• White Senches for Morrowind

    A replacement/update for WSen 1.3


    -Adds over 70 new hairstyles to the Senches
    -Reworked facial textures on numerous heads
    -NEW vampire heads
    -Reworked Senche Hunting armor to match concept art, including Senche Halberd
    -Added Silver Flame armor
    -Added 4 new NPCs to th

    uploaded 3:43, 15 Apr 2007 1,210 56 22,090kb Kieve

  • Gilded Armor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a very nice sheild to holismod's armory in caldera which you can steal or purchase.

    Thanks to my mum for choosing 1 of the textures for me.

    uploaded 21:58, 14 Apr 2007 1,631 11 147kb GearsOfFate

  • Nerevar Manor for Morrowind

    A house has been built just outside the gates of Balmora, near the Silt Strider. The Duke ordered the house erected for the coming of the Nerevar. The new manor features Guards, a weaponsmith, an armourer, and many (nearly) bottomless storage chests, as well as a bed for sleeping and a warm fireplace. Make yourself at home.. but be nice to the guar

    uploaded 18:18, 12 Apr 2007 373 15 34kb trunksbomb

  • dun for Morrowind

    dungeon crawl, read the readme for locations and such.


    its in the valley of the mausur cavern entry.

    err... have fun?

    uploaded 11:48, 12 Apr 2007 163 5 55kb pigtrifle

  • g33 rifle for Morrowind

    adds a gun to te game it s in seyda neen in the consensis office

    uploaded 0:19, 10 Apr 2007 1,953 95 25kb mtrack0

  • MCA Stealth Clothing for Morrowind

    Adds a Dark Elf to the South Wall Cornerclub who sells the stealth gear added by Morrowind Comes Alive 5.2.

    Read readme for more details.

    uploaded 7:06, 9 Apr 2007 701 43 3kb Bloodrez

  • MCA_5_2_Addon2 for Morrowind

    MCA 5.2 - Lite
    by MrE_Man

    Lowers the spawn chances of MCA's leveled lists, increases the chance of NPCs leaving, and removes willspawnothers scripts

    Requires all expansions and MCA 5.2

    Merged with TESTool or Wrye Mash

    Place MCA v5.2 - Lite.esp in your Data Files folder
    Activate the plugin through Wrye Ma

    uploaded 5:45, 9 Apr 2007 155 8 11kb Kindergardenkid

  • Siltstrider Nursery for Morrowind

    This is a real basic mod that I made because i was bored. This just adds a small siltstrider nursery to balmora, called 'Bob's siltstrider nursery. just install the usual way.

    P.S Bob will attack you for some reason, but dont worry, hes only level 1

    uploaded 2:18, 9 Apr 2007 73 4 5kb dudemanbob

  • MCA_5_2_Addon for Morrowind

    MCa Lore Correct Names for MCA 5.2
    By: MrE_Man

    1. Installation
    2. Description/Use
    3. Credits
    4. Notes
    5. Contact and Usage


    uploaded 14:03, 8 Apr 2007 1,360 25 31kb Kindergardenkid

  • Dwemer Lair for Morrowind

    Adds a few doodads...
    Dwemer neon light
    chest at the foot of the bed
    a table with a bottle, dwemer mugs, 2 stools

    WARNING: remove all your stuff and save before installing this...I've encountered some odd stuff when I upgraded to it: the bookshelf disappeared, the chest at the foot of the bed was not there, and there was a duplicate

    uploaded 1:56, 5 Apr 2007 342 8 90kb Totalitus

  • Witches Hat for Morrowind

    This mod is a modders resource, meshes and textures only, It consists of a hat for a witch with curly hair attached for various races and in few hat/hair colors,


    uploaded 20:35, 3 Apr 2007 162 10 9,045kb gagatek

  • Royal Guard Addons for Morrowind

    Changes a few aspects of the Royal Guards of Mournhold to make them seem more realistic.

    -Adds three different female Royal Guards that are placed in areas throughout Mournhold.
    -Adds the Royal Guard Archer, using Dongle's Quiver Mesh
    -Places Royal Guards in other districts to Mournhold, as it seems to make more sense that way

    uploaded 1:13, 3 Apr 2007 137 4 712kb Sir-Stabs-Alot