• 14 April 2007

    New Poll

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Now that Shivering Isles is out I think a slight change in Poll question is warranted! As always here are the results of the last poll:

    Are you going to buy the Shivering Isles expansion?
    Yes. 77% (2283 votes)
    No. 9%. (270 votes)
    I don't know yet. 14% (412 votes)

    So that would be a resounding yes then. Sometimes I wonder what all the pesimists on the forums are going on about when they say Oblivion was rubbish; I loved the game and it seems a lot of other players did too (oh I'm gonna get scolded!).

    The slightly new poll question asks: How are you finding Shivering Isles?
  • 11 April 2007

    Shivering Isles Beta Patch Released

    posted by Povuholo Game News
    Update! Read these two posts:

    Bethesda has released the Shivering Isles Beta Patch 1.2. It will work for all language versions worldwide, except those downloaded from Direct2Drive.

    The patch fixes (well, to summarize it) a bug which appears after +- 150 hours of playing with Shivering Isles, which made items disappear when you dropped them. If you want details take a look at this page.

    You should only use this patch if you have the Shivering Isles expansion of course! Now let's hope they fix the rest soon...

    (For those using the Oblivion Script Extender, v0009c won't work with it. You'll have to download an update, which will probably be avaiable in a few days.)

    And credits to Abramul for spotting this!
  • 09 April 2007

    Project Serpent (TC) Q&A

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    I had an interview about the TC (Total Conversion) Project Serpent with its leader, Serpent of Shadow. Their official site can be found here and the forums here.

    A snippet:


    Pov: Could you give us a general outline of this project?

    SoS: Project Serpent is a total conversion for Oblivion that takes its basis from the Heretic/Hexen game series by Ravensoft. We have created our own world that takes key aspects from the Heretic/Hexengames, allowing us to both satisfying fans of the series as well as create something new. We also offer many new systems of gameplay different from the standard Oblivion ones. It is not a story of good and evil, but of light and dark, and the player can join with either side. If they (the player) play their hand right they can even be in both.

    Pov: Could you mention a few of these new gameplay systems?

    SoS: Leveling System – We are changing how you level into an experience gain. Kill monsters, complete quests, and certain achievements will award experience which in turn awards a level up.
    “Hub” Travel – Each region is it’s own worldspace, so it is almost like there are 12 worlds to explore. If you’ve ever played Hexen or Hexen 2, you will remember that their levels were set up as a “Hub”. That is, one level acted as a base, containing portals to multiple levels. Once all of the levels connected to it were completed, you moved on to the next hub. So each of the regions are considered to be Hubs kind of like that, although you are not restricted to solving all the quests before you can leave.
    We are also doing some major changes to how you interact with NPCs, more on that to come.

    Pov: What is the size of the landmass the mod takes place on?

    SoS: We’re estimating about 4x as big as Oblivion’s Cyrodiil. However, each region is broken apart and can be worked on one at a time. So while each region will be smaller than Cyrodiil (usually), the combined total will be much larger.

    Read the entire interview here.
  • 05 April 2007

    1000 Kudos Points and Counting!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Relatively inconsequential but good to know none-the-less, the new kudos system has taken off quite well with over 1,000 kudos points being awarded to people since it's launch around a month ago.

    I reckon once that number reaches 4,000 - 5,000 I'll work on a little ranking system to see the people with the most kudos points. Fun fun.
  • 03 April 2007

    BBCode Functionality Added

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Here's yet another feature addition to TESSource that I've been working on recently. While the BBCode functionality has always been there (but never visually available to writers) certain aspects of the site are now BBCode enabled. These areas include:

    • File descriptions (written by file uploaders)
    • File comments
    • News comments

    The easy way to tell whether an area is BBCode enabled is to look for the BBCode menu. If it's there it's enabled! For more information on using BBCode on TESSource you can read my guide on BBCode for Source Sites at the Member Portal.
  • 02 April 2007

    Oblivion Expanded (unofficial expansion) Q&A

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    Yesterday, I had a Q&A interview with Septim741 about his unofficial expansion: Oblivion Expanded.

    A snippet:

    Povuholo: Could you give me a summary of what this mod is about?

    Septim741: Sure. Oblivion Expanded, which is an unofficial expansion for Oblivion, adds a ton of new content for the player to experience. The following has been announced already: five new sets of armor and weapons, three new races, two new locations, a creature, a companion, at least a dozen miscellaneous quests, and an epic new main quest. Like Oblivion, there will be a collectors edition available for download as well.

    Pov: Will there be a new landmass this all takes place on? Where?

    Sep: Each part will have a new landmass that is not related to the main quest. Part one will have a new landmass for the last half of the quest, but first half takes place in Cyrodill. The other three parts will all have at least one new landmass where their entire portion of the main quest takes place.

    Pov: I heard this is a four part project. What parts are they? In what order will they be released?

    Sep: The four parts are as follows: Part One: The Lost Kingdom, Part Two: Monarch of the Dead, Part Three: Prisoner of Akavir, and Part Four: The Dark Tribunal.

    Read the full interview here.
  • 01 April 2007

    Bethesda's New Customer Care Strategy (April Fool's day)

    posted by Povuholo Game News
    2 April edit: This, of course, was an April Fool's day prank. Still, it was a funny article. From now on I'll post serious news! Original message below.

    An interesting article popped up at Planet Elder Scrolls, about Bethesda's 'Enhanced Consumer Interaction'. Apparently they are visiting people (and modders) who are having problems with getting the official mods to work on their computer. And then they... Er... Give them a hug.

    Some snippets:

    "I spent months perfecting my mod," said disgruntled modder Reginald "ImLeet" Hawkthorn, "And then when I went to download one of the DLC official mods, it wouldn't install properly and I had to wait three weeks and spend 90 minutes on the telephone fighting for a refund. We brought Reginald's case to the attention of BethSoft marketing boss Pete Hines, who suggested that the modder would be the first target of their new approach to fan liaison. "


    "It was an episode I'd seen before," continues Reginald, "So I didn't mind the interruption. I went to the door and there was Pete Hines standing right there. He asked me to confirm my name, which I did, and then he hugged me."

    "Studies show that hugging is an excellent way to make someone feel appreciated," explains Hines. "We plan to extend the hugging strategy - which we have termed Enhanced Consumer Interaction - to all regions in a program we will be rolling out over the next six months. We have recruited eight new Senior Enhanced Consumer Interactors, who will each have teams of ECIs under them in mobile units.

    Mobile Consumer Interactor units? Sounds funny.

    You may have to wait some months before your local ECI representative knocks at your door, but don't worry - no member will go unhugged."

    Read the full story at Planet Elder Scrolls
  • 31 March 2007

    London Eye in Oblivion

    posted by Dark0ne Game News

    While doing a Google Image search for Oblivion piccies today I came across an interesting picture: The London Eye in Oblivion. Now, I've never seen this before but then again I don't keep very up-to-date with some of the crazy things the Oblivion community tries to do.

    This picture is compliments of a satanic blogger (see: all bloggers are satanic, which includes myself, due to their ability to warp my mind into reading the entire blog and wasting my entire afternoon on non-sensical information). The article dates back to Oct 2006 so it's an oldy. Ho hum.
  • 31 March 2007

    Updated Oblivion Construction Set

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    V1.2 of the Oblivion Construction Set can now be downloaded from the Official Elder Scrolls site.

    But, before you download it, there are a few things you should know:

    • You have to use the 1.2 patch for Oblivion as well, if you want to use this new version.
    • When a mod is edited with the 1.2 version of the Construction Set, it can no longer be edited with the original version of Oblivion and the Construction Set.

    So if you are working on a project with a group, you'll have to make sure you are all using the same version.
    But I think (correct me if I'm wrong) you can still play the updated plugin without having to use the latest official patch. (Of course, downloading the latest official patch is always recommended)

    Now, for the changes... I was expecting a large change log about half the size of the game's patch. I was wrong. Not many bugs were fixed. But there are new features.

    The new feature:

    'Spell checking functionality'
    From all the features the community has suggested, I'm sure this one is what we've all been waiting for. Right.

    Even though that's the only feature mentioned at the New Features section, at the Bug Fixes section it has a few more. Just take a look at the Patch Notes.

  • 30 March 2007

    New Feature: Image Sharing!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I've been working over the past couple of days on a new addition to the site focusing on user uploaded images for ES games. Titled "Image Share", this new section allows any and all members of the site to upload their Elder Scrolls related pictures to the site to share with others. Users can comment and rate images in the database in the same way users can comment and rate files in the file database.

    This feature can be used for anything you wish; showing off your character, providing beta screenshots for your current mod project or just to share something you thought looked cool. As the database gets populated with images and ratings I'll be adding a new feature to the front page of TESSource much in kin to typical "Picture of the Day" of "Featured Picture" features on other sites.

    As with all new features on TESSource the system is in a beta stage and you folks are the beta testers so if you come across anything odd or any errors please file a bug report! If you have any suggestions for improvements (if it's a search feature to look for images uploaded by specific authors don't worry, it's coming) then let yourself be heard. I can't add it if you don't let me know!

    Don't wait, login to your account and start uploading your Elder Scrolls pictures!