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  • 1. Native Expansion - Warband for Mount & Blade

    Native Expansion is a total enhancement for Native Warband. It doesn't aim to be a total conversion, it aims to take everything that is great about Native and make it better. Our motto: More Better Stuff. Better troops. Better diplomacy. Better mechanics. Better quests. Better menus. More of everything!

    updated 3:44, 21 Sep 2014 8,812 355 183,011kb soulmata

  • 2. The Last Days of the Third Age for MnB 1-011 for Mount & Blade

    TLD is a total conversion of Mount and Blade (NOT WARBAND) into Middle Earth during the War of the Ring.
    The player becomes a part of one of the many (10+) factions and decides the fate of Middle Earth. Will it be saved from darkness and restored to light and beauty? Or will you crush the free peoples under your iron boot? The choice is yours.

    updated 15:33, 21 Dec 2012 24,008 708 49,613kb Merlkir

  • 3. Star Wars: Conquest for Mount & Blade



    This is a Star Wars mod for Mount & Blade 1.010/1.011. There are three factions in the game: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and the Hutt Cartel. Each faction includes over 12 different troop

    updated 4:23, 20 Jun 2012 15,000 822 201,556kb Site Bot

  • 4. Solid and Shade for Mount & Blade

    Solid and Shade v.24.13 "Bring Out Your Dead!"

    updated 21:04, 28 Aug 2015 8,322 559 314,446kb N0ught

  • 5. Graphical Enhancement Textures v2.5 for Mount & Blade

    This download installs the textures for Graphical Enhancement 2.5. These textures are simply a temporary pack until Graphical Enhancement 3 is released (they're the GE3 work-in-progress textures from September).

    To install, simply download and double-clicked the downloaded file. To uninstall, simply double-click on the 'uninstall_textures_pack"

    updated 12:06, 23 Nov 2012 6,083 329 41,528kb Site Bot

  • 6. Wedding Dance Beta .92 (M&B 1.011 compatible) for Mount & Blade

    [size=large][color=CC3300]THIS IS AN ADULT ONLY MOD.

    New version availa

    updated 22:23, 29 Dec 2009 3,847 200 235,775kb Site Bot

  • 7. Prophesy of Pendor V3.011 FOR MOUNT&BLADE for Mount & Blade

    Prophesy of Pendor V3.011 MOUNT&BLADE


    From the Founding of Pendor - the year is 354
    A King has not ruled th

    updated 23:12, 15 Mar 2011 1,878 127 344,797kb Site Bot

  • 8. Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [updated v4.57] for Mount & Blade

    Why choose Sword of Damocles?
    [b]Sword of Damocles is most complex and advanced kingdom management mod. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it also tries to simulate kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking economy and adding new buildings. It also

    updated 21:30, 26 Apr 2010 2,711 109 206,628kb Site Bot

  • 9. 1257 AD Middle Europe v201 for Mount & Blade

    1257 AD Middle Europe is a mod based on Central Europe in the high middle ages. It's a historical mod, trying to reflect the situation of Central Europe in 1257 as accurately as possible. This is full updated version of my popular mod with more than 17k downloads in modDB.

    updated 19:12, 14 Jan 2014 1,870 167 68,594kb Raudentius

  • 10. woman body & lod textures, nudity version for Mount & Blade

    Mod for Mount&Blade
    Version 1.011
    NAME: "woman body and lod textures, nudity version"
    Category: textures replacer
    Contents: 3 dds files, 4 jpg screen shots, 2 txt file (troops and readme)
    Author: trongar
    Warning: nudity version

    This is a replacer for the texture of woman body.
    If the player chooses to be a woman in game, he

    updated 12:09, 23 Nov 2010 4,030 111 1,923kb Site Bot

  • 11. Europe 1805 II - War of the Third Coalition for Mount & Blade

    Europe 1805 is set in the Napoleonic Era. It has improved graphics, models and offers a lot of gameplay features. From investing in towns, enterprises, houses, shares to building defensive structures, formations, combat abilities et cetera!

    Main topic:,186724.0.html

    updated 16:51, 30 Dec 2012 6,467 257 384,858kb Quintillius

  • 12. Sarranid and Vaegir Helmet Replacement for Mount & Blade

    Replaces Sarranid and Vaegir Helmets with new improved versions

    updated 5:20, 17 Jan 2014 550 52 2,255kb ShaunRemo

  • 13. Storymod Chapter 1 v1.5 for Mount & Blade

    This large mod adds an RPG storyline and many other expansions to the traditional Mount&Blade world, featuring dozens of new NPCs, missions, combats and hundreds of lines of dialogue.

    This mod requires version 0.750/0.751 of Mount&Blade.

    [rule] Features[rule][list][*]New NPCs[*]New missions[*]New town

    updated 12:03, 12 Nov 2006 490 24 58,971kb Site Bot

  • 14. Ranger Company for Mount & Blade

    Mini Mod: Ranger Company

    Author: Tempered
    version: 1.8
    Module System version: 1.010.0

    This mod adds a new mercenary troop type with special abilities, Rangers. Rangers are masters of scouting and ambush. They can be randomly found in taverns like other mercenaries. You can upgrade other mercenary types to rangers as well. Rangers can be

    updated 4:46, 19 Apr 2010 94 6 42,460kb Tempered

  • 15. Narfs Men-at-Arms armour pack for Mount & Blade

    Narf's Men at Arms armour pack

    updated 22:56, 30 May 2012 1,873 102 11,184kb Uncleskippy

  • 16. Diplomacy v4.2 (for 1.143) for Mount & Blade

    Diplomacy 4.2 for Warband 1.143

    1. Features
    2. Installation guide
    3. Guide to use diplomacy in your own mods
    4. Credits

    1. Features

    As vassal

  • Persuasion attempts to convince your king to start a war
  • [*]Appoint a chamberlain, who w

    updated 23:47, 7 Dec 2011 4,208 199 3,167kb Site Bot

  • 17. Teutonic and Lithuanian items for Mount & Blade

    Teutonic and Lithuanian items by Kovas

    updated 23:56, 2 Mar 2013 299 13 127,921kb obwolfstar

  • 18. 1866 for Mount & Blade

    It has been a year since the American Civil War ended. The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border. To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to maintain their way of life. To the south, Mexico keeps a cautious eye on the ever expanding might of the United States. And everywhere, bandits, outlaws, an

    updated 6:09, 19 Apr 2011 2,839 159 368,573kb Site Bot

  • 19. Waewulfs Light Pack for Mount & Blade

    A few retextured native and OSP meshes as light-leather armors

    updated 17:26, 17 Aug 2012 369 17 9,096kb Pedro77

  • 20. Rust the Wheel for Mount & Blade

    Rust the Wheel v.026

    updated 18:47, 3 Oct 2012 786 50 64,763kb N0ught

  • 21. Light and Darkness - Halloween specials for Mount & Blade

    This is a new mod with a lot of creation, features and fun as well. There\'s no big map as MB usually has, so all the characters and activities are being in the scene. It has both single player and multiplayer modes.

    updated 16:21, 1 Oct 2015 1,163 75 86,932kb oolonglgx

  • 22. SWORD OF DAMOCLES - V5.0 BETA_1 for Mount & Blade

    Download Ninja “hidden” Mount&Blade 1.011 Patch
    (The M&B patch is not required but greatly increases game play with unlimited troop types and bug fixes!)

    updated 1:12, 24 Apr 2011 924 60 217,341kb Site Bot

  • 23. Female ninja outfit for Onin no Ran for Mount & Blade

    Here's a fem ninja outfit and boot minimod for Onin no Ran, if you know how to import items and such you can include this in other mods or vanilla.

    So far I'm encountering wierd problems with the gloves, but this armor can still be used if you are a fan of female assassins.

    [rule] Features[rule][list]

    updated 3:38, 29 Jul 2006 158 11 306kb Site Bot

  • 24. War for Calradia for Mount & Blade

    This mod is basically for those who hate the fact that the player can't become king in M&B, so, with this mod, you can:

    - Convince and hire lords to join your kingdom.(To do this, simply speak to any lord once you have started the rebellion, and a new option will appear in the dialogue window)

    - Assign fiefs to your lords*
    - *Not, as you may

    updated 19:20, 15 Jan 2009 546 30 11,477kb Site Bot

  • 25. Makes Cattle Move Faster for Mount & Blade

    This Makes Cattle Move Faster


    Go Here For More Info About What I'm Doing


    [rule] Features[rule]

    • Makes Cattle Move Faster

    [rule] File History[rule]First and Last

    updated 20:45, 14 May 2009 30 3 23kb Site Bot