• Heaven Manor for Morrowind

    The big rock is in Caldera upward castle. The key to manor is in the botle in the house behind Shenk's shovel but you need czech version of the game.
    File: "morrcz.esp"

    uploaded 9:53, 13 Jan 2007 75 1 1,023kb Shadowbrang

  • SuperShop 2 for Morrowind

    I'v Removed SS1 cos it has too much bugs.
    SS2 adds a shop where you can buy Daedric weapons and armor and some clothes for next to nothing PLUS they ar all super enchantable and there are some other services too.
    Speek to Rabit in Seyda Neen and choose travel then choose Super Shop.
    Have fun


    uploaded 17:25, 10 Jan 2007 1,536 17 7kb Sparkyspike 2007

  • guar reflection for Morrowind

    A guar with reflection. It comes with an esp that put it in Seyda Neen.

    uploaded 20:59, 8 Jan 2007 77 3 442kb bjam

  • Dark Brotherhood Goggles for Morrowind

    *Tribunal Required*

    Gives the Dark Brotherhood Assassins a random chance of wearing
    full faced helm, Cap w/ goggles, or just goggles.

    The goggles and cap are made to fit Dark Elf males.
    **Will not fit most other races**

    Conflicts with any mods that changes the dark brotherhood assassins.

    uploaded 21:14, 7 Jan 2007 390 18 70kb Wildman

  • Dwemer Shock Gun Tribute for Morrowind

    The 2nd in my Dwemer Gun Mods based on Tempered's awesome Dwemer Pod Launcher. This one fires heart fragments from Storm Atronachs for a shock blast. Gun Location is in the README file only, at the very bottom.

    This version is scripted to switch between crossbow-type and one-handed melee weapon by equipping ammo manually. Running out will sw

    uploaded 9:58, 7 Jan 2007 412 9 850kb DOUBLEBREWSKI

  • wolf mesh for Morrowind

    Wolf creature with reflection. It's nothing more than an example.

    uploaded 21:36, 5 Jan 2007 78 5 437kb bjam

  • Dwemer Fire Gun Tribute for Morrowind

    This mod is a tribute to Tempered's Dwemer Pod Launcher Mod which used spore pods to launch poison shots from a cool looking Dwemer Gun. I have used his model to make a new version that shoots Flame Atronach Heart Fragments added into nearly every Flame Atronach in the game. The Dwemer used to cut the hearts from the fallen Atronachs, and carved

    uploaded 14:22, 5 Jan 2007 546 18 2,873kb DOUBLEBREWSKI

  • *CLP*Wood Gnome for Morrowind

    the wood elf is now 50% size of other peeps, you may have to "Jump" upstairs. one bug so far, after selecting all than with class and so it wont let you pass the door, simple hit §/½(Under esc) and type tcl and move to the other site.

    *CLP is for CL-Productions site and is owned by me, there will soon be info and screenshots(

    uploaded 18:58, 4 Jan 2007 984 5 1kb WRC Meister

  • magicka regeneration for Morrowind

    This plugin regenerates magicka constantly, the ammount of magicka for second depends on willpower and intelligence. The regeneration is slower than in Oblivion but is more realistic.
    Version 1.1:
    GMST have been removed so it doesn't require any expansion.

    uploaded 16:05, 2 Jan 2007 3,276 137 1kb giu1

  • TwoFaced Signpost Meshes for Morrowind

    A simple archive containing two variants of Bethesda's normal signpost meshes. The difference is that both sides no longer have the same texture.

    One of the face still use Bethesda's original texture, the other uses a placeholder texture name.

    uploaded 0:18, 2 Jan 2007 63 5 4kb TR Gez

  • magic helper for Morrowind

    It adds from the first gameload an item called magic helper.
    it has a very long script that makes the item do many things to help you. For example it can summon creatures tha don't exist in the normal game, it can add magic abilities for 120 seconds or strong weapons. Every use consumes the energy of the magic helper that increases every second

    uploaded 21:37, 1 Jan 2007 105 1 6kb giu1

  • Distant Land Weather Fix MGE for Morrowind

    Updated to version 1.2:
    Overcast weather now activates the distant land.

    Similar to Yacoby's Distant Land Interior Fix, this plug-in aims to correct the MGE Infinite View Distance in weather other than clear or cloudy. If the weather is not clear or cloudy, the distant land will be disabled to simulate realism, and when the weather is clear,

    uploaded 20:10, 31 Dec 2006 361 15 3kb Supernatural JTalbain