• Pause Penalty for Morrowind

    -- Add a penalty to the player if you go in your inventory screen while you're
    in combat.
    -- The PC will be paralyzed for as much second as you've been in the inventory
    screen, with a maximum penalty of 30 seconds.

    uploaded 22:08, 21 May 2007 62 1 6kb bjam

  • OneHanded Spears for Morrowind

    Adds One-Handed Spears to the game, check Readme for details.

    uploaded 2:46, 21 May 2007 765 34 8kb Bloodrez

  • newbies kit for Morrowind

    A little kit to help newbies. it shouldnt unbalance game cuz it contains only iron broadsword chittin shield and 25 gold.

    uploaded 14:00, 20 May 2007 344 0 2kb Nooneknowsmyname

  • Hunt Osama Mod for Morrowind

    There are rumours that Osama Bin Laden is hiding near Morrowind. Very Dangerous Situation.
    You are the only hero who can fight him!
    Attention! He is armed with AK-47 gun.
    Talk to Caius Cosades about "latest rumours" to start playing. Read the Readme for more instructions. (You must have Caius Cosades in
    your game to play the mod)


    uploaded 20:13, 19 May 2007 248 13 1,482kb omer135

  • M_Aiq the Liar Quest for Morrowind

    A TES III: Morrowind Quest

    TITLE: M'Aiq the Liar Quest
    AUTHOR: W4rbird

    FILESIZE: 1,16 MB (zipped)
    DATE RELEASED: 18th May 2007

    -> Bethesda Softworks - creators of TES3:

    uploaded 15:51, 19 May 2007 250 10 1,193kb Warbird1

  • All three Great Houses for Morrowind

    This plugin simply gives the capabilities of joining all three Great Houses (Redoran, Telvanni and Hlaalu).
    It aswell should fix any bugs the capabilities causes. Though I am not very aware of what bugs there are, so please, report bugs in comments or however you please.

    uploaded 11:09, 17 May 2007 2,032 115 3kb Zurk

  • PJM Sheathing Weapons for Companions for Morrowind

    Adds new scripts to a number of Phijama's lovely sheathing weapons. Player sheathing scripts are revised and companion scripts added for any companion with companion share enabled, and Vorwoda's Hippolyta and Decius and any other companion using the same script.

    Weapons done are: Dragonis (2 handed sword), Ebony Bow & Sword, Ivory Bow & Sw

    uploaded 16:52, 10 May 2007 760 12 9,750kb melian

  • Cliffracers removed for Morrowind

    Removes all the filthy cliffracers !

    uploaded 19:41, 5 May 2007 2,845 132 0kb kingevil

  • Void Sickle Resource for Morrowind

    Adds a new longblade and an off-hand version to the trader Artanis Eston in Mournhold.
    -Requires Void Gear 2.1 to work properly

    uploaded 10:55, 4 May 2007 357 12 534kb Kieve

  • FightersArmorMod for Morrowind

    Adds all the cool armors added by Morrowind Comes Alive 5.2 to a merchant in the Balmora Fighters Guild Quarters (the bedroom).

    uploaded 3:10, 26 Apr 2007 328 15 2kb Bloodrez

  • Winged Twiligth playable for Morrowind

    Winged Twilight as playable race in two versions - beast and civilised.

    uploaded 13:36, 23 Apr 2007 2,474 72 2,257kb Semtex

  • REP for Morrowind

    RazorJack's Enhancement Pack for Morrowind
    Version 1.0.0

    I compiled about 35 graphic mods for Morrowind that i found on the web and some that i made myself into one easy to use package. It contains head and body replacements and new models and textures for weapons, armor, clothing and misc items. This is intended for people thet just want

    uploaded 12:19, 18 Apr 2007 1,445 17 48,828kb RazorJackster