• The Phurba Dagger for Morrowind

    The Phurba DaggerCreated by: Redguard_SlayerBackground***************************The Phurba is a ceremonial three edged dagger used for centuries by the monks of Tibet in Buddhist rituals. It is said to be embodied with the power of the great Tibetan spirits. The two faces adorning the handle represent the good and the e

    uploaded 21:01, 12 Jun 2005 137 3 319kb

  • Throwing for Morrowind

    Adds an NPC who sells throwing spells to the Balmora mages guild.Spells ar mostly balanced.BUt those what are powerfull are also expensive. (Kill someone for 2500 gold)You also have to be journyman of the mages guild. This should not be a problem since you can be advancedto journeyman without doing any duties.

    uploaded 13:23, 12 Jun 2005 112 3 18kb

  • New fire damage effect for Morrowind

    This mod replaces (only) the fire damage hit effect. So it looks better. NOTE: The effect may cause framerate slowdown on older video cardsCleaned with TESAME

    uploaded 13:18, 12 Jun 2005 598 9 57kb

  • Bamboo Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    A variety of bamboo trees, plants and shoots for your mods. There are 3 new models by Legato and 3 new models by ra5946. Also there are modified meshes of the marshmarrow nifs done by Regan. I have retextured the leafless marshmarrow nif using Ayse's bamboo bark texture and my "dry" retexture of it, and also retextured several tree meshes usin

    uploaded 2:11, 12 Jun 2005 226 3 4,890kb

  • Suran Extended 1.2 for Morrowind

    Everybody needs a holiday. Fortunately, Suran - the Jewel of the Ascadian - is ideal for the tired hero in search of a relaxing break.The features of this exquisite holiday location include:- A luxury hotel with three bedrooms (balcony views and canopy beds!) and two enormous suites. You may rent a room, suite, villa, or everything!

    uploaded 22:01, 11 Jun 2005 830 38 45,536kb

  • Dwemer Bow and Helmet for Morrowind

    Dwemer Bow And Helmet by CethegusA Plugin for TES3 Morrowind***InformationThis plugin adds two Dwemer items to the game: An open Helmet and a longbow. I got the idea for the helmet after playing Jeremy's Divine Domina plugin, which included a very nice variation of the Dwemer Armor. But unfortunately the original helmet

    uploaded 13:27, 11 Jun 2005 189 9 443kb

  • Bonzai Trees Modder Pack for Morrowind

    Sakura/Cherry Blossom Retextures of Mantodea's Bonsai Tree meshes, and the 2 original trees in his pack. There are two basic meshes, one with a round pot and one with a rectangular pot. For each of these meshes, there are 5 different retextures. I have made alpha-channeled icons for all of the trees, and entered them in an esp as misc it

    uploaded 5:42, 11 Jun 2005 191 7 882kb

  • Sword of Kings for Morrowind

    Sword of KingsCreated by: Redguard_SlayerInfo*****************************This was a request made on the ES forums by rojak.This mod adds the Sword of Kings to Morrowind, it can be found in Ebonheart, Grand Council Chambers.Adds*****************************New Mesh, texture, and icon.<

    uploaded 5:15, 8 Jun 2005 155 3 46kb

  • Thann's Imperial Buildings for Morrowind

    22 building meshes by Thann in the Imperial style.Includes castle meshes, houses, barn, tomb, mine entrance and a wooden bridge.Uploaded with Thann's permission.

    uploaded 13:04, 6 Jun 2005 229 12 1,638kb

  • gerald_weapons_armor.esp for Morrowind

    -=-=-=gerald_weapons_armor V1.0=-=-=-This mod add new meshes and new weapons and armor to the Elder Scroll III Morrowinds game.The new weapons and armor are called Light armor and light weapons. The weapons and armor are very light.The weapons and Armor can be bought in most shops that sell weapons and armor.They do

    uploaded 12:49, 5 Jun 2005 109 5 3,126kb

  • The Broken Drum 1.01 for Morrowind

    This plugin adds a new tavern near Ebonheart, including new characters, objects, dialogue, live music and new mini-quests. You will have the opportunity to buy thetavern know as the Broken Drum! As owner you will have certain new options. The whole mod is inspired by Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" books, so if you're familiarwith the

    uploaded 21:34, 4 Jun 2005 737 36 19,039kb

  • Nimrod's Shopsigns 1.0 for Morrowind

    This is a modder's resource for Morrowind adding 40 shopsigns. Only the meshes and textures are included in this pack, so you will have to add the shopsigns yourself in the editor.

    uploaded 21:17, 4 Jun 2005 150 7 1,185kb