• Clanfear Playable Race for Morrowind

    Adds a new playable race made from the clanfear creature mesh and textures using an argoinan body.

    str 40
    int 20
    wil 40
    agi 50
    spd 40
    end 50
    per 40
    luc 30

    sneak 10
    athletics 10
    hand2hand 10
    acrobatics 5
    unarmored 5
    conjuration 5

    uploaded 17:42, 2 Feb 2007 984 22 249kb Wildman

  • Rethan Manor Upgrade for Morrowind

    This Plugin for MW is just a first try so it might got some probs (sry) ^^ but hope you got none and have fun

    this adds a room for storage in Rethan Manor
    + A Merchant/Trainer/Teleporter/...all in one
    (yes it is a little unfair, hehe)

    uploaded 14:42, 1 Feb 2007 454 1 10kb Atinuviel

  • The Alchemists Grotto for Morrowind

    This mod adds an alchemy shop past the Balmora silt strider. The merchant, Eldera, has nearly every potion, apparatus, and ingredient, plus 15000 gold to barter with. Beware, there's three guards, and Eldera is level 25, so stealing isn't such a good idea.

    uploaded 12:41, 31 Jan 2007 402 11 65kb DagothNerevar

  • Riverside Home for Morrowind

    A new home has been placed in Seyda Neen. It's between the two big mushrooms. This is my first mod released to the public. Feel free to use this in any mods you are making or want to make.

    uploaded 10:42, 30 Jan 2007 72 3 50kb DagothNerevar

  • BigTs House for Morrowind

    This is my first mod, so don't judge to hard. Basic house, storage in basement, bedroom upstairs. you can find the door in the basement of balmora fighter's guild in the room with all the beds. Have to select all three files in-order to play this.

    The door location sucks, and the name of the door is 'test', sorry.

    uploaded 1:14, 29 Jan 2007 40 1 6kb BigT17

  • Dark Brotherhood Assassin Animation Replacer for Morrowind


    Animation Replacement Beta
    by Oshiel

    This will overwrite or conflict with any mod that alters the db_assassin NPC's.

    ESP files are included for compatibility with normal game, Assassin's Armory, and all of

    uploaded 21:49, 24 Jan 2007 328 10 4kb Wildman

  • Rangers Splash Pack for Morrowind

    A collection of splash screens for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The file contains 9 splash screens which fit in with the original ones provided by Bethesda.

    uploaded 21:02, 24 Jan 2007 186 13 17,955kb DrugMunky

  • The Longbow of the Elements for Morrowind

    Traverse the Planes and uncover an ancient druidic cult to find their artifacts, including the Longbow of the Elements: an upgradeable bow with several types of unlimited ammunition. The arrows that it produces and fires, you guessed it, do elemental damage. You can "align" the bow to a specific element and it will then produce that type of a

    uploaded 7:45, 23 Jan 2007 574 34 251kb The Munchkin Lord

  • Genetic for Morrowind


    The Elder Scrolls III
    MORROWIND plugin


    by MrE_Man


    1. About this mod
    2. Installation
    3. Playing the Plugin

    uploaded 3:35, 23 Jan 2007 109 3 5kb Kindergardenkid

  • Holy White Glass Armor for Morrowind

    A nifty retexture & reshaping of the glass armor set into a more snazzlier set of armor!

    uploaded 1:36, 21 Jan 2007 841 22 819kb GearsOfFate

  • rolf long teeth fix for Morrowind

    this is an simple mod that makes rolf long teeth appear at lake fjalding. i did make this mod because he would not appear.
    sorry for any mispellings in the desription

    uploaded 11:07, 20 Jan 2007 55 3 1kb vegetalss4

  • money for Morrowind

    all this mod does is give you a little more money in the box on the shelf, that you can pick right at the beginning. it changes the amount from 31 to 100.

    since its just a plugin - file just copy it into your "data files" file.

    As said nothing special. ^^

    uploaded 16:00, 18 Jan 2007 222 9 1kb Graydragon