase your hardcore needs by waiting, you could fast travel to the location you are already in.For example if you load a save game in Novac, as soon as the game is loaded fast travel to Novac itself.This would instantly switch the weather to the next one.
Q: Some of the interior areas look too dark.
A: I don't have the intention of making buildings pitch black as I see it as unrealistic. At least that is the strategy that I am using now in developing ILO. It wasn't that way when I first started the project, I'm still finding places that I lowered the ambient lighting way too much. Killergrimm and I have fixed most of these areas, however some were made intentionally dark.
Q: Any chance that we'll ever see an outdoor lighting overhaul from you?
A: I have two exterior mods in development: Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition and Mojave Street Lights
Q: Why does ILO take so long to update?
A: Sometimes real life gets in the way.
Q: The Pip-Boy light is not bright enough.
A: Please check out my Pip-Boy Light Colours mod here on the Nexus.
Q: Will you be adding ILO support for Tale of two Wastelands?
A: To an extent yes, however I don't actively use TTW so it might be awhile before it gets reinstalled and updated.
Q: Is there an Interior Lighting Overhaul for Fallout 3?
A: Yes ILO - F3 is under development.

Recommended Mods:


A Nightkin reported that ILO was not working for him, It was later discovered that it was due simply to the fact he had smashed his keyboard over some courier's head who tried to take his special Brahmin skull.


If you are NOT using FOMM or NMM, start using one of them, I will provide no support for manual install of ILO, I assume you know what you are doing.

Nexus Mod Manager. Get it here
Fallout Mod Manager. Get it here

I highly recommend that you install ILO with the included .fomod package!
Interior Lighting Overhaul's installer for Nexus Mod Manager is scripted to install ILO plugins based off your Load Order.

Fallout Mod Manager Install:

1. Extract the .fomod file from the archive.
2. Start FOMM and click on Package Manager.
3. In the top-right button menu, click on Add FOMod and select the extracted archive file.
4. Interior Lighting Overhaul will now appear in the list. Select it and click Activate.
5. In the installer window, select the options you want, then click Install. If you are prompted to overwrite anything, click Yes to All.**
** NOTE: If any of the required install files are not active in your load order the installer WILL notify you.

Fallout Mod Manager Uninstall:

1. Start FOMM and click on Package Manager.
2. Select Interior Lighting Overhaul in the list and click Uninstall.


Vault108: Sarge198
Xfire: xsbond
Steam: xsbond
Nexus: Sarge198
Nexus: Killergrimm
Twitch: Bond198


Thank You killergrimm for all your bug reports and help making this mod awesome!

Credit goes to Scarecrow23, I got the idea from his Interior Lighting mod for Fallout 3

Credit to lordinquisitor for his Tweaked Generator Modders Resource.

Special Thanks to Chucksteel and Bigcrazewolf for allowing us to make a NVInteriors Project Patch.

Special Thanks to Djmystro for allowing us to make a patch for A World of Pain.

Credit to Commander_Tak for his totally awesome logo for ILO!

Credit to odin_ml for his Animated Light Switch Resource.

Credit to Uber Nuber for creating some awesome beat up swtich textures.

Special thanks to Befo for AWOP Music Mod and ILO Patch

Thank You killergrimm this mod would not be where it is today without your help and suggestions.

I award kudos to people who endorse, leave comments, and upload screens!

Tools Used:

Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator
Fallout Mod Manager
Nexus Mod Manager
Wrye Flash
FNVPlugin Utility
Microsoft Visual Studio
Sony Vegas


By using this mod, you agree to not hold me liable for any damage that
occurs to your property or person in the course of using this mod,
including but not limited to keyboard smashing induced by frustration
caused by wandering into a dark room full of feral ghouls.

Redistributing, modifying, or incorporating into other mods and or websites
IS NOT ALLOWED (Unless special permission is granted to do so),
ILO is exclusive to The Nexus Sites.