• 4 September 2013 18:18:57

    Premium Membership prices increasing from October

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Don’t you hate it when you pay for something and then the next day it goes on sale? Don’t you equally hate it when you’re thinking about buying something but continue to put it off and then the price goes up? That’s why I’m here to give you a friendly heads-up that from October we’re going to be raising our Premium Membership prices in-line with, drum-roll please, inflation. Fact is money isn’t worth as much as it used to be (does that make sense?) and money is exactly what we need right now.

    We launched our Premium Membership back in 2006 and since then it’s become an extremely important stream of revenue for the Nexus. Without it this network simply wouldn’t exist. We’ve spent over £120,000 ($187,000) in the past few months on trying to sort out the stability of the network for the future. We’re still not done and we’ll continue to invest in the infrastructure until we’ve got it right. It’s been an expensive year as we’re currently running (and paying for) our new system in parallel with our old one until the new one is ready, which means we’re essentially paying double right now. If you ever wondered what your Premium Membership goes towards, that’s what it goes towards. And the 4 dedicated programmers working on the site. And the 37 servers we have running the network (that number goes up every time I write about this sort of stuff!). And the 3 GBits of bandwidth we use every second. And so on.

    From the start of October our prices for Premium Membership will be rising as follows:

    • Life time of Supporter membership (not the same as Premium). Originally £1. Now £1.29.
    • 1 month of Premium Membership. Originally £2.49. Now £2.99.
    • 3 months of Premium Membership. Originally £6.99. Now £8.49.
    • 6 months of Premium Membership. Originally £11.99. Now £14.49.
    • 12 months of Premium Membership. Originally £19.99. Now £24.49.
    • Life time of Premium Membership. Originally £39.99. Now £49.99.

    Remember Premium Membership at any level gives you an ad free experience on any and all Nexus sites, current or future (yet to be made sites), for life irrespective of whether you buy 1 month or a lifetime. You also get unrestricted download speeds on all the servers and multi-threading enabled file downloads to a maximum of 4 threads per file. For a full list of benefits you can take a look at our Premium Membership info page.

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