• 23 August 2011 16:52:49

    New redesign implemented

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    If you're reading this then you're looking at the new Nexus site design. If this is a surprise to you then sorry! I've been keeping people informed through the site news and blog posts over the past few months so try and check in every now and again and see what new stuff is getting added to the sites.

    This new design is the combination of many months of hard work between myself and a professional web designer trying to get things, to start with, how I wanted it and then following some constructive feedback from the community, tweaked more towards how you want it.

    Before you huff, and you puff, and you blow my house down please know that this is just the start: a starting place from which myself and others can work from. A necessary first step. Over the course of the coming days, weeks, months (and dare I say it, years) the design is going to be tweaked, fixed, updated, expanded and improved so this isn't the end, it's just the start.

    You see, the sites are growing. A new format for the sites was needed so that someone much better than myself at coding could come in and provide you with some great new features and services. When I first launched TESNexus my scope and vision only extended so far, now, the old design has been presenting a major stumbling block to my current and future plans. Think of it as building extensions on a house; there's only so many extensions you can put on to a house and only so far the original foundations run before you become strapped for room to expand and improve. Once you run in to this snag it's much simpler to start from scratch and rebuild things bigger, better and stronger for the future.

    There's lots of work still to go and I've no doubt that some of you are running in to a few issues which I'd really like to hear about (so I can fix them!), so get in contact if you're experiencing problems. I've tried my hardest to make the new design compatible with all the major browsers out there. A note on this: IE7 is not supported (please update your 5 year old web browser!) and the sites will not display correctly in IE9 compatibility mode (as it shows sites how IE7 would display them). If you have IE9 and the site isn't looking right for you then turn off compatibility mode for the Nexus sites.

    Some bugs from the old design have been fixed and a few small features added in this version of the redesign. Here's the changelog:

    • Members with editing access to files now get borders on their comments like the file uploader
    • You can now rep a post if you've neg-repped it, or neg-rep a post if you've repped it (originally once you'd given reputation you couldn't change your mind)
    • The time limit for having your images displayed in the "Hot files" on the site index has been reduced from 21 days to 7 days (except on The Witcher Nexus, which has a limit of 28 days) to provide a greater variety and change to the files from day-to-day
    • Changed the timer for rating files from 3 hours to 1 hour and changed it so it checks the time against your first download, not your last download of the file
    • Negative endorsements have been removed
    • A link to the change log for files will only show if the author has provided a change log
    • The video that plays for normal members before downloading a file will now only show once every 4 hours

    I understand if you're not a massive fan of the new design. The Nexus sites kept their design for 4 years and change is never easy. But give it some time, and look forward to the future. Because I am, and with good reason. Happy 10th Birthday, Nexus. Just be glad I didn't give you a hat...

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