• 08 July 2010

    Activity points

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Some new stats have been added to all user accounts on the site called "Activity Points" or AP.

    Each time you perform a beneficial action on a Nexus site you'll gain AP so that other users of the site can see how much you have done on the Nexus sites. The more AP you accrue the higher your level and rank on the sites will be. At the moment AP and levels are just for show; they don't unlock any special features or secret sections of the site but who knows, maybe in the future your AP might be put to good use.

    For more information on Action Points including what actions will increase your action points and by how much check out the article I've written on action points.

    Your action points are shown in your profile (with a break-down of what actions have given you points) as well as when you post on the forums or leave comments on files, images and articles.
  • 05 July 2010

    Unique downloads counter

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A new statistic has been added to all file pages and individual file counters across the Nexus sites today. The new statistic, "Unique downloads", gives as true of a representation as possible of the total number of individual members that have downloaded your file over its history.

    To clarify; total downloads includes repeat downloads from the same member. So if you have released five versions of your file and a member has downloaded all five versions then that adds five to your total download counter. Unique downloads would only add one (at the start of the first download) to the counter and no matter how many times the same member downloads a file in a single entry it will not increase the unique download counter.

    Why is this useful? Well, you might like to know how many individuals actually use your files and how many individuals make use of the updates you release. So if 100 people have downloaded your main file and 80 people have downloaded your updates then you can assume that 80% of the people who originally downloaded your file actually really enjoyed it, and still use it.

    Note: the TESNexus recount is still taking place and will be finished within a couple of hours of posting this. If you have files with a Unique Download counter of 0 then please be patient. It will update soon.
  • 27 June 2010

    Down-time on Sunday 27th of June

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Thank you for your patience during the down-time on Sunday the 27th of June. I'm constantly striving to improve the performance of the servers and increase site load times and this change will hopefully be a big part of that.

    Here's hoping!
  • 20 June 2010

    Scheduled down-time tomorrow (21st June)

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This maintenance has now been completed. Thank you for your patience.

    All the Nexus sites will be taken offline tomorrow at 13:00 GMT for up to an hour while the forum database is optimised for efficiency.

    The forums have been loading particularly slowly recently and the hope is that this optimisation will sort the issue. The forums need to be taken down in order for the optimisation to be performed and the forums are integral to the running of all the Nexus sites; so when they're down all the sites are down.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • 15 June 2010

    TESNexus traffic soars 25% after Steam promotion

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The total daily unique visitors on TESNexus soared by 25% on normal figures this weekend (12th/13th of June) after popular gaming platform Steam launched a special Game of the Year promotion of Oblivion and Morrowind respectively.

    As a result TESNexus had its most popular weekend ever with back-to-back figures of 113,000 and 123,000 unique visitors achieved on Saturday and Sunday with a total of just over 300,000 files downloaded and 2.6 million page views. Registrations almost doubled from the usual number of 3,500 new members on a weekend to 6,100 new members as the influx of Oblivion players scrambled to mod their new game.

    The optimistic part of me would like to assume the timing of this promotion on Steam, where Oblivion is being sold with the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine for £14.99 or with the two expansions plus all the DLCs for £19.99, is a precursor to the announcement of the sequel to Oblivion that is hopefully The Elder Scrolls V at E3 some time in the coming week.

    Whatever way you look at it; the site held out. You've got to be thankful for that. I know I am, because I was away this weekend.

  • 14 June 2010

    Site down-time and corrupted download table

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I brought down the site for a few minutes this afternoon at 2:50pm GMT to repair a broken table in the database that stored all the download history data for user accounts.

    The table has been repaired and the database has been speed optimised during the downtime. The table corruption means that anyone trying to endorse a file recently off the site may find that the file won't allow them to do it as their original download wasn't recorded by the site. In order to fix this you'll need to go through the download process again for each file; once the download starts simply cancel it and you'll be able to endorse the file after the usual 3 hour cool-down period.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • 07 June 2010

    Aesthetic changes to top area

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The top area of all the Nexus sites has been updated today. There's been some rearranging of the top menu, the title images have been spruced up a bit, some cliche gradients have been added for uber coolness and, yes, that's another advertisement I'm afraid.

    A 728x90 leaderboard ad has been added to the top right of the site. I'm hoping the additional funds gained from the placement will help to secure the necessary money needed to support an additional site should Obsidian release an SDK for Fallout New Vegas as well as prepare myself for the nice £17,500 ($25,500) server bill (will rise to £23,300, or $33,750, if an additional site is needed) that's due at the start of next year to pay for the web servers for the year of 2011. Note that payment doesn't include the 4 file servers that use around 450mbit/sec of bandwidth, or 145TB of bandwidth each month that isn't cheap either!

    With only an additional 45px of height real-estate used this shouldn't affect the people browsing on lower resolutions too much. I've tested all three sites in 1024x768 all the way to 1920x1200 in Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer. No plugins. Let me know if you're experiencing any graphical issues that you think aren't intentional.
  • 06 June 2010

    Download service resumed

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Around 4am GMT this morning the download service on the site stopped working. My server provider was working on their infastructure around this time and managed to bring down the hard-drives that store all the files on the site.

    Service is now back up and working again and I apologise for this issue. Thank you to the 300+ people who emailed me over the past 6 hours letting me know!

  • 03 June 2010

    Bethesda rumour mill churns in time for E3

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    I don't normally do much news outside of modding because hey, I'm rubbish at it, ok? But after doing some browsing today there's word on the grape vine that Bethesda is gearing up for the announcement of a "secret" at E3 that starts in just over a week.

    Now a new Elder Scrolls game wouldn't be a surprise. Since Fallout 3's release over 18 months ago Bethesda haven't announced any new projects in development in their own dev studios (just lots of publishing deals with their various partners). You can hardly have expected them to all be sat in their studios updating blogs all day inbetween Madden sessions with Todd. Maybe you can. But lets not forget that ZeniMax, owners of Bethesda, started an MMO division some two years ago and developed quite a talented pool of staff from some major MMO's.

    If this is a Bethesda announcement then I'd assume this wouldn't be MMO related and with New Vegas close to launch I doubt they'd try and dent that game's publicity by annoucing another Fallout game so the logical conclusion would be an Elder Scrolls V announcement.

    What I'd really love is a dual launch of both the Elder Scrolls V and an Elder Scrolls MMO. Launch ESV and then release [the] MMO a month later following on from the conclusion of ESV. Hook people in to buying both games as each is linked to the other. I understand the taboo that is MMO gaming, but I haven't played a proper MMO in years (I don't count EVE Online) and I for one would welcome an Elder Scrolls MMO so long as it didn't cut in to a single-player Elder Scrolls game launch.

    Bethesda have always shrugged off talk of an Elder Scrolls MMO claiming single player games to be their forte and I doubt they'll have changed their focus now, but keep an eye out for that MMO announcement too.

    Interesting times. Hopefully in 45 days time we'll have the announcement of the ESV, an Elder Scrolls MMO and England will be lifting the world cup again. I'm not sure which is least likely.
  • 29 May 2010

    New file servers

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    The old file servers have been replaced with new servers and updated hardware that should be able to much better handle the load from all you folks who like to download so much. Twin 600GB SAS drives in RAID 1 are now handling your file serving needs on 1gbit lines.

    Lets see how this goes.