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  • Black Heart Armor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a new race NPC and a large chest with armor, weapons and wigs to the top of the canton in Molag Mar. When you get to the canton, head for the Temple and take a left instead of going into the Temple door. You'll see what you are looking for around the corner there.

    uploaded 18:30, 10 Aug 2006 597 24 4,077kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Skalis Bittercoat Hideout for Morrowind

    This curious and well built house lies in the swamps of the Bitter Coast, in the smuggler's backwater of Hla Oad.
    It was formerly the property of Skali.. Dunmer warrior, guildmember, and Imperial Agent.
    Keys can be found with an old colleague of Skali's in Balmora.

    This is my second house design. It combines compact architecture with a

    uploaded 18:26, 10 Aug 2006 96 5 107kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Ultra Light Herbalism for Morrowind

    Based on Herbalism by Balor and Korath's Herbalism Minimal
    Now this takes olny 1 script to run and basically all it does is opens the plant like before in the games default and disables it for a month

    uploaded 4:37, 10 Aug 2006 416 16 3kb Rogue_Shadow

  • The Undead Dungeons for Morrowind

    This one adds a 100 level dungeon close to Seyda Neen.

    uploaded 4:36, 10 Aug 2006 664 28 2,034kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Phantom Daves Sparring Dummies for Morrowind

    This mod replaces all the default furniture dummies with working sparring dummies.Activate the dummy by clicking on it with the spacebar.

    Now the dummy is associated with where its located(example if its in a fighter's guild,you must belong to the fighters guild to use it), there are a few that require no type of restriction to use however

    uploaded 4:33, 10 Aug 2006 268 12 64kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Particle Weapons Merchant Mod for Morrowind

    This plug in adds a merchant named Lingarn and his shop to the temple courtyard in mournhold who deals exclusively with particle items mainly weapons. There's over 45 new particle items now inexistence in the game.

    uploaded 4:31, 10 Aug 2006 309 8 2,811kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Dwemer Graveyard for Morrowind

    This one adds a dwemer dungeon 1000 levels long to the game.
    Look for the dwemer tower near buckmoth fort.

    uploaded 4:29, 10 Aug 2006 850 32 3,202kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Bags of Holding for Morrowind

    irst and foremost the bags were created in whole by Eber Kain. Being a fan of AD&D i modified the bags to be more like the ones in AD&D.
    Weight Carrying Capacity Varients
    The player has to make the bags them selves by travling to certain shops(cloth shops/alchemists) spread out over morrowind to collect new clothbolts,spools,(models don

    uploaded 4:26, 10 Aug 2006 759 43 466kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Airship for Morrowind

    A flying ship that the player must build via quest that starts in Seyda Neen.
    *quest for upgrades to the airship once she's built.
    *Serves as a transportation device and traveling house.
    **I have not implemented collision detection i tried for 2 days and i dont care to deal with the headache,its up to you to not fly through trees and what not

    uploaded 4:24, 10 Aug 2006 1,964 52 1,735kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Airship Addon Holodeck for Morrowind

    This adds a seperate esp that adds a machine down in the engine room giving access to a swimming pool and a libray. (For the Air Ship mod)

    uploaded 4:23, 10 Aug 2006 342 6 15kb Rogue_Shadow

  • The House of Six Pains for Morrowind

    This adds a 500 level dungeon to the game.
    The entrance is above the temple in blamora,look for the dragon statue.

    uploaded 4:21, 10 Aug 2006 584 19 1,473kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Qwerts Banks for Morrowind

    A modified version of Indy's Bank 2.1 that adds bank personnel to the temple in mournhold.As well as Bank Merchants to all the banks, the merchants buying power is dependent on what city their banks are in.

    uploaded 4:19, 10 Aug 2006 195 8 802kb Rogue_Shadow