• 25 August 2011 18:43:49

    Day 2 - Nexus redesign

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    So here we are, almost at the end of day 2 since the Nexus site redesign launch. I've been spending most of my time on bug fixes and tweaks based on the feedback you've all been giving me. Thank you for, in the most part, remaining calm and constructive during this period.

    I'm just going to go through a few of the major and minor things that keep coming up in the feedback and run you through of the changes already made, and a few upcoming changes.

    First of all my apologies to the IE8 users who experienced issues with the sites, especially with comments missing. I've been using a piece of software called "IETester" to test the functionality on IE8 as you cannot have IE8 and IE9 installed on your system at the same time. The sites worked fine in IETester during the testing stage but I was able to troubleshoot the issue on an old laptop and things should now be better for you. Once again a good reason to actually pay attention to the site news and help during open beta test stages rather than just ignore it.

    Next the fixed width isn't going to change no matter what is said. However, a few people have brought up some nice ideas in the mod authors forums for some pages to be rearranged so they can use the full width of the central content area by pushing the content on the right in to the centre. It's something I'm going to explore tomorrow.

    There seem to be sporadic reports of people not being able to download files because the modal pop-up box isn't showing for them. I don't know if this is IE8 specific but I cannot reproduce this. However, I'm hoping to update the download links slightly so you can middle-click (to open a new tab) a link and it'll just open a completely new page. I know some people like to "queue up" their downloads like this and the current system is preventing them from doing it. So hopefully a "kill two birds with one stone" tweak, that one.

    Some of you will have noticed the file tracking centre has been changed. This is a temporary stop-gap until we move over to Axel's code that's going to be much better than this, and similar to before, but better. It was a "time allows" thing...I didn't have the time to port it over and knowing Axel would be updating it anyway made my decision easier. Just hang in there on that one.

    There are a few features missing that were in the original site but aren't currently in this new design; seeing who has endorsed your files/images and premium notifications spring to mind. These will be coming back in the coming days or weeks. Negative endorsements are gone, as per the blogs and discussions that were had with mod authors up to the launch.

    I've just put up the first "skins" for the space either side of the content area. These are skins made by me and spruce things up a little. At least now you can't complain you don't know what games each Nexus site supports. The plan here is to allow members to upload their skins for approval in to a "skin pool". You'll then be able to choose from a long list of skins for the site you're using through your preferences, or choose to have no skin at all. Similarly mod authors will be able to make their own skins for their mod pages or choose a skin from the pool that others will see for their mod pages.

    A few minor tweaks and fixes have been added; thumbnail images will no longer stretch to fit a specific size in most areas of the site now, the "File temporarily available" issue has been fixed on newly uploaded files, comment threads will now be properly created when adding new files and small downloads will now work through the modal pop-up like the large file downloads rather than redirect you to a totally different page.

    As mentioned in my last announcement this is just the beginning of many, many improvements to come. The foundation. Some people are acting like I've turned the light off and walked away for some reason. If you keep the constructive feedback coming I'll continue to improve things where I can. You'll get some things, you won't get others, but if you're going to throw all your toys out the pram because you're not getting it all your own way pleeeeease can you do it away from me? Thaaaaanks!

    Finally a quick note on your bug reports: I'm sorry if you're experiencing bugs but for the love of all that is holy will you please tell me what browser you are using when you report a bug? I can't help you without this very simple piece of information!

    I'll continue to update the news with more information as we go along.

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