• Legato's Akaviri Resource Pack for Morrowind

    Huge pack of Asian models made by Legato. Includes buildings, plants, armor and weapons, clothing, lanterns, bridges, furniture, and more.Included in this upload is a folder with screenshots I took of almost everything in the pack for easy reference. You can modify the models and also retexture them. It's also OK to modify the m

    uploaded 0:34, 30 Jun 2005 366 12 30,643kb

  • Mournhold Texture Replacer for Morrowind

    *****Mournhold Texture Replacer****** by Sorcha Ravenlock1. What is this?2. Installation3. Credits and Usage~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. What is this? This is a texture replacer for the Mournhold Palace and Temple Text

    uploaded 21:29, 28 Jun 2005 705 29 1,701kb

  • Nomad Female Heads and Hair Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    "There is a serious ugly factor with the models that came with Morrowind, hopefully you will agree that mine have at least made the females a little more pleasant to look at. The hair models are part of the download, since I've adjusted them to fit specifically with my models. " - NomadThese models have been available at Morrowind Creat

    uploaded 19:34, 28 Jun 2005 1,650 60 9,058kb

  • Nomad Male Heads and Hair Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    "The coloration of the heads matches best with the Breton bodies, though you can use them with any race you wish. Hair models shown are included in the download. Other hair models in the game or from Rhedd's downloads might not fit my models heads very well, that's why I'm including the hair models in the download." - NomadThese model

    uploaded 19:24, 28 Jun 2005 1,257 39 5,881kb

  • Nomad Plants and Trees Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    Tree, Bush and Grass Models by Nomad"These are most of the plants I've created to date. I didn't add the pine tree I've created because I think the one's that came withBloodmoon look better than mine. I've added 2 tree's that give a little different look than the one's that came with the game." - NomadThese models have

    uploaded 19:14, 28 Jun 2005 319 15 1,216kb

  • Nomad Bathtub and Outhouse Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    Bathtub and Outhouse models by NomadNote by redwoodtreesprite:These models have been available at Morrowind Creations for a long time. But the downloads there have disappeared, and Nomad's email address no longer works. I did some checking, and found out from Astarsis that it should be Ok to make these packs.As Nomad is no long

    uploaded 19:07, 28 Jun 2005 203 12 907kb

  • Archer Tapestries for Morrowind

    Only texture files included. Add them to any mesh and place them in the CS.

    uploaded 2:14, 27 Jun 2005 101 4 442kb

  • Sakura Trees for Morrowind

    A variety of Sakura / Cherry Blossom tree meshes and retextures by legato, Brillo, Sniper Daria, and my Sakura retextures of LadyE's huge trees with falling leaves. Now her two trees have Sakura blossoms and falling Sakura petals. Extra special thanks to Cenobite for fixing my blossoms texture with alpha channels so it would work well on LadyE'

    uploaded 7:40, 26 Jun 2005 319 13 6,257kb

  • SR_Blue&Marble Castle Texture Replacer for Morrowind

    his is a texture replacer for the Imperial Castle Textures, and the dragon statue (ONLY the dragon, the base textures and metal textures have not been modified or included).Korana has made a wonderful texture Replacer based on the ideas of pre-school children. The result was bright and colourfull, a true fairy tale castle.After a while

    uploaded 18:47, 25 Jun 2005 249 9 1,614kb

  • Dragon Relief Retextures for Morrowind

    39 retextured variations of a Dragon Sculptural Relief texture from Marlin Studios.All ready-to-use textures are in dds form. Also included is the trimmed and proportion-tweaked version of the texture for retexturing purposes only. It is in bmp form.Only the textures are included. They work well for floor tiles, round doors and s

    uploaded 6:20, 25 Jun 2005 138 3 3,535kb

  • Sitting Seiza Model Resource for Morrowind

    3 seiza sitting models from Legato's Akaviri mod pack. They are a modder resource for you to work with.I have Legato's permission to repackage parts of his mod resources into specialized modder packs.

    uploaded 22:37, 22 Jun 2005 50 2 216kb

  • Thann Resource Pack for Morrowind

    17 meshes, mainly buildings, by Thann. There are 3 very unique organic buildings. And a tower and 2 house set of matching buildings with interiors, and a wall, pole, and door mesh for them. Also a table, bench, pillar and special non-animated drunk mesh. If anyone is inspired to animate the drunk, it would be very, very welcome. Thann is reach

    uploaded 21:40, 21 Jun 2005 217 10 0kb