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Added: 25/10/2010 - 11:08PM
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This mod is no longer supported and is here for archival purposes.
Use Jarol's Extended New Vegas Radio Generator mod instead.

Radio New Vegas Extender

By Gamerzworld

What This Mod Does:

This mod extends Fallout: New Vegas's Radio New Vegas by your choice of 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 songs. In addition, it allows for 6 songs to play before Mr. New Vegas cuts in. You can also use the 100+GNR version to add the songs that came with Fallout 3's GNR!

How to Install:

Simply extract the contents of this archive into your Data folder. See the Read Me file in the "Sound/songs/radionvextend" folder for more information on how to properly setup your songs. If you want to also have the songs from Fallout 3's GNR, see the Read Me in the "Sound/songs/radiognr" folder on how to extract them from Fallout 3.

Music Packs:

Since this mod doesn't include the actual songs, here are some song packs you can use with the mod.
GNR - More Where That Came From
Prewar Classics - 1950s Rad Pack Edition for your Radio

Common Issues:

I: Some songs have very high or low sound
A: You will need to use MP3Gain on your MP3s.

I: Radio New Vegas doesn't show up
A: Try fast traveling. If that doesn't make it show save your game, restart the game without esp mods, save and then reload the game with the esp.

I: All I hear is static
A: Different factors could be causing this:
1) Your using a custom codec
2) You didn't fill up all 20,30,.. songs
3) Your songs are not encoded properly
4) You didn't properly name the audio files


*While the play order is random, the game will sometimes go on a spree of the same songs
*Mr. New Vegas may loop the first time the mod is installed

Please email me at aj@gzwn.net if you happen to find any more.

Can I use this?:

If you want to, you can use this in any pack or mod for Fallout: New Vegas. All I ask for is a mention of this mod and where to find it. An email alerting me to your mod would be nice too. :)