• Legion Papers for Morrowind

    Tired of lugging around your uniform for the Imperial Legion? Armour taking up valuable body slots?
    With this mod that is no longer a problem, simply talk to your superior officer (such as quest-givers) and they will offer you papers that will prompt you to decide whether to declare your faction affiliation when equipped.
    Now with 100% less GMSTs

    uploaded 21:02, 12 Jul 2006 30,046 56 3kb maw3193

  • Costa Realty for Morrowind

    This Mod uses the Game of the Year Edition (mostly Tribunal / Morrowind);

    This Mod adds a Real Estate agency to Morrowind.
    Costa Realty has an office in Suran Temple, Suran. There are five homes that you can purchase:
    1. Sierra (a home-in-the-sky) near Caldera.
    2. Tamera, across from Gnisis.
    3. Higinos, (on an island) near Sadrith Mora.

    uploaded 1:27, 10 Jul 2006 241 7 292kb morsepone7

  • Tundras 1hand Frostmourne for Morrowind

    This is a mod of my mod. It'll put a 1handed "Frostmourne" (WarcraftIII) into the market district underwater (sorry for vague directions, near the 2 hand version if you saw that). It's an enchanted, one handed sword and might be a bit overpowered for lower levels(If someone wants to tweak it, I say go for it).
    Made the texture, Glowmap

    uploaded 8:38, 8 Jul 2006 48 6 465kb Dark_Tundra

  • Vivec Flat for Morrowind

    Welcome to your Flat in Vivec. A rather compact but very functional and beautiful apartment/home located in the Vivec Mages Guild. The Flat comes complete with all the basic necessities such as plenty of storage, display cases and mannequins. Alchemist's will find it useful as it has ingredient jars and a sorter. And to top it off you couldn'

    uploaded 5:44, 7 Jul 2006 1,265 33 874kb Occam

  • Ahmose Isle for Morrowind

    There is an island to the South-East of Vivec, where domestic Guar roam peacefully. Guarded by a Castle & Garrison, this Kingdom is ruled with peace and prosperity - via farmland, a mine, a high school, a medical clinic, a bank, and residential housing. Atop a river with waterfall, Ahmose City is accessible by a ship or Mage; look for Lord Mikail

    uploaded 20:36, 2 Jul 2006 655 13 491kb morsepone7

  • Morrowash_Clean for Morrowind

    Adds cleaning products and laundry items such as irons, washers, ironing boards. Merchants in Mournhold, Vivec Hllalu and St. Deylin Cantons.

    uploaded 18:43, 2 Jul 2006 1,000 8 5,491kb lbruce1730

  • Community Inventory for Morrowind

    Using MWSE, you can now share items between characters on different save games. SImply cast the 'Access Community Inventory' spell, and play on!

    uploaded 0:13, 29 Jun 2006 544 28 4kb thesilentpyro

  • Vethan Ancestral Tomb for Morrowind

    This mod adds an Ancestral Tomb just south of balmora. It also adds 2 new weapons, and 5 new tapestries. The tomb is guarded by Stone Warriors, which are a new race.

    uploaded 19:13, 27 Jun 2006 260 14 2,199kb itsme7

  • Installarions Combat Boost for Morrowind

    README: Installarions Combat boost v1.0

    By: Installarion


    1) Intro

    2) Installation

    3) What This Mod Does

    4) Upcoming mods by Installarion

    5) Credits/Special Thanks

    6) Wanna Contact me?

    7) Known bugs/Issues

    1) Intro

    When I play Morrowind (wich isn`t often) and start
    a new char, I become a little sad.

    uploaded 12:04, 26 Jun 2006 73 2 3kb Installarion

  • NPC Soultrap for Morrowind

    Allows player to capture souls of NPCs. Latest version.

    uploaded 23:41, 24 Jun 2006 2,360 62 180kb Larissa Mem

  • A Khuul Mall for Morrowind

    This adds a new Shopping Mall to Khuul village,
    in the style of a Vivec Canton. This includes a: Jeweler, bookstore, health spa, alchemist, music shop, liquor store, blacksmith, clothier, leather shop, ATM Center, Security room; a private (haunted) Tower & inaccessible sewer. Access Mall via bridge from Khuul.

    uploaded 8:55, 18 Jun 2006 2,208 37 233kb morsepone7

  • Merchant shop for Morrowind

    A house in Balmora, "Sale House", its a work in progress, but feel free to download it and check it out. Some futures for the salehouse includes a basement and maybe some missions.

    uploaded 9:58, 16 Jun 2006 73 4 17kb tomthegerminator