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Added: 23/10/2010 - 07:08AM
Updated: 02/07/2014 - 02:18PM

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Last updated at 14:18, 2 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 7:08, 23 Oct 2010

I have discontinued work on this mod due to time constrains with new project. I have begun work on another collaboration with other Nexus mod teams.

Epoch Saga


Release .23

I've included the run animations from FO3 in this pack. Previously i had recommended that people DL them seperate, however i decided that they are required for this mod to look good, and have included them in a quick update of the pack.

Ported Fo3 Reanimation over to new vegas, everything seems to be working fine so far. These animations were made for the original Fo3. This is a direct port of my mod at this point, so expect alot of the newer weapons to lack new animations here and there.

Release Notes

This is a re-animation project for Fallout 3 that I began in my spare time. While playing though the game I felt that the poses and animation just didn't suit my taste, and kind of took away from my experience. Not to say they are poorly done, however they just weren?t my style. So I began looking at how to get animations into Fallout 3, and this is my result.

I?m a professional animator (although not in the biz long) and am using this project to help keep my skills up, as well as to enhance the game immersion which I feel could be increased with updated animations. Not necessarily requiring a quality update, as the Beth guys are great at their job, but just a different approach or style to the poses and animations such as rifle aiming, idles and so forth of the human characters.

My goal is to reanimate a significant amount of the human animations that are all game play related. Of which there are around 300 of them, and I say game play related, because there is another 700+ animations in the idle folder. So I?m working on pretty much all the action based animations that will play on your player character.

There are roughly 30 animations redone so far. Feel free to leave suggestions as to which animations you would like to see redone, and I will try and work the ones in high demand first.

I don't suggest trying to mix and match these animations, as a lot are dependent on others.

Thanks to Saiden for helping me and answering some questions about the export process, which helped me to get these ingame.


Installation: Unzip to your fallout 3 directory, overwrite old files if updating. Does not require any esp/esms.

I have not tested it with any other animation releases, so feel free to experiment. However I can't guarentee that it will be compatible.

UnInstall: Simply delete the files and your back to normal.