• 18 August 2011 12:08:35

    Nexus redesign finalised, launching next week

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A few weeks back I posted a heads-up regarding my plans to launch a redesigned look to the Nexus Sites by the end of August. The feedback to the redesign was mostly good and some of the constructive criticism provided has either already been incorporated in to the final design or has been noted, perhaps for addition later on down the line.

    Listed below are test examples for each of the Nexus Sites. These are very close to final now and I'm not going to be making any major changes before the change over.

    Dragon Age Nexus
    Fallout 3 Nexus
    New Vegas Nexus
    Witcher Nexus

    A few things:
    • Some thumbnail images will be broken in the test sites, they won't be broken after release.
    • You might get a cookie error page if you're logged in to a Nexus site and trying to look at the test site for that Nexus site. To fix this just log out of the Nexus site you're using.
    • Don't try to upload any images for your files through the test sites.
    • These sites are not IE7 compatible; we dabbled with the idea but making them IE7 was too much work for the 1.5% of people who still use IE7 and visit this site. It would have also limited some of the things we've done in the design. Seriously, consider upgrading your 5 year old browser!!

    I will be doing the change-over early next week and there will be some short down-time while I get the designs rolled out. Hopefully no longer than an hour or so for each site. Having said that I'm still taking on feedback, especially bug-reports (please remember to tell me what browser and version you're using!) so feel free to leave any comments.

    After the release Axel is very close to finalising his rework of all the code for the sites. This is very, very exciting news because he's a genius and he's already made lots of awesome stuff, and there's lots more to come. Mod authors, you're going to love him. I'll post up more information about this via my blog posts and in the news closer to the time.

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