• Nerevarine Disposition Limiter for Morrowind

    Prevents NPCs from liking you as much for defeating D.U.(I think I set the disp. limit at 40)

    uploaded 19:50, 27 Dec 2005 77 3 1kb Abramul

  • Master Index Loop-Warp for Morrowind

    Instead of sending you to Caldera Mages Guild, the Propylons will send you to their original destination when you have the Master Index in your inventory.You may still travel to any stronghold from Caldera.

    uploaded 19:46, 27 Dec 2005 88 2 9kb Abramul

  • Enchanting Supplies for Morrowind

    Seek out Licks-His-Nose in Sadrith Mora to buy:Ebony Enchanter's Darts and StarsDaedric Enchanter's DartsVellum and ParchmentLesser and Petty Soul GemsEmploys a new Anti-Theft System!sou

    uploaded 19:42, 27 Dec 2005 101 3 11kb Abramul

  • Daedric Armor Drop for Morrowind

    Dremoras and Dremora Lords will now drop Daedric armor pieces. Odds should be 1 in 20 for Dremora, or 1 in 10 for Dremora Lords.

    uploaded 19:36, 27 Dec 2005 1,179 51 2kb Abramul

  • Throne Modder Pack - Golden for Morrowind

    Twelve golden retextures of Oom Fooyat's throne meshes. The throne files are in individual folders, along with a screenshot. So you can see which thrones you may want to use. There are no esps.

    To use the thrones, place the nifs in whatever meshes folder you like, the textures loose in the textures folder, and enter them as statics in your

    uploaded 0:10, 27 Dec 2005 75 6 18,665kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Throne Modder Pack - Bright for Morrowind

    Thirteen retextures of Oom Fooyat's throne meshes. This is definitely not a pack for Morrowind purists, but is a very bright and colorful set. Some of the thrones are just bright colors, while others have fabric areas that are either 1960's time-period inspired or are just plain-old gaudy.

    The throne files are in individual folders, alon

    uploaded 23:53, 26 Dec 2005 38 3 12,114kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Throne Modder Pack - Assorted for Morrowind

    Eleven retextures of Oom Fooyat's throne meshes. This pack has four ornate variations and specific themed thrones: Bloody - 2 variationsEvilGargoyleSkullSnakeNatureThe throne files are in individual folders, along with a screenshot. So you can see which thrones you may want to use. There are no esps. To use the

    uploaded 21:18, 26 Dec 2005 118 5 15,929kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Bound Weapon Remover for Morrowind

    Prevents bound weapons from remaining in inventory after their spell expires.Adds a script to each bound weapon.

    uploaded 2:02, 26 Dec 2005 67 2 3kb Abramul

  • balmora crate stuff for Morrowind

    uploaded 21:24, 25 Dec 2005 49 1 5kb mebekooltwo

  • Partners for Morrowind

    At the time of writing this, I am tired and just wrote down what this mod does twice. The short decription was enough, right? Just down load the mod and read the readme. :P

    uploaded 13:33, 22 Dec 2005 216 7 28kb Link1228

  • Escort for Morrowind

    This adds the NPC Neth Laznin just outside the south entrance of Balmora (by the slit strider). He can take you to Sulipund, Hla Oad, the temple at Ghostgate, and Ebonheart.

    uploaded 5:54, 21 Dec 2005 114 9 3kb Laznin

  • Thief companion Constance for Morrowind

    by Grumpy and Emma

    with Potion Handler by DinkumThinkum and bows by Zyndaar

    Screenshots and further information:
    Requires: Tribunal

    She's unpredictable. She's unreliable. She's greedy. She's trouble.
    As a companion, she is probably worth her weight in... scrap metal. On the other

    uploaded 12:07, 20 Dec 2005 4,351 285 1,325kb Emma