• 03 April 2007

    BBCode Functionality Added

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Here's yet another feature addition to TESSource that I've been working on recently. While the BBCode functionality has always been there (but never visually available to writers) certain aspects of the site are now BBCode enabled. These areas include:

    • File descriptions (written by file uploaders)
    • File comments
    • News comments

    The easy way to tell whether an area is BBCode enabled is to look for the BBCode menu. If it's there it's enabled! For more information on using BBCode on TESSource you can read my guide on BBCode for Source Sites at the Member Portal.
  • 02 April 2007

    Oblivion Expanded (unofficial expansion) Q&A

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    Yesterday, I had a Q&A interview with Septim741 about his unofficial expansion: Oblivion Expanded.

    A snippet:

    Povuholo: Could you give me a summary of what this mod is about?

    Septim741: Sure. Oblivion Expanded, which is an unofficial expansion for Oblivion, adds a ton of new content for the player to experience. The following has been announced already: five new sets of armor and weapons, three new races, two new locations, a creature, a companion, at least a dozen miscellaneous quests, and an epic new main quest. Like Oblivion, there will be a collectors edition available for download as well.

    Pov: Will there be a new landmass this all takes place on? Where?

    Sep: Each part will have a new landmass that is not related to the main quest. Part one will have a new landmass for the last half of the quest, but first half takes place in Cyrodill. The other three parts will all have at least one new landmass where their entire portion of the main quest takes place.

    Pov: I heard this is a four part project. What parts are they? In what order will they be released?

    Sep: The four parts are as follows: Part One: The Lost Kingdom, Part Two: Monarch of the Dead, Part Three: Prisoner of Akavir, and Part Four: The Dark Tribunal.

    Read the full interview here.
  • 01 April 2007

    Bethesda's New Customer Care Strategy (April Fool's day)

    posted by Povuholo Game News
    2 April edit: This, of course, was an April Fool's day prank. Still, it was a funny article. From now on I'll post serious news! Original message below.

    An interesting article popped up at Planet Elder Scrolls, about Bethesda's 'Enhanced Consumer Interaction'. Apparently they are visiting people (and modders) who are having problems with getting the official mods to work on their computer. And then they... Er... Give them a hug.

    Some snippets:

    "I spent months perfecting my mod," said disgruntled modder Reginald "ImLeet" Hawkthorn, "And then when I went to download one of the DLC official mods, it wouldn't install properly and I had to wait three weeks and spend 90 minutes on the telephone fighting for a refund. We brought Reginald's case to the attention of BethSoft marketing boss Pete Hines, who suggested that the modder would be the first target of their new approach to fan liaison. "


    "It was an episode I'd seen before," continues Reginald, "So I didn't mind the interruption. I went to the door and there was Pete Hines standing right there. He asked me to confirm my name, which I did, and then he hugged me."

    "Studies show that hugging is an excellent way to make someone feel appreciated," explains Hines. "We plan to extend the hugging strategy - which we have termed Enhanced Consumer Interaction - to all regions in a program we will be rolling out over the next six months. We have recruited eight new Senior Enhanced Consumer Interactors, who will each have teams of ECIs under them in mobile units.

    Mobile Consumer Interactor units? Sounds funny.

    You may have to wait some months before your local ECI representative knocks at your door, but don't worry - no member will go unhugged."

    Read the full story at Planet Elder Scrolls
  • 31 March 2007

    London Eye in Oblivion

    posted by Dark0ne Game News

    While doing a Google Image search for Oblivion piccies today I came across an interesting picture: The London Eye in Oblivion. Now, I've never seen this before but then again I don't keep very up-to-date with some of the crazy things the Oblivion community tries to do.

    This picture is compliments of a satanic blogger (see: all bloggers are satanic, which includes myself, due to their ability to warp my mind into reading the entire blog and wasting my entire afternoon on non-sensical information). The article dates back to Oct 2006 so it's an oldy. Ho hum.
  • 31 March 2007

    Updated Oblivion Construction Set

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    V1.2 of the Oblivion Construction Set can now be downloaded from the Official Elder Scrolls site.

    But, before you download it, there are a few things you should know:

    • You have to use the 1.2 patch for Oblivion as well, if you want to use this new version.
    • When a mod is edited with the 1.2 version of the Construction Set, it can no longer be edited with the original version of Oblivion and the Construction Set.

    So if you are working on a project with a group, you'll have to make sure you are all using the same version.
    But I think (correct me if I'm wrong) you can still play the updated plugin without having to use the latest official patch. (Of course, downloading the latest official patch is always recommended)

    Now, for the changes... I was expecting a large change log about half the size of the game's patch. I was wrong. Not many bugs were fixed. But there are new features.

    The new feature:

    'Spell checking functionality'
    From all the features the community has suggested, I'm sure this one is what we've all been waiting for. Right.

    Even though that's the only feature mentioned at the New Features section, at the Bug Fixes section it has a few more. Just take a look at the Patch Notes.

  • 30 March 2007

    New Feature: Image Sharing!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I've been working over the past couple of days on a new addition to the site focusing on user uploaded images for ES games. Titled "Image Share", this new section allows any and all members of the site to upload their Elder Scrolls related pictures to the site to share with others. Users can comment and rate images in the database in the same way users can comment and rate files in the file database.

    This feature can be used for anything you wish; showing off your character, providing beta screenshots for your current mod project or just to share something you thought looked cool. As the database gets populated with images and ratings I'll be adding a new feature to the front page of TESSource much in kin to typical "Picture of the Day" of "Featured Picture" features on other sites.

    As with all new features on TESSource the system is in a beta stage and you folks are the beta testers so if you come across anything odd or any errors please file a bug report! If you have any suggestions for improvements (if it's a search feature to look for images uploaded by specific authors don't worry, it's coming) then let yourself be heard. I can't add it if you don't let me know!

    Don't wait, login to your account and start uploading your Elder Scrolls pictures!
  • 29 March 2007

    New Staff Member

    posted by Povuholo Site News
    Yesterday Dark0ne asked me if I wanted to help with the site news. And... Yeah. I did. So here I am. So for those who don't know me... I'm a 'forum regular', quest modder and now staff member. I play Oblivion and played Morrowind. I'm waiting for Spore and will probably buy Supreme Commander too. These two games also have their own Source site here.

    What you can expect from me:

    • Posts of new interviews/reviews/news on the Elder Scrolls games.
    • News on big or special mods that are either WIP's (Work In Progress) or released already. This includes Morrowind mods.
    • News on all kinds of Elder Scrolls sites.

    I will probably focus on the mod news, but if I stumble upon something interesting, I'll post it here too.
  • 29 March 2007

    Middle-Earth Mod Interview

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    "The Grey Leader", project manager for the MERP Mod for Oblivion has taken part in an interview with The Chamber of Records. I don't know much about this mod since I rarely lurk around the official forums but it could quite possibly be from the foundations of the folks who worked on an early mod for Oblivion which brought certain aspects of Middle-Earth to life. Don't quote me on that though. Talking of quotes, here's a snippet:

    COR: From what I've heard, you're very cautious with showing your mod to the community. Can you explain why?

    Grey: Quite simple really, forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Actually it goes much deeper, there are many advantages to keeping the "hype" down. One thing I really enjoy about having a smaller fan base and a relatively quiet mod is that more work gets done. I don't have to waste time keeping my site up to date, or constantly reply to forum members, nor deal with the many headaches of a large community, especially in times of disagreement. Least of all, I also don't want to cause a legal stir if I can avoid it. I've already made it quite clear in the past that I won't quite modding this project weather I can or cannot release it, I simply enjoy doing what I do, so I'll just keep working on it until it's done. But to me, private seems the best.

    You can find the full interview on the Chamber of Records forum.

    I'll refrain from my personal opinions in this news post and see if anyone has any good comments on the mod!

  • 26 March 2007

    Shivering Isles Q&A at Atomic Gamer

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Atomic Gamer have snatched Bruce Nesmith away from the Bethesda studios for a short while to talk about the upcoming expansion for Oblivion; Shivering Isles. Here's a snippet:

    Jeff: Is Sheogorath going to be playing some sick jokes here like he did in Oblivion?

    Bruce: He's got a few tricks up his sleeves. Early on he forces you to experience the Mania and Dementia for yourself. After all, you need personal experience with these things if you are going to serve Sheogorath. He also has a tendency to ramble on about cheese. To say any more would be to give away the plot.

    Jeff: The downloadable content has been great so far, but there have also been some excellent user-made mods. Do you have any favorites? Are thereany mods where the development team went, "We need to do something like this in Shivering Isles"?

    Bruce: I don't personally use any of the user-made mods, but I've seen a numberof them on other people's machines. There is a great mod that customizes the inventory interface to allow for smaller type. The mod that replaces all the distant landscape objects with the up close, higher res versions produces some amazing views, although you need a very high end machine to run it. That said, no, there really wasn't anything we saw and felt the need to include or replicate in Shivering Isles.

    I look forward to seeing what the user community comes up with for the Shivering Isles.

    Head on over to Atomic Gamer for the entire article.
  • 20 March 2007

    New Upload Functionality

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I've been busy over the last 6 hours completely recoding the file database system to enable users to upload more than one file to a file entry. Downloaders will notice that the original "Download Now" text has been replaced with a new download link, along with the size of the file and it's total downloads. As authors add more files they get listed one below the other.

    Authors now have a seperate page for uploading files seperate from the "add" or "edit" systems that were originally used. For adding new files; authors add the file details as normal but do not upload the file until the next page.

    The purpose of this new system is two-fold:
    (1) Allow authors to provide "back versions" of their files for testing or preservation purposes and
    (2) Allow authors with files larger than 50MB (the current upload limit) to split their archives into 50MB parts and upload them seperately within the same file entry

    As with all new systems on the site you folks are the beta testers so please don't forget to issue a bug report if you think something isn't working as it should.