• 16 August 2006

    Infinite Adventures

    posted by Cid88 Mod News
    Infinite Adventures is a new work in progress that seeks to add many new dungeons with unique custom rewards. Each of the dungeons is to have a backstory, traps, unique puzzles, and most have a bossfight. A teaser is already released on TESSource.

    However, it's not just for one group to go at alone. The unique thing about this mod is that anyone can contribute a custom dungeon to this project, with the ability to get it involved in a reasonably larged sized mod, and with the creator having the option of not having to do the scripting for the traps, puzzles, bossfights, and rewards. The only requirements is that a complete layout is submitted, lit and ideally cluttered appropriatly. A back story should also be submitted, keeping in mind it will be edited to fit within lore as needed.

    So how do you get to determine the content in this mod? First, build a dungeon. I highly suggest using the elderscrolls wiki to explain it to you, if you're new. It's actually pretty easy to get a decent sized dungeon done. Next, light it and clutter it as you see fit. Finally, briefly jot down in a text document your idea for the backstory of the dungeon, and what traps, puzzles, enemies, and bosses you think would be involved in this dungeon. Keep in mind that these may or may not make it in depending on the feasability of their addition to the dungeon. I can't mod the impossible.

    Finally, send it all in a .rar file (or .7zip, if it's a huge file :P) to Cid89 on the official forums via pm. I suggest rapidshare for hosting, though it's up to you.

    The released teaser has example puzzles, traps, an example bossfight, and a fun reward, a rideable dreugh which you can cast On Self spells from.
  • 15 August 2006

    Marine O'keefe's Modding Forums

    posted by ByblosHex Mod News
    Marine O'Keefe/ByblosHex/Cleitanious/Modder_300

    Would like to announce the re-launching of our forum-based website. This is the ONLY place to find support and up-to date downloads and information on all of my plug-ins.


    My Currently supported Plug-ins are:
    Knights Of The White Stallion
    Regal Imperial City
    Darker Cyrodiil
    Darker Imperial City
    Darker Cheydinhal

    Patch: Spectator Cleaner

    Brocade Clothes
    Random Clutter 300
    Archmage Traven 300
    300: Akaviri Stronghold
    Caldera 300
    Artifacts Of Tamriel
    Blackjack 300
    Blue Light 300
    Classes 300

  • 15 August 2006

    Recent Additions At TESSource

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I thought I'd just inform everyone of a couple of new features that have recently been added to TESSource.

    File Database Changes
    Most of you will probably have noticed two new features in the file database and a slight modification. The first is "bug reports" which enables you to file a bug report for a particular mod. Bug reports are for the site; things like broken download links, incorrect descriptions, etc., not for actual bugs with the mod IN-GAME. It's a way of making sure the listings keep clean and tidy and your time doesn't get wasted with bogus mods being uploaded.

    Bug reports go straight to me and are normally dealt with, if necessary, within the day.

    The next feature is the ability to comment on files without having to go to the forum. You can also see the latest 25 comments left for a file on the same page. This is a good way of getting in contact with the author regarding problems or checking for fake mods or bugs that could affect you as it has others.

    The modification to the database now allows uploaders to provide an "Author" for the mod. I know a few people upload mods that they are not the author of, and now the proper people can get credit for actually creating the mod.

    News Changes
    Primarily for mod groups, there's a new submit news feature that allows you to submit news on TESSource regarding your mod. Have you just released a new site for your mod? Are you looking for more members? Are you looking for beta testers? Send in a news article and I'll stick it up on the site for all to see on the main page.

    Tutorial Database
    A whole new section has been written for the site that enables members to add their own tutorials to the TESSource tutorial database. Tutorials can cover a range of subject matter including the construction set, scripting, modelling, optimisation and walkthroughs.

    If you have written a tutorial for these forums or another site then please add it to TESSource; it's all lonely and empty at the moment!

    That's about it for now folks. Enjoy!
  • 03 August 2006

    Oblivion takes the throne in PCGamer's top 100 games list.

    posted by Vaanic~One Game News
    According to the latest edition of PCGamer (I'm not sure if it's the UK or USA version), Oblivion is this year's greatest game. It has taken the position of No.1 in their top 100 list for this year.

    Feel free to discuss the extent to which you feel this is deserved.
  • 02 August 2006

    User made Mods guide at

    posted by Vaanic~One Game News has released a two part mod guide. The aim of this is to inform people of what, in their opinion, are some of the most essential, finest, and funniest mods around. part 1 can be found HERE and part 2 can be found HERE.

    Unsurprisingly, none of the "fake" mods make an appearance. :)

    Oh, and while you're all at it, take a look at this Developer post on the official forums: HERE.

  • 30 July 2006

    Fake Mods Being Uploaded

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    Hi folks,

    It has come to my attention over this past weekend that someone has been creating fake accounts at TESSource with names that are similar to current mod author's. This person has then been uploading semi-malicious mods to the database with names very similar to current mods; trying to pass it off as a legitimate modification.

    I believe one mod titled "No Psychic Guards" randomly spawns an Arena spectator to your location who is invincible. The description on the official forums was "he's just popping up randomly and clapping like he's suffering from palsy, and appears accompanied by a lightning sound effect.". Sounds relatively humorous, but apparently it's not for the people who have it. Obvious this has bad implications if it continues and gets more malicious.

    People should be extra vigilant of mods they are downloading at the moment and should check their sources before downloading. Check the forum post to see if anyone has reported anything suspicious.

    If there are any problems please remember to contact me as soon as possible instead of debating it on the Official Forums for a few days.

  • 29 July 2006

    News System Changed

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I've recently written my own news submission system for TESSource that makes things easier to administer on my end. As a result all previous news has been stripped from the site but can still be found in the news forum.

    As usual commenting on news happens through the forum posts created with each new news post.