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Added: 25/10/2010 - 02:54AM
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Last updated at 3:09, 5 Nov 2010 Uploaded at 2:54, 25 Oct 2010

Energy weapons. Their drawbacks are that they're rather expensive to acquire and maintain, and their ammo tends to be expensive too. Their perks... increased crit chance, insta-hit (in the case of lazors), and heavy damage.

Whoa... wait, what? Heavy damage? What game is this? Certainly not FONV.

In FONV, the basic laser pistol, once no slouch against midrange longarm small guns in FO1 and 2, now barely compares to the measly 9mm pistol. It's pathetic against anything with armor. The plasma pistol? Eats up 2 small E-cells per shot and has a slow traveling bolt, and doesn't really have as much oomph as you'd think. The plasma rifle has the added bonus of being too slow to fire to really get any decent damage, and it also eats up 2 even more expensive MF cells.

The only real way for energy weapons to overcome DT is rote damage. They don't get any special DT-reducing ammo alts.... which is what this mod aims to fix. Rather than fiddle with damages on all weapons, this mod simply adds DT reduction effects to all but the bulk versions of Microfusion Cells, and Small Energy Cells. Standard, Overcharge, and Maxcharge all get progressively heavier DT-reducing effects. For SECs, it's tiered 3/5/8. For MF cells, it's 4/7/12. Electron Charge Packs get 2/4/7, less than the other two since they're either used in rapid-fire weapons or in a weapon so hard-hitting that it overpowers armor via brute damage anyway.


Initial Release.

Plasma Spaz now sports a RoF increase of 35% for plasma weapons (excluding the grenade). The DPS readout in the PipBoy does not reflect this, however. ECPs now have DT piercing, tiered 1/2/3.

After playing a bit, they still seemed a bit low. So DT subtraction boosts across the board. SECs are now 3/5/8, MFCs are now 4/7/12, ECPs are 2/4/7.

FUTURE: This mod may be deprecated before long, as I'm planning on an energy weapons overhaul to truly give all E-weaps their fangs back, instead of this workaround.