• 12 September 2006

    Oblivion Expansion Likely!

    posted by Switch Game News
    I just so happened to stumble over this article at Interesting, no? It sounds like that dev saying there wouldn't be any expansions was a load of hot air. Knights of the White Stallion here we come, apparently!

    Of course, I won't 100% believe it until Bethesda confirm it. But it's looking pretty likely.

    EDIT: I was right about not believing it. Or so it seems, anyway. GamersReports have spoken to Pete Hines, and it's been confirmed that this was a false alarm. Notice he says no "announced" plans. We'll just have to see.
  • 09 September 2006

    Supporter system is live!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi all,

    The new Supporter system is now running and live and people have already begun to help out! It is greatly appreciated and I respect the kindness and willingness of this community to support me in helping to provide the resources that I do.

    For those of you who don't know there are now two types of accounts for members. The first is the normal "free" account that does everything it currently does. Nothing has been changed and you can still download (albeit slowly!) from the servers as per usual. The second is a new "Supporter" membership that provides you with an upgraded account complete with a faster download server, no ads/caching and some other cool features like the file tracker (which, as the name suggests, tracks file updates for you!). This upgrade is provided in return for a small donation to the site so we can afford new hardware and bandwidth to keep the site going to a good standard.

    The Supporter system was introduced so that I could say thank you back to those people who are generous enough to help me so please don't shun it thinking it's a step in the wrong direction; because it's a step in the necessary direction if I want to keep running this site, and more, to a stable and top-notch standard.

    If you're not interested in being a Supporter (I don't see why you wouldn't be!) but would still like to donate some money to help out there is also a donation form.

    For more information on the new system and how to upgrade please click on!
  • 28 August 2006

    Please give me your feedback

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I've put a new page up on the site regarding a voluntary subscription system that'll be put in place soon for TESSource. If you could head on over to our feedback page and leave your mark I'd appreciate it.

  • 26 August 2006

    File Caching System Change

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    The caching system has been changed today to stop the annoying "back button not working" problem. As a result file links should now be changed to ensure better user interaction (as well as stopping the 404 error occuring when your page hasn't been cached!).

    If you currently use the "" system to link to your file you can easily change it by taking the fileid (NOT the .html part) and changing the link to "".

    While your cache links will still work I'd recommend changing your links whenever possible.
  • 22 August 2006

    Site Moved Harddrives

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    I'm currently out of town at the moment. Simon (my best friend/host) has just informed me he has moved the site to a different hard drive. I have no way of verifying that the move has completely worked but the initial checks that we have performed give a green light, all clear.

    If any of you come across any problems with the site; problems that have occured since from today, then please let me know.

  • 19 August 2006

    Bethesda Hiring!

    posted by Cid88 Game News
    Bethesda recently decided to kick up their recruiting drive looking for game developers, who will give possible input to TES:V.

    Apparantly they think the modders that have modded for former TES games might make good devs.

    The jobs they are looking for are:

    -Game Programer
    -Wold Artist
    -Special FX Artist
    -Character Artist
    -Game Producer
    -Associate Producer
    -Sales Director
    -Project Manager
    -PR/Marketing Management (think Pete Hines)
    -Quest Designer

    I'm not 100% sure on the details, but I'd expect them to want programmers with extensive C++ knowledge and artists good with 3d Studio Max. Being a Marketing Manager would likely be similar to what Pete Hines does. A quest designer would likely need to be imaginitive, willing to fit in ES lore (don't quote me on this!), and able to use the CS.

    Make sure you check out the Bethsoft jobs page!

  • 19 August 2006

    The Elder Scrolls Torrents

    posted by raziel23x Site News
    I would like to announce that there is a new Hosting site opening unlike any other mod hosting site out there.

    The idea of the Torrent has been around for quite some time. It has been talked about for some time now about a tracker being set up for the soul purpose of sharing Modes that are far to large to be shared by normal means.

    I have set up a tracker for that one purpose in mind to allow you, the modders, freedom of creating tough huge mods without the fear of where can I get this hosted at because it is too large to be hosted at places like Planet Elder Scrolls or TESSource.

    Right now there are no torrents hosted because:
    1. Just opened (Still Beta Phase)
    2. Still working the bugs out of the system
    3. Waiting on You the Moder to come join us

    The Main site (Stronghold of Death)

    The Tracker (The Elder Scrolls Torrents)

    The Forums

    The Live Chat (Must register in the forums to use)
  • 16 August 2006

    TESSource 5 Year Anniversary Competition

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The Elder Scrolls Source has been serving the Elder Scrolls community in one way or another for 5 years; providing download resources for Morrowind and Oblivion mods, early sneak-peaks on the games before their release and a forum community full of your usual psychotics and megalomaniacs.

    To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Source we've team up with the great people at to offer 3 lucky people a t-shirt of their choice from their store.

    This competition is open to anyone in the world and we welcome anyone and everyone to enter. It won't take you too long!

    The Competition

    It's simple. Head on over to to get an idea of what t-shirts they offer. Have you noticed there aren't any Oblivion or Morrowind t-shirts? Well there should be! We'll be giving away 3 t-shirts to the 3 people we believe have come up with the funniest, most original t-shirt concepts (queue Fargoth jokes!). You don't need to create any images if you don't want to; simply describe what design you'd put on the shirt and a funny slogan to go along with it.

    All entries should go in our special forum thread (obviously you'll need to be a member to post).

    The competition runs from the 16th of August 2006 until the 31st of August 2006.

    The Normal Rules

    - Only 1 entry per person/per IP address
    - Judge's decision is final
    - Only posts made in the forum competition thread will be counted as entries
    - Winners will need to provide their address to so they can deliver
    - No cash alternative
  • 16 August 2006

    Infinite Adventures

    posted by Cid88 Mod News
    Infinite Adventures is a new work in progress that seeks to add many new dungeons with unique custom rewards. Each of the dungeons is to have a backstory, traps, unique puzzles, and most have a bossfight. A teaser is already released on TESSource.

    However, it's not just for one group to go at alone. The unique thing about this mod is that anyone can contribute a custom dungeon to this project, with the ability to get it involved in a reasonably larged sized mod, and with the creator having the option of not having to do the scripting for the traps, puzzles, bossfights, and rewards. The only requirements is that a complete layout is submitted, lit and ideally cluttered appropriatly. A back story should also be submitted, keeping in mind it will be edited to fit within lore as needed.

    So how do you get to determine the content in this mod? First, build a dungeon. I highly suggest using the elderscrolls wiki to explain it to you, if you're new. It's actually pretty easy to get a decent sized dungeon done. Next, light it and clutter it as you see fit. Finally, briefly jot down in a text document your idea for the backstory of the dungeon, and what traps, puzzles, enemies, and bosses you think would be involved in this dungeon. Keep in mind that these may or may not make it in depending on the feasability of their addition to the dungeon. I can't mod the impossible.

    Finally, send it all in a .rar file (or .7zip, if it's a huge file :P) to Cid89 on the official forums via pm. I suggest rapidshare for hosting, though it's up to you.

    The released teaser has example puzzles, traps, an example bossfight, and a fun reward, a rideable dreugh which you can cast On Self spells from.
  • 15 August 2006

    Marine O'keefe's Modding Forums

    posted by ByblosHex Mod News
    Marine O'Keefe/ByblosHex/Cleitanious/Modder_300

    Would like to announce the re-launching of our forum-based website. This is the ONLY place to find support and up-to date downloads and information on all of my plug-ins.


    My Currently supported Plug-ins are:
    Knights Of The White Stallion
    Regal Imperial City
    Darker Cyrodiil
    Darker Imperial City
    Darker Cheydinhal

    Patch: Spectator Cleaner

    Brocade Clothes
    Random Clutter 300
    Archmage Traven 300
    300: Akaviri Stronghold
    Caldera 300
    Artifacts Of Tamriel
    Blackjack 300
    Blue Light 300
    Classes 300