• Vivec Market Addon for Morrowind

    MORROWIND MOD - Version 2.0 Addon
    The Vivic Market Addon v2.0 places a student apprentice trader for Melas' Tapestry Shop at the Vivec Market near the Vivec Foreign Quarter entry ramp. The apprentice sells the new consignment line of paintings and tapestries for Melas. Two ESP files included - a Children of Morrowind (CoM) compatible version

    uploaded 20:11, 21 Jun 2007 234 14 41,145kb RolandRoberts

  • Vivec Market for Morrowind

    MORROWIND MOD - Version 2.0
    Vivic Market v2.0 places three traders near the Vivec Foreign Quarter entry ramp. There is a Tapestry Trader with 175 different Tapestries, Fireplace Trader with 50 different Fireplace models you can purchase or have delivered to your residence and a Refreshment Trader with new beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks as we

    uploaded 19:29, 21 Jun 2007 554 37 47,480kb RolandRoberts

  • The Corpses Project for Morrowind

    This plugin adds various corpses all around Vvardenfell, some with interesting or funny notes on them and some connected to quests. I liked the Vanilla corpses a lot and I was disappointed that there are so few (Indiana Jones, etc..), so I decided to start this project.
    Adds a total of 30 corpses!

    uploaded 14:11, 17 Jun 2007 474 22 645kb Skuld

  • JEB_wraithguard for Morrowind

    This mod replaces the default Wraithguard and Wraithguard (jury rigged) models with new versions that allow both hands to be fully animated. Since I still don't quite "get" physiquing hands, the Wraithguard is actually split into two parts. One part is the wrist + knuckle spikes/disc combo, the other is a retextured Dark Elf hand. It was i

    uploaded 15:32, 8 Jun 2007 205 3 168kb Mantodea

  • Morrowind Save Game No Mods for Morrowind

    This is an old save game from Morrowind with both expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon before I even knew about modding. The character is Nareverene and there are TONS of items in Caius Cosades house. The save is in the estate you get when you are playing through the Bloodmoon expansion. I just want people to know that Morrowind took me months to com

    uploaded 4:54, 3 Jun 2007 1,865 46 715kb ricksamik

  • Wraithguard_Armor for Morrowind

    This mod add's a full suit of the dwemer armor "Wraithguard"!
    just see the readme for further info.

    uploaded 21:49, 1 Jun 2007 318 10 3kb me1234

  • Skill Leveling x10 for Morrowind

    I'm not one of the patient people. In my opinion leveling in Morrowind is too slow. So I made this simple mod which makes all skill leveling ten times faster.
    Feel free to comment!

    uploaded 19:42, 28 May 2007 1,928 129 4kb doffe92

  • Dual Pauldrons for Morrowind

    Dual Pauldrons Mod Version 1.0

    Tired of trading a piece of shoulder armor to wear your favorite quiver or set of wings? Now you don't have to!

    This mod adds sets of pauldrons that only take up one slot on your character yet show both shoulder pauldrons for every suit of armor in Morrowind, Tribunal & Bloodmoon. As a bonus t

    uploaded 12:33, 27 May 2007 285 13 9kb DOUBLEBREWSKI

  • Travelling Odds for Morrowind

    A TES III: Morrowind Companions Mod
    TITLE: Travelling Odds
    AUTHOR: W4rbird

    FILESIZE: 792 KB (zipped)
    DATE RELEASED: 27th May 2007

    -> Bethesda Softworks - creators of TES3: Morrowind a

    uploaded 7:50, 27 May 2007 371 5 792kb Warbird1

  • Foront city for Morrowind

    I created this city on my own it is only at the start of its creation. It includes An island surrounded by a wall it has a keep with an interior, 4 shacks, an underground skooma den and a clothier unfinshed. If you would like to help me complete this mod or if you have any other questions please post on this forum

    uploaded 11:10, 26 May 2007 94 2 71kb hablo

  • Blade of the Telvanni for Morrowind

    uploaded 14:15, 25 May 2007 234 8 380kb Mainframe

  • Pause Penalty for Morrowind

    -- Add a penalty to the player if you go in your inventory screen while you're
    in combat.
    -- The PC will be paralyzed for as much second as you've been in the inventory
    screen, with a maximum penalty of 30 seconds.

    uploaded 22:08, 21 May 2007 62 1 6kb bjam