• 22 October 2009

    Changes to the comments section of files

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    After reading through the feedback provided for the new commenting system I have released an update to the system that should hopefully satisfy the worries expressed with the new system while still providing a mini-forum ability to those uploaders who are looking for some better and more organised feedback on their files.

    I have brought back the old "Comments" tab on files while adding a new tab to the file pages called "Discussions". All simple comments and feedback can be directed to the "Comments" tab as before while the mini-forum discussion area can be used for more precise and topical discussion should it be necessary.

    The discussion area can be disabled in your file attributes without affecting the commenting in the "Comments" thread. The aim was to please those authors who wanted a consolidated location for all posts as well as those authors who liked to split discussion in to different threads.

    The file management page has been updated to accommodate this change. The total number of comments in the "Comments" tab makes a return, as well as a new attribute that shows how many discussion topics there are for each file.

    Also worth a mention, posts made by the uploader of the file will now be highlighted by a gold border so users can easily pick out their posts.

    As always feedback is welcome.
  • 05 October 2009

    Service returning to normal throughout the day

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    A limited file service has resumed on both of the file servers while files continue to be restored. There's about 5G of the 200G or so files left to transfer, so hopefully by the end of the day service will have resumed properly along with the second file server returning to action.

    I want to thank everyone for their patience during this period.
  • 03 October 2009

    File servers down today

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    Rage. Pure rage. The two file servers are currently down due to an utterly avoidable situation at my file server provider.

    The down time will last at least 24 hours as all the files have been whiped and need to be synched back to the file servers from the UK servers; something that is prolonged by the slow transfer of the files across the Atlantic.

    As the premium file server is now in the UK it is unaffected, but small files are still served in the US where the servers are down so even premium members will not have access to files less than 2MB in size. Apologies for that.

    There is no issue with uploading files to the server at this time, and your file will be available for download as soon as the file servers come back up.
  • 02 October 2009

    New file commenting system

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Fresh from my trip to Vegas I have now updated the file commenting system here at TESNexus. The change is immediate and every file with comments enabled will be influenced by this change. Let me run you through it...

    There is now a new option for file uploaders when they add or edit file pages to the site. This entry sets whether you would like other members to be able to create new topics for commenting. The entire commenting system has been changed to incorporate topics. There is no longer only one thread in which all comments go in to. Instead the author and (if enabled) other members can create topics, much like you would on the forums, in which to discuss particular areas of a file.

    If you're a particularly tight file uploader then you might like to disable the "Allow users to start new comment topics" and instead opt to create your own comment topics for users to comment in. This might be particularly attractive to authors who'd like to have a clutter free commenting system where they can setup specific threads for "Feedback" , "Troubleshooting", "Improvements" etc.. Alerternatively authors might like to allow other members to create their own topics to raise their problems or feedback in. Whatever you choose as an author the default is set to allow all members to create new topics in the file comments, so if you don't want this then go in to your file attributes and change the setting immediately.

    Clicking on a topic title will allow you to view all the comments made in that particular topic and comment in that topic much like you would have commented on a file before this recent change.

    All endorsements go in a seperate topic created when the file page is added so long as endorsements are enabled for the file. This topic is pinned to the top of the board. As an author you can also pin your own or other's topics to the top of your comments section so they're more prominent by others and not affected by the "bumping" of other, non-pinned topics through new posts.

    As there is now no easy way to count the total number of comments for a file the number of comments has been removed from the "Manage files" section. Perhaps the most overlooked feature by uploaders is the ability to order your uploaded files by the date of the last comment using the "Organise" tool. Organise your files by "Last Comment" "Desc" and the files with the latest new comments will be shown first. The last comment date is the first attribute of your file, the one above the number of endorsements.

    As always reporting feedback and troubleshooting/error messages is appreciated as I almost always overlook something. This feature is being rolled out on TESNexus first for beta and then published later to FO3Nexus.

    Millionth member competition winners announcement to follow soon!
  • 17 September 2009

    Uploading Issues !

    posted by buddah Site News
    There appears to be an issue with the download servers not updating with new uploads. It appears to be an issue with the servers being out of sync and I have posted in the staff forums for Dark0ne to take a look at the issue....when he checks in. He is presently out of town and does not have his normal internet acccess, so when he tells the staff anything I will be posting a followup here as well.

    We are aware of the issues, they are available on the premium only server, but the others do not seem to be updating immediately. Wait an hour after the file is uploaded and give that a try. The extremely large files seem to not update even after waiting. I have posted this for information so all can be made aware of the present circumstances.

    This is something that only Dark0ne can check and please be patient. None of the staff has access to this aspect/portion of the site. A mistake back in the black hole could have devastating results so we will have to wait for Dark0ne.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • 18 August 2009

    Server move complete

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Well it's official, the Nexus sites have been moved to their new home here in England. There were a few quirky problems over the days following on from the move but these should all have been ironed out now. The move was a resounding success and extremely quick thanks in great part to the folks over at Krystal who are now hosting the web servers. Simon, one of the directors of Krystal, was actually the co-founder of Morrowind Chronicles back in August of 2001 which is the website from which this one derives. That also means that today, or around about today, is TESNexus' 8th birthday on the internet. If you're interested in this sort of stuff then I'd recommend reading the site history section on TESNexus that provides detailed information on the timeline and history of this site and all the sites that spawned off from that first site, Morrowind Chronicles.

    A big thank you goes to the people at Krystal, who worked extremely hard and above and beyond the call of any quality web host to get the service moved over as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. As a thank you I promised I'd pump their services because they really deserve it. If you're in the market for some excellent quality and competitively priced web hosting; shared, dedicated or otherwise then head on over to Krystal Web Hosting and take a look around. If you use the coupon code "NEXUS" on ordering then they'll give you a stonking 50% off as well, because they're nice like that, and because I promised to throw a tantrum in their office if they didn't.

    I hope everyone agrees that the sites are now a lot faster and much more stable than before; I personally haven't seen an IPS Driver Error since the move and the servers have far more capacity for expansion now, which means more features and updates. Oh, and redundancy too.

    So thank you all for your patience. Thank you to the premium members without which these changes wouldn't be possible and thanks to Krystal who were fan-dabbie-dozie throughout.
  • 05 August 2009

    Server move in progress

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The Nexus sites are currently being moved over to their new servers. If you're reading this then you're ON the new server, welcome! The work doesn't finish here though; there's lots of config files, tweaks, module installs and server restarts to go. So hang in there.

    The Nexus sites are big sites with lots of specialised code. I'm not a professional coder and I often forget important things, so if the site is breaking then please report it here. Provide the page you're visiting and the error you're getting and I'll get around to it. Your help can speed up the process, thanks.
  • 03 August 2009

    Server move soon

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The stress of last week is now behind me and the forum server is back up (but how long it will last is anybody's guess). To preempt the final failure of the forum harddrive the proposed server moved scheduled for the middle of August has been pushed forward to, hopefully, as early as this coming Wednesday (5th Aug 09).

    First of all why is this server move necessary? It's necessary because the servers are at their peak. They can handle what's being thrown at them right now but I want to squeeze more out of the sites. I'm going to be adding more functionality and more features to the sites over the coming months and the current hardware just won't support these updates. Similarly the sites aren't getting smaller, they're getting bigger. Every file you add, every rating you make, every comment you make and every file you download add to both the space and processing overheads of the site. Add to that an average of 1,500 new members every single day and the hardware simply needs to keep up with the demand.

    Where is the site moving to? I'm moving the webservers out of the US and in to the UK, working with some good friends who have been hosting sites for 7 years to make a more tailored solution to the Nexus's unique needs. At the moment the sites make use of 32ghz of processing power and 16GB of RAM across 3 servers. The sites will be moved to two Blade servers, in the same chassis, with a total of 40ghz of processing power and 32GB of RAM. What's more the setups will be run in proper RAID-1 arrays to prevent the recent problems with hard-drive failures from reoccuring; something I can't currently do due to space requirements.

    What will the move entail? Both Nexus sites and the forums have a large amount of data that needs moving. To make matters worse the data needs to travel several thousand miles from Texas to London. Work has been under way since last week moving over all the necessary files to the UK, which took several days, but there are other files, such as the site databases that can't be moved until the site is taken down. This takes time and as a result the Nexus sites will be taken down for an entire day, at the moment that day is Wednesday, to complete this move. Similarly as the server IP's will be changing the DNS Zones also need to be updated and it can take time to process depending on your individual ISPs.

    I'll release more information as and when I know more.

    On a side note there are two other issues I'd like to address. First of all, all current premium members will be getting 3 days of additional time added to their accounts in the near future to offset the time lost over the forum hard-drive failure and the upcoming day of down-time.

    Second of all I definately haven't forgotten about the millionth member competition. Obviously things are very busy at the moment so I haven't been able to dedicate much time to playing through the excellent entries on offer, but I want to play through them and judge them personally. As an act of good faith (and because there weren't a large number of entries) all the members who entered will be getting a $10 Amazon voucher at the end of the competition. Obviously winners will be getting the prize money instead ;)
  • 01 August 2009

    Comments and Ratings disabled

    posted by buddah Site News

    Buddah for info:

    Posting this here so it is easily found. If you uploaded a file in the past 3 or 4 days and ratings and comments are disabled. No one, I repeat NO ONE, not even Dark0ne can enable them. When the forum servers went wonky....there was no file thread created when the file page was initiated so there is nothing that can be done about it.

    The only fix, and again I repeat THE ONLY FIX is to delete the old file page and create a new one if you want to have comments and ratings disabled.

    If you find you are unable to delete a file page, use the report this file button and I will delete it for you. With the server issues some things have to be done by an admin.

  • 25 July 2009

    Forum server issues [Updated again]

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    The main hard drive on the forum server is on the brink of failing, much like the Fallout 3 Nexus file server hard drive did. To make matters a little more interesting I have already begun plans to reconsolidate the webservers here in the UK on some much more powerful hardware and given my current provider their notice. This means that a server move will be taking place around the middle of August and my hope was that the forum hard drive would hold out until then.

    Sadly I'm not sure it will as it continues to put out at random intervals causing all the non-registration and commenting issues the site is currently experiencing. It's a beggar. I've scheduled a disk check to be run on the forum server around 10am GMT tomorrow, which will bring the forum server down for a couple of hours. This means the forums, as well as registration and commenting will not be possible during this time.

    These things happen, and the good news is the new hardware will be more redudant and secure than the current hardware. The file servers themselves will remain in the US.

    Please bare with us while we go through this difficult phase.

    Update 31st July @ midday GMT: The harddrive is going through a full diagnostic at the data centre which is taking a long time. It's been going for about 12 hours and only completed about 55%, what's worse is it's coming back clean so far. So there's still some time to wait on that front.

    For me this comes at a bad time; I'm currently moving out my student house that I've been living in the past 3 years while also running all sorts of errands for my brother's wedding, which is tomorrow, in which I am the best man.

    I'm afraid you're all going to have to wait a little bit longer and just hang in there. All the data is backed up so no worries there. I'm going to quickly try and jump in to some of the site code now and disable some of the features on the site that won't be working to avoid confusion, inbetween having a shower and running on back home to do a rehearsal for the wedding tomorrow. Fun times.