• Lingarn's Interior Landscape Meshpack for Morrowind

    Exterior landscape type meshes for use creating faux exteriors in interior cells (ala mournhold) - note: this is the same 14mb pack you will see on other sites, there are many identical files and compressing the archive as a 'solid archive' yeilds astronomically better compression - hence the 300k file. I didn't believe it either, but al

    uploaded 8:06, 6 May 2005 165 9 10,875kb

  • Vivec Sign Posts for Morrowind

    This plug-in was designed to help navigate the almost identical cantons of Vivec. Now there are signposts to every canton at every bridge between the cantons. The signpost where placed in a way that should not interfere with other plug-ins or movement.

    uploaded 2:24, 5 May 2005 573 37 74kb

  • MugFix for Morrowind

    This plug-in was designed to fix the bug that was applied by a patch. You will now be able to mug NPCs.

    uploaded 2:21, 5 May 2005 96 3 30kb

  • JEB_four_strong.7z for Morrowind

    Braddock aka Mantodea's Four Strong Armor mod - adds 4 new armors based on the same mesh. More A+ work.

    uploaded 1:41, 5 May 2005 465 16 3,320kb

  • All Boat Ports Plugin for Morrowind

    This plug-in was designed to make it so you can get from any ship port to any other ship port that came with Morrowind. I was tired of having to go from one ship port to another instead of being able to go straight to my destination, now I can.

    uploaded 0:00, 5 May 2005 1,708 77 3kb

  • J_ninja.7z for Morrowind

    Braddock aka Mantodea's Ninja outfit mod, adds 3 new light armors - A+ work!

    uploaded 23:08, 4 May 2005 743 22 2,131kb

  • The leather breton V3-Addon 1-2-3 for Morrowind

    addon 3 needs The leather breton V3 adds PANTS-SHORTS THINGS- down stores in the suran shop also adds a 'Monkey tedybear' that is scripted.

    uploaded 8:17, 3 May 2005 635 7 1,043kb

  • The leather breton V3 for Morrowind

    Version 3. shop at Suran Docks. The house has been rearanged so I can add the extra ADDONS.It has 5 sets of Clothes for sale; 12 wigs(3 asian, 3 alternate pony tail) ; 6 masks. There will be addons for extra clothes, boots, wigs ect..

    uploaded 8:00, 3 May 2005 2,916 15 1,237kb

  • Intelligent Pack Guar for Morrowind

    Intelligent Pack Guar.
    v1.1 By Charles Nadolski, 2004/6/23.
    aka PierreBeauregard on mwsource forums.

    This is my first attempt at modding for morrowind, and so to get some experience I decided to make a guar mod from scratch. For this mod, I wanted to balance realism with playability.

    Version 1.0 features:
    Unobtrusive merchant: Aryne Th

    uploaded 22:54, 22 Jun 2004 219 5 7kb

  • Mzudarhk Manor v 1.1 for Morrowind

    Welcome to Mzudarhk Manor. A Dwarven Manor just north of Balmora. A place to call home. If you are looking for a Dwarven style home this one's for you. It contains many nice features such as: an observatory/library/alchemy lab, a weapons training room with working practice dummies, display mannequins and many heavy containers for your well earned

    uploaded 2:41, 9 Feb 2004 247 10 345kb

  • Hematite High Ordinator Armor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a set of black shiny metal High Ordinator Armor. Included is a beta version of the Black Saint Winged helm.

    uploaded 22:54, 8 Feb 2004 324 7 851kb

  • CDR Thin Clothing Mod update for Morrowind

    A small update to my on-going clothing mod. It adds only a shirt, and a pair of boots. New meshes of course like all parts of the mod. The sword in the pics is included.

    uploaded 0:32, 5 Feb 2004 266 12 2,170kb