• 28 November 2013

    Registration issues today (hopefully) fixed

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Naturally when problems occur on the Nexus they don’t occur at 9.30am just as we’ve showered, eaten and gotten to our desks. They always occur at 1am just as we’ve gone to bed, leaving a good 8 hours before we know there’s anything wrong.

    In true Nexus fashion we hit a rather comical problem in the early hours of this morning whereby we’d reached the maximum number of registered accounts as set by the forum software we use, Invision Board. I’d never thought to check up on whether there was a maximum because, well, why would there be? Oops. So for most of the day our registrations have been either broken, spewing out some ambiguous database error (of course, rather than saying we’d reached the maximum it simply gave a generic error), or deliberately taken offline by us so we could sort it out.

    We think we’ve sorted it now. It required a lot of altering of some rather huge database tables, hence why you might have witnessed a few slowdowns or 500/504 errors today, but we should be back on track now.

    If you’re one of those people who registered between the hours of 12am and 12pm today please check if the details you registered with work. If they don’t then I’m afraid the only fix will be to make a new account. If you’re one of those users who paid to become a Premium Member as you were registering during that time then please, please get in contact with me via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site so I can sort it out for you.
  • 22 November 2013

    New mod author comment moderation features and updated terms of service

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    We’re so close to finishing our work on the centralisation we can almost see the light. We’re putting the final touches on the code and running mock runs of the merging work we’ll need to do to centralise the separate databases so that the down-time the centralisation will cause will be as minimal as possible.

    As I mentioned way-back-when, one thing I wanted to add to the sites before we finalised any centralisation work was an update to the moderating tools available to mod authors. It’s something that has divided opinion among mod authors over the years; some wanted to be able to directly control what posts were and weren’t allowed on their file pages while others wanted control to remain with our moderation team. Each school of thought has its pros and cons. While I’ll always skew towards the latter school of thinking, once we open up the Nexus to all games and, potentially, a lot more files I think keeping a strict moderating stance among a small, close-knit group of volunteer staff will be an untenable situation.

    Today we’ve updated all the sites with the new functionality for all uploaders who are within the mod author group. A reminder, in order to be in the mod author group you need 1,000 unique downloads across all your files for a single game. 500 + 500 unique downloads on 2 Skyrim mods? You’re eligible. 500 unique downloads on Fallout 3 Nexus and 500 unique downloads on Fallout New Vegas Nexus? You’re not eligible. The script is run once a day to add you to the mod author group and at the time of writing this article there are over 15,000 users in this group. This functionality is not available to people who are not in the mod author group at this time.

    The new functionality is two fold. To begin with mod authors can now delete comments from their file pages. There’s no delays, no moderator review and no crowding your comment topics with lots of notifications informing you about posts that have been moderated. To you, and other users, once you delete a post it’s gone. What actually happens is the post becomes hidden to everyone except the staff. We’ll retain a copy of all posts deleted by mod authors to ensure that the feature isn’t being used for nefarious means. Examples of what we consider “nefarious means” would be things like getting into a flame war with a user and then deleting all your posts while leaving the other user’s posts to try and make the other user look worse. This system isn’t being put in place to allow mod authors to cover up any indiscretion, it’s there to allow mod authors to keep their file comments clean and tidy and ensure the discussion going on in their file page comments is to their liking within the boundaries of our terms and conditions. Having said that our terms of service are still going to be enforced to the fullest extent. If you’re a mod author who doesn’t mind users treating your file page comments like it’s a 4chan thread then tough luck, our rules still apply to the fullest extent.

    When you go to delete a comment you’ll be presented with an easy to use text field to report the comment to the moderators. This doesn’t affect the actual deletion of the user’s post, that will be gone straight away, but what we most definitely don’t want happening is mod authors deleting posts and blocking users from their file pages and not actually reporting the members who they think are breaking the rules. We want to get rid of any members who aren’t following our rules properly rather than just hiding what they do out of convenience. Deleting a user’s posts and blocking them does not remove the root cause of the problem; the user, and simply allows them to go off and do the same thing to another mod author. So please use the report feature if you think user’s are breaking the rules when you’re deleting their posts.

    The second new feature is the ability to block a user completely from your file page or all your file pages. We’ve also added in a convenient link to the pre-existing forum page that allows you to block specific users from PM’ing you. This functionality should be pretty self explanatory; if you have a problem user who won’t leave you alone and you no longer wish for them to be able to access your file pages then you can block them entirely either from that specific file or all your uploaded files. Note that this doesn’t just block the user from commenting, it blocks them from your entire file page; they won’t see a single thing or be able to download your files and they will be presented with an access denied page explaining that you, the mod author, have blocked their access to the page.

    A new page has been added to the “User area” where you can view the users you have blocked and remove the blocks if you so wish.

    As far as the staff is concerned I’m not planning for the moderation team to get involved with this aspect of moderation at all. If you’ve blocked a user from your file pages then that’s that. We’re not going to deal with the justified and/or petty squabbles between mod authors and blocked users in this regard so if a mod author blocks you from their files do not come running to the moderation team about it because we’re not going to be removing any blocks. In the same vein this new functionality presents a whole new dimension of potential issues, e.g. you block a user, they PM you with hate. Naturally we’ll jump to the defence of anyone who is being abused through the PM system but you should be aware that blocking people from your pages will open you up to potential abuse and you should harden yourself accordingly to that eventuality. We naturally speak from experience on this subject. We have put a warning on the access denied page informing the user that if they PM you and they’re anything less than amicable in their message they’ll probably be banned instantly. Still, some people are really stupid. So as I said, harden that back-bone if you’re going to use that feature. Or block the user from PMing you entirely. Your choice.

    Lastly, with the help of the moderation team here at the Nexus I have just updated our terms of service with a completely new rewrite. These new terms of service incorporate as much information as possible about what we consider acceptable, what we ban for and how we operate. For most of you who are familiar with our old terms of service and how we operate there really isn’t going to be any surprises for you. These new terms of service simply get in to writing a lot of the “unwritten rules” that we’ve enforced but never properly described within our terms of service. For example, the fact we ban pirates dumb enough to speak about it in public isn’t anything new to most people here but it was never obvious within our terms of service. Now it is. If you’re confident you know our rules then you’re probably absolutely fine but, if in doubt, there’s no harm in reading them. I will say that if you’re a regular user of our Image Share section then we’ve clarified quite a few of our rules in regards to what is and isn’t allowed within the normal (non Supporter) Image Share section, including a detailed image of what exactly we do and do not consider acceptable in terms of visible flesh and body parts. That might be worth a look at. Remember our moderation of the Image Share section is not retrospective, meaning we don’t go back through all the images in the database and delete images that no longer apply to our rules, so the “he’s done it so why can’t I?” excuse is right up there in the list of excuses that we moderators really, really despise.
  • 17 November 2013

    X Rebirth Nexus Launched

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    X Rebirth, the next iteration in Egosoft’s popular space pew pew series, came out on Friday. The X series has always been highly moddable and I’ve always been a big fan of it (indeed, I helped a friend to maintain a fansite for X2, X2 Source, for several years back in 2004-2006). I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I’d be willing to run a Nexus site for the game and while I know many of the modders in the community are quite set in their ways in using the official Egosoft forums there’s no reason why both cannot be used. A Nexus site to host the files and the official forums for publicising and critical feedback would synergise quite well, to be fair, much like the synergy between the Elder Scrolls/Fallout games, Nexus and the official Bethesda forums. We’re not mutually exclusive.

    With that said I’m happy to announce the launch of X Rebirth Nexus. I will be monitoring the community closely over the coming weeks to assess how things are progressing and whether there’s any demand (or possibility) to integrate the game into NMM. In the meantime I hope people are enjoying the game.
  • 14 November 2013

    NMM alpha test update released, bug fixes aplenty

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Thanks to the bug reports from brave souls testing our alpha release of NMM 0.50 yesterday we have released an update today for people testing the alpha. You can find this latest version by clicking here. Here's the fix list:

    1. Bugfix: NMM failing to create file links when the program wasn’t run as administrator with some Windows’ UAC settings.
    2. Bugfix: File link overwrite prompt not showing the file owner.
    3. Bugfix: Rare crash while migrating the install log.
    4. Bugfix: Fixed a missing file link issue with some fomod mods for fallout games.
    5. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with Category and Readme Manager setup windows.

    Please remember, only install this version of NMM if you're willing to accept the presence of potentially game stopping bugs (until we fix them). Please also remember that the news comments aren't the best place for bug reports! The best place to report bugs is using our Bug Tracker. It's tied to the forums and allows us to converse with you, and others experiencing the issue, so we can fix the issue as soon as possible. Please remember to provide as much information as possible including the steps you took that caused the bug to occur and what operating system you're using! Thanks again guys. As you can see, your help is helping us to make NMM better.
  • 13 November 2013

    NMM now available for brave alpha testers

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Ok, it’s ready for testing. I mentioned a couple of months back that we were putting the finishing touches on the next build of NMM that will become 0.50.0. This latest build features a new feature, mod profiling.

    Profiling is the ability to create and manage multiple different playlists for each game we support so you can switch between your playlists before running the game.

    What’s the point? Well, if you’re the type of person who likes to do multiple different playthroughs of your game then it should make managing your specific mod lists for each playthrough that much easier. If you like to roll a warrior, a mage and a thief, for instance, you can create different profiles for each of your characters with mods specific to that character’s playthrough, as well as mods used by all the playthroughs.

    Because this new functionality has required an extensive rework of how your mods are stored both within NMM and within your respective game folders we are releasing this build as an alpha of our beta. That means that, unlike our normal release method, we are not going to be instantly sending out an update notice to all users of NMM and we aren’t updating the download links on the NMM download page. Instead the direct download link is in this news thread.

    It’s our hope that we can get a small group of brave and willing individuals to install this alpha build and let us know if they run in to any errors or glaring mistakes, and what those errors are, so we can get them fixed before making a general release. We’ve extensively tested this update ourselves on our own systems but we just cannot test for every single eventuality possible across all the thousands of mods available and across all the thousands of possible hardware and software combinations there are in the PC world. We need your help for this, because if we don’t get some help then we’ll release it as part of the beta and THEN people will be sorry if there’s major bugs we couldn’t find that break things! If some users are particularly helpful then I will chuck some Premium Membership time their way to say thank you.

    If you’re ready and willing to test this build there’s a few things you should know. First of all you should hope for the best but plan for the worst and be accepting of this possible fate. The worst case scenario would be losing your ability to use NMM at all in the short term (hopefully a maximum of a few days before a hotfix can be sent to you). Next, because we’ve completely reworked the mod installing method NMM needs to completely deactivate all your current mod list and attempt to reactivate them one at a time. That should be fine for unscripted mods but any scripted mods you have will have to be reinstalled again (i.e. go through all the scripted installers as they pop up and choose all the available settings again). NMM will prompt you for each scripted mod you have. Everyone is going to have to do this anyway once we finalise this release and send it to the masses so this isn’t a special step for the alpha alone ergo the choice is really whether you want to do it now or do it later (or never update NMM again).

    We’re hoping that this profiling system is pretty intuitive for the average user of NMM and that isn’t not going to need too much explaining. We’ll assess user feedback on this matter and work on documentation if necessary.

    But without further ado and with ample amounts of warnings and gratitude the direct download for this alpha build can be found here.
  • 21 October 2013

    Another update on the sites and NMM

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I last gave an update on the current situation back in September. 5 weeks on I thought I’d let you know what’s happened and where we are.

    On the site front we think we’ve finally resolved our database cluster and it’s now working smoothly. Any errors you might see or have seen on the site over the past few days will not be related to our database cluster any longer. As it happens it turns out troubleshooting the problems with the site is a bit like pulling up the carpet to sort out some dampness only to find the floorboards need replacing, only to find your electronics underneath the floorboards need replacing, only to find your house has termites, only to get my point. The good news is that the next step of our infrastructure work is now ready to be moved in to as our Cloud system is now operational. We just need to move the sites over and tweak a few lines of code.

    In the not too distant future we’ll also be releasing our new Nexus Mods site that I’ve been going on for yonks now that will support mods for any and all games. It would be prudent to wait until this work is ready before transitioning everything over to the new Cloud setup. However we’re aware that things can get pretty bad at times on the sites (namely Skyrim Nexus) so we’ll be using Skyrim Nexus as our guinea pig. If the cloud setup can handle Skyrim Nexus comfortably then it’s going to be able to handle all the other games being on it as well. We’re already busy transferring the files over to the Cloud and at some point this week we’ll be doing a full switch from our current dedicated server setup to the Cloud setup. You’ll see the usual maintenance page during this work. From there we can tweak our Cloud setup and go on from there. Once ready we’ll move all the sites over. It might mean in the short-term things are a bit turbulent on Skyrim Nexus but it’ll be some short term pain for some long term gain. We’re hoping that a database cluster with 80 CPU cores and 480GB of RAM plus a 48 CPU cores, 192GB RAM cloud environment equals a fully functional and fast site 24/7.

    On the NMM front I know I mentioned that an alpha for 0.50, with mod profiling, was “just around the corner”. However after writing that article a few important changes needed to be made. A few people have gone a bit bat-shit crazy at the fact we haven’t released the alpha yet after saying it was near. To you guys I shall simply say; calm the hell down. I’m sure you’d have been raging a lot more if we’d given you an update to NMM that had broken all your mods so have a little faith that any delay has occurred in your best interests. And don’t be stupid. Please. We’ll get it out to you as soon as we’re happy with the results.
  • 12 September 2013

    OpenMW v0.26.0 released!

    posted by OpenMW Game News
    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.26.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This is the most violent release of OpenMW to date, with the implementation of Melee combat, Lyncanthropy, and Drowning. See below for the full changelog.

    Known Issues:
    • Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
    • Polish version of Morrowind.esm makes OpenMW crash

    Do not miss the release video by the mighty WeirdSexy.

    • Implemented Melee Combat
    • Implemented Lycanthropy
    • Implemented auto-initialization of AI Packages
    • Implemented Drowning
    • Implemented Data File installation in the Launcher (Mac and Linux only)
    • Implemented mouse wheel transitions between first/third person
    • Improvements to UI window sizing and input
    • Improvements to sliders in the enchanting window
    • Fixed already-dead NPCs not equipping clothing/items
    • Fixed missing terrain in Tamriel Rebuilt, South of Tel Oren
    • Fixed health calculation of NPCs, fixing Heart of Lorkhan acting like a dead body
    • Fixed strange behavior when leaving water
    • Fixed terrain rendering to more accurately emulate vanilla Morrowind
    • Fixed no clip players causing NPCs to leviate
    • Fixed door open/close sound not cutting itself
    • Fixed no clip player preventing doors from opening
    • Fixed keypress during startup freezing the game
    • Fixed combat magic stances being available prematurely during character creation
    • Fixed naked Dark Brotherhood assassins
    • Fixed Rest dialog showing "Until Healed" option when player has full stats
    • Fixed invisible equipped torches
    • Fixed sheath weapon sound playing when leaving magic stance
    • Fixed some boots not producing footstep sounds
    • Fixed FPS bar alignment
    • Fixed printscreen not working
    • Fixed being able to jump while sneaking
    • Fixed blank movie variables in Morrowind.ini crashing the game
    • Fixed dancing girls in "Suran, Desele's House of Earthly Delights" so they dance
    • Fixed repeating idle animations
    • Fixed sticking to certain surfaces, improves movement when swimming close to collidable objects
    • Fixed animation problem while swimming at the surface of water and looking up
    • Fixed capitalization of names in inventory
    • Fixed an issue with the spell effect area layout not updating properly
    • Fixed a Tamriel Rebuilt crash on load
    • Fixed rain sound persisting into new games
    • Various compilation fixes
  • 04 September 2013

    Premium Membership prices increasing from October

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Don’t you hate it when you pay for something and then the next day it goes on sale? Don’t you equally hate it when you’re thinking about buying something but continue to put it off and then the price goes up? That’s why I’m here to give you a friendly heads-up that from October we’re going to be raising our Premium Membership prices in-line with, drum-roll please, inflation. Fact is money isn’t worth as much as it used to be (does that make sense?) and money is exactly what we need right now.

    We launched our Premium Membership back in 2006 and since then it’s become an extremely important stream of revenue for the Nexus. Without it this network simply wouldn’t exist. We’ve spent over £120,000 ($187,000) in the past few months on trying to sort out the stability of the network for the future. We’re still not done and we’ll continue to invest in the infrastructure until we’ve got it right. It’s been an expensive year as we’re currently running (and paying for) our new system in parallel with our old one until the new one is ready, which means we’re essentially paying double right now. If you ever wondered what your Premium Membership goes towards, that’s what it goes towards. And the 4 dedicated programmers working on the site. And the 37 servers we have running the network (that number goes up every time I write about this sort of stuff!). And the 3 GBits of bandwidth we use every second. And so on.

    From the start of October our prices for Premium Membership will be rising as follows:

    • Life time of Supporter membership (not the same as Premium). Originally £1. Now £1.29.
    • 1 month of Premium Membership. Originally £2.49. Now £2.99.
    • 3 months of Premium Membership. Originally £6.99. Now £8.49.
    • 6 months of Premium Membership. Originally £11.99. Now £14.49.
    • 12 months of Premium Membership. Originally £19.99. Now £24.49.
    • Life time of Premium Membership. Originally £39.99. Now £49.99.

    Remember Premium Membership at any level gives you an ad free experience on any and all Nexus sites, current or future (yet to be made sites), for life irrespective of whether you buy 1 month or a lifetime. You also get unrestricted download speeds on all the servers and multi-threading enabled file downloads to a maximum of 4 threads per file. For a full list of benefits you can take a look at our Premium Membership info page.
  • 07 August 2013

    Shadowrun Returns and Chivalry Medieval Warfare now supported on the Nexus

    posted by Dark0ne
    With the worst of the fallout from the recent site changes now behind us and things improving in the long run we’re back to working on improving the site functionality and expanding the network. While I’m trying to hold back on releasing new Nexus sites until our centralisation is done when I’ll never have to worry about launching a Nexus site in the same conventional way again, I’ve delayed the launch of these sites for quite some time so I can no longer wait.

    Towards the beginning of July I was contacted by the folks over at Torn Banner Studios to see if I might be willing to provide a centralised location to host mods for Chivalry Medieval Warfare which is always an honour. I’ve obviously delayed the release of the site until I’m confident that things are stable again since our server moves and now that they are I’m happy to announce the release of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Nexus.

    Torn Banner released their SDK for the game not too long ago which has opened up the potential for lots of new custom content and maps. Lots of stuff is already released and being worked on via their forums. The previous month I’d bought Chivalry and had a good playthrough of it so I was more than interested in helping out. For those who don’t know Chivalry Medieval Warfare is a popular first-person multiplayer game that pits two teams of knights, archers, men-at-arms and vanguards against each other in various map locations with various different objectives to complete. The teams are red and blue, hence the red and blue colour scheme to the site! If you like your combat up close and personal with swords and polearms then Chivalry will be for you.

    There’s already several maps available to download for the game and I hope to see a lot more in the coming months.

    Not wanting to stop there I’ve received an unprecedented number of requests to release a site to help support the Shadowrun Returns community. Shadowrun Returns was one of the first high-profile video game success stories to come from Kickstarter when it received over 400% of the funding that was initially requested and the game was launched towards the end of July to much fanfare.

    While I’ve yet to play the game I’m very much aware that it’s a game that is going to rely on and thrive upon custom content and indeed most of the game has been built to revolve around the custom content that the user base is working on. It launched with a fully functioning editor that most people have commented is very easy to use along with Steam Workshop support. Initially I wasn’t too bothered in releasing a Nexus site for the game considering the direct integration with Steam Workshop right from the start but unfortunately the integration has had a number of teething issues that are yet to be resolved making things tough for some mod authors. So why not release a Nexus site to help spread the teething issue load? We can teeth together.

    Shadowrun Returns Nexus is now up, launched and already being populated with work from the community.
  • 02 August 2013

    OpenMW v0.25.0

    posted by OpenMW Game News
    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.25.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. With the implementation of SoundGen records and the Wander AI Package, this release introduces stomping NPCs. Note that AI Wander must still be called from the console. SoundGen implementation also means that Creatures make noises. Prepare for squealing scrib nostalgia. SDL2 has also been implemented, which stomps out a lot of mouse focus and other UI bugs. Check over the changelog for the rest of the changes in this release.

    Known Issues:
    • Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
    • Polish version of Morrowind.esm makes OpenMW crash
    • Pressing 'j' key during startup freezes the game

    Check out the release video by the spectacular WeirdSexy.

    • Implemented SoundGen for NPCs and creatures
    • Implemented AI Package: Wander
    • Implemented 64-bit compatibility for OS X
    • Implemented Hardware mouse cursors
    • Implemented first person animations
    • Implemented mouse wheel zoom in third person mode
    • Implemented Autorepeat for slider buttons
    • Launcher will not start OpenMW when no esm/esp files are selected
    • Fixed launcher crash on OS X < 10.8
    • Fixed a performance drop in the Census and Excise Office
    • Fixed SSCR records not starting correctly
    • Fixed handling script names with hyphen characters
    • Fixed handling the repeat parameter for AIWander
    • Fixed enchanting window to include weapons
    • Fixed character being able to move while over-encumbered
    • Fixed dead keys
    • Fixed mouse not being confined to window when the game is un-tabbed, and other mouse focus issues
    • Fixed ini Importer aborting when there is no existing cfg file
    • Fixed Dead NPC and Creature collision boxes
    • Fixed incorrect sorting of answers in dialogue
    • Fixed ini Importrt core dump when given an unknown parameter
    • Fixed getting stuck in some doors
    • Fix for journal/book rendering
    • Fix for draw weapon sound playing when weapon is readied and cell border is crossed

    see also:
    Official Youtube Channel
    For New Developers
    OpenMW Homepage
    Chat @freenode