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Added: 25/10/2010 - 01:36AM
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Simply put, creates a new save every time you quicksave or autosave, as if you had pressed escape, gone to the save menu and clicked 'new save'. For those of us who love to save early and save often.

Now up to 10,000 saves!

Credit: This program is based on the popular Incremental Saver for Oblivion. The author generously donated the code to me to create versions for different games.


Run FNVIncrementalSaver.exe from anywhere you like, unless you have modified your Fallout New Vegas save directory
from the default that Fallout New Vegas uses. If so, just put the .exe file in that directory and the program will note where the saves are (it looks for
quicksave/autosave.fos in whatever directory its in and defaults to that if either is found).

Run the program before starting Fallout New Vegas each time, this will provide you with an options screen.
Each option has a detailed tip to explain what it does and its pretty simple. You can have up to 10,000 saves!

When the program runs it waits for Fallout New Vegas to start.
Now, every time you quick/autosave (whatever you chose) the program will copy that save.
You can check that its working by quicksaving when you enter the game and going into the load menu.
A new save with a custom name should have appeared.

When you are finished with the game, the program will auto-exit by default.