• The Nordic town of Vogar_GERMAN VERSION_ for Morrowind

    This is the german version of the excellent Vogar-Mod version 0.1. I translated it to german, so the german players can enjoy this mod too. I changed nothing but the english names and translated them into german. All the credits must go to Lucan!

    Die Nordische Siedlung Vogar (auf einer eigenen Insel!).

    uploaded 8:15, 8 Aug 2007 270 1 4,315kb freezer250

  • Bloodlines for Morrowind

    [[This is the readme, as included with the mod. I had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of this mod, all the credit goes to the people mentioned by Carnithus below, i am just posting it here to share it with the community more effectively.]]

    Requires: Tribunal and Vampire Embrace 1.3 for the Tribunal version or
    Blood Moon Tribunal and

    uploaded 23:19, 5 Aug 2007 802 58 2,259kb ironwolf6896

  • Gothic Attire Complete for Morrowind

    The final collection of Gothic Attire clothing.

    uploaded 20:57, 5 Aug 2007 7,178 393 49,654kb Cenobite

  • Pyrotechnia Fireworks Modders Resource for Morrowind

    This is a release of the current work completed on the Pyrotechnia mod. It is being released because I no longer have the time to devote to modding. Hopefully it will be of some use in enhancing other's mods, or will be picked-up by someone who wants to finish and release it.

    Pyrotechnia adds realistic and fun to use fireworks to Morrowind. B

    uploaded 3:14, 5 Aug 2007 116 7 10,757kb eviltechie

  • Fwuffys Cliff Racer Solutions for Morrowind

    Two simple mods to solve your Cliff Racer problems: one that decreases your chance of encountering them by diluting their leveled lists (so you'll still encounter other creatures), and another that replaces all randomly spawned Cliff Racers (only 20 non-repsawning ones remain).

    uploaded 13:20, 2 Aug 2007 1,426 36 10kb FwuffyTheDestroyer

  • Real Wildlife 2 Tribunal Addon for Morrowind

    [ALPHA REL] - Real Wildlife 2a

    Real Wildlife 2a
    Real Wildlife 2a - Tribunal Addon

    By Nedius

    - Real Wildlife 2a Morrowind

    I've got back into modding...

    After a spell away from modding, I've got back into it! I'd forgotten the frustrating fun of it

    uploaded 18:34, 1 Aug 2007 244 6 18kb Nedius

  • Real Wildlife 2 for Morrowind

    [ALPHA REL] - Real Wildlife 2a

    By Nedius

    - Real Wildlife 2a Morrowind
    - Real Wildlife 2t - INCLUDES TRIBUNAL ADDON

    I've got back into modding...

    After a spell away from modding, I've got back into it! I'd forgotten the frustrating fun of it all!

    uploaded 10:42, 31 Jul 2007 1,436 47 2,867kb Nedius

  • Threshold Mace for Morrowind

    This is a mace I made in a night. Its a retexture of the mace of aevar stone singer. If the black smoke doesnt come up in vanity mode or 3rd person sidestep around and it seems to appear faster. If u spin in first person it appears faster. Or you can just wait for it to load. The mace generates that smoke constantly (once u get it going) i'm gon

    uploaded 12:13, 28 Jul 2007 298 6 53kb Sin0777

  • Alternative Sky Textures for MW for Morrowind

    This is a texture replacer for Morrowind sky. It changes every sky texture with *.dds extension, except for the night sky. For complete information on the mod please read the README (it is inside of the archive).

    uploaded 4:12, 26 Jul 2007 944 41 2,551kb Dreamora

  • Nerethi Manor for Morrowind

    Nerethi Manor is a large housemod just outside Ald Velothi. No cost, just walk in.

    Large Master Bedroom and Bath
    Guards Chambers
    Servants Chambers
    Guest Bedrooms
    Display Hall
    Underground Vault
    Hidden Dungeon
    New Weapon

    Screenshots: [url=

    uploaded 14:31, 25 Jul 2007 433 25 2,581kb Sir-Stabs-Alot

  • 1 worlds mercanarys for Morrowind

    this is an mod that will add an guild called world's mercanary's to seyda neen and i am planning to make multiple guild halls over vvarvendel...(if i typed it good :P)i have not yet added file cause i am still working at it. I only have some screenshots to show how its going to become....the main guild hall in seyda neen will have multiple tr

    uploaded 11:11, 25 Jul 2007 230 7 1,601kb smiley9

  • ImperialDark Elf Weight Fix for Morrowind

    Makes Imperials less fat looking, and Dark Elves less scrawny looking.

    Made by Bloodrez (aka BlueBit)

    uploaded 2:50, 22 Jul 2007 146 6 1kb Bloodrez