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  • 1. Native Expansion - Warband for Mount & Blade

    Native Expansion is a total enhancement for Native Warband. It doesn't aim to be a total conversion, it aims to take everything that is great about Native and make it better. Our motto: More Better Stuff. Better troops. Better diplomacy. Better mechanics. Better quests. Better menus. More of everything!

    updated 3:44, 21 Sep 2014 14,288 676 183,011kb soulmata

  • 2. Star Wars: Conquest for Mount & Blade



    This is a Star Wars mod for Mount & Blade 1.010/1.011. There are three factions in the game: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and the Hutt Cartel. Each faction includes over 12 different troop

    updated 4:23, 20 Jun 2012 19,514 1,120 201,556kb Site Bot

  • 3. The Last Days of the Third Age for MnB 1-011 for Mount & Blade

    TLD is a total conversion of Mount and Blade (NOT WARBAND) into Middle Earth during the War of the Ring.
    The player becomes a part of one of the many (10+) factions and decides the fate of Middle Earth. Will it be saved from darkness and restored to light and beauty? Or will you crush the free peoples under your iron boot? The choice is yours.

    updated 15:33, 21 Dec 2012 26,230 879 49,613kb Merlkir

  • 4. Wedding Dance Beta .92 (M&B 1.011 compatible) for Mount & Blade

    [size=large][color=CC3300]THIS IS AN ADULT ONLY MOD.

    New version availa

    updated 22:23, 29 Dec 2009 4,653 260 235,775kb Site Bot

  • 5. Solid and Shade for Mount & Blade

    Solid and Shade v.25.13 "Usherwood Ghosts"

    updated 23:34, 21 Mar 2016 9,867 712 314,446kb N0ught

  • 6. Graphical Enhancement Textures v2.5 for Mount & Blade

    This download installs the textures for Graphical Enhancement 2.5. These textures are simply a temporary pack until Graphical Enhancement 3 is released (they're the GE3 work-in-progress textures from September).

    To install, simply download and double-clicked the downloaded file. To uninstall, simply double-click on the 'uninstall_textures_pack"

    updated 12:06, 23 Nov 2012 7,269 431 41,528kb Site Bot

  • 7. 1866 for Mount & Blade

    It has been a year since the American Civil War ended. The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border. To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to maintain their way of life. To the south, Mexico keeps a cautious eye on the ever expanding might of the United States. And everywhere, bandits, outlaws, an

    updated 6:09, 19 Apr 2011 3,502 221 368,573kb Site Bot

  • 8. 1257 AD Middle Europe v201 for Mount & Blade

    1257 AD Middle Europe is a mod based on Central Europe in the high middle ages. It's a historical mod, trying to reflect the situation of Central Europe in 1257 as accurately as possible. This is full updated version of my popular mod with more than 17k downloads in modDB.

    updated 19:12, 14 Jan 2014 2,199 200 68,594kb Raudentius

  • 9. Dimos Europe 1080 for Mount & Blade

    Version 0.27 of Dimos Europe 1080 mod.

    updated 13:18, 30 Dec 2012 1,352 91 209,968kb DimosOfficial

  • 10. Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [updated v4.57] for Mount & Blade

    Why choose Sword of Damocles?
    [b]Sword of Damocles is most complex and advanced kingdom management mod. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it also tries to simulate kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking economy and adding new buildings. It also

    updated 21:30, 26 Apr 2010 2,869 140 206,628kb Site Bot

  • 11. Malik Faris's Companions and Native Enhancement for Mount & Blade

    See the main thread here:,129012.0.html

    The short of it: Adds like 60+ companions to M&B:W 1.158, Also allows you to buy troops from tavern keepers, also adds a probably overpowered troop tree for the player faction, also adds some custom factions and roaming friendly manhunter type guys to

    updated 3:12, 16 Aug 2015 838 55 19,999kb masonjam

  • 12. The Hyborian Age for Mount & Blade

    Welcome to the Hyborian Age a Mount & Blade Module based loosely on the Hyborian Age of Conan the Cimmerian Created by Robert E. Howard This Module is intended for Mount & Blade Version 1.011

    updated 8:30, 27 Oct 2015 300 24 239,680kb Southerfist

  • 13. Female face model and textures replacer-temporary for Mount & Blade

    Updated version of Broken_One's face pack, older version here (should be updated soon).

    -Optimized texture sizes.
    -Option to add jewellery using the "beard" slot.
    -Age slider re-enabled.

    Installation: Just unzi

    updated 19:44, 28 May 2010 835 34 4,186kb Site Bot

  • 14. CalradiaPlusPlus for Mount & Blade

    Calradia++ v0.925 beta
    for Warband v1.153

    -- 14 factions
    -- Zendar, Salt Mine, Four Ways Inn, Dhorak Keep
    -- Renamed all lords
    -- Fire arrows
    -- As well as many other additions...

    updated 16:51, 12 Jul 2013 1,854 126 160,419kb Janycz

  • 15. openBRF - an editor for BRF files for Mount & Blade

    a tool to edit resource files (BRF)

    [ latest version: 0.0.74 -- 28 Jan 2012 ]

    Preview/import/exports everything: meshes, animations, skeletons, materials, textures, rigged meshes, collision bodies, hit-boxes

    updated 12:40, 10 Jun 2013 2,501 138 7,745kb mtarini

  • 16. Europe 1805 II - War of the Third Coalition for Mount & Blade

    Europe 1805 is set in the Napoleonic Era. It has improved graphics, models and offers a lot of gameplay features. From investing in towns, enterprises, houses, shares to building defensive structures, formations, combat abilities et cetera!

    Main topic:,186724.0.html

    updated 16:51, 30 Dec 2012 7,127 320 384,858kb Quintillius

  • 17. Life_Erikson's Medieval Sword Pack for Mount & Blade

    With LOD's and scabbards.

    Please give credit.

    updated 22:12, 15 Jun 2014 273 17 1,576kb LifeErikson

  • 18. [S] Roman Invasion for Mount & Blade

    NOTE: Tested and Works with 1.132/1.131

    I have always wanted a Roman mod for Warband, so I made one myself. What happens is the Romans invade Caladria.. oh just read the story!

    The Story
    The Romans have come seeking new lands, and have completely taken over the Swadians.
    And the Gauls, having lost all their lands to

    updated 3:44, 26 Oct 2010 812 50 39,843kb Site Bot

  • 19. Pegasus Armory 01 Weapon for Mount & Blade

    Fantasy based weapons weapons:
    - axes (3x 1handed, 2 x 2handed),
    - polearm / axe (switchable, 2 handed),
    - maul (2 handed),
    - mace (1 handed),
    - swords with scabbards (4x 1handed, 1.5handed, 2x 2handed).

    updated 21:17, 11 Apr 2015 887 55 1,279kb konrad13x

  • 20. The Hundred Years War Mod (v4.0) for Mount & Blade

    Modification of M&B based upon the Hundred Years War.

    Check this thread for more information :

    [rule] File History[rule]> Updated to version 2.0, features are on the same thread (first post) :


    updated 16:45, 19 Jul 2006 170 8 45,734kb Site Bot

  • 21. Diplomacy - With OSP Items V2 for Mount & Blade

    DOWNLOAD SOUND PATCH HERE: [url=http://[/url]

    Many have asked for Diplomacy to be merged with the OSP Items pack. So I have uploaded the combined mods.


    All the greatness of the Diplomacy 3.3.2 mod. Un

    updated 3:17, 16 Jan 2011 997 45 256,835kb Site Bot

  • 22. ModMerger for Mount & Blade

    "Keep your hands off my source (files)!"

    ModMerger framework aims to provide an example for modders to keep their modded contents out of original source files and out of each others' contents so that 0-config porting to newer game versions or mixing non-conflicting mods can be possible. (even where not, probably l

    updated 11:26, 25 Aug 2010 559 34 19kb Site Bot

  • 23. Battle Size Changer for Mount & Blade

    With this tool you can get around the game's battle size limit of 25-100 and instead choose from 2-1000. Note that overly large battle sizes can very easily crash M&B if your computer isn't able to handle them, or at the least cause horrible slowdowns. Don't even expect to be able to have battles of size 1000 even if you have the latest and greates

    updated 21:21, 14 Feb 2006 6,181 210 702kb brettflan

  • 24. Sly Arms and Armour Pack for Mount & Blade

    A pack of items you may download for FREE as long as you care to add my name to the credits.
    Special thanks to Dejawolf for the coifs. Enjoy!

    updated 5:09, 14 Jun 2014 680 40 5,280kb Sighvatr

  • 25. Persistent Empires for Mount & Blade

    updated 4:16, 10 Aug 2013 592 35 253,681kb DukeTritus

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