• The Mansion of Seyda Neen for Morrowind

    A luxurious (but under construction) house is placed among the slums of Seyda Neen. It is not unfair or anything, but does have teleportation doors. The doors do have locks on them, however. Finally, I've created a new item called Research Paper.

    uploaded 9:08, 10 Dec 2005 135 3 81kb randman22222

  • Bluestone for Morrowind

    It adds an axe to the game, home made, textured and ready. Just type "player-> additem GP_Axe_Bluestone 1" in the consol to get it.Enjoy/Gabriel

    uploaded 10:44, 6 Dec 2005 64 0 7,027kb Gabbe_master

  • New Market for Morrowind

    Adds a new market to mournhold, plaza bridsi dorom. the new market has many people to buy things from and has a nice little quest to go along with it. it requires GIANTS_Dragon by puma man, the link below

    uploaded 13:36, 2 Dec 2005 37 0 91kb A helpless child

  • New Guards for Morrowind

    Adds 8 new guards to vivec's court and 4 new guards to almalexia's court.

    uploaded 13:27, 2 Dec 2005 68 2 11kb A helpless child

  • Handy Dandy Storage Tower 2.0 for Morrowind

    Adds a nice little storage area to balmora, opposite of silt strider port, it has many rooms, and one thrilling quest to complete.

    uploaded 13:25, 2 Dec 2005 143 4 82kb A helpless child

  • Death Island for Morrowind

    Adds a huge new island off the coast of solsthem. to get there you can get teleported by the mage at the mages guild, or take the new docks, at balmora right by the silt strider port. This island is huge and has lots of things to do.

    uploaded 13:22, 2 Dec 2005 572 12 2,093kb A helpless child

  • Pirates of the Caribbean for Morrowind

    Adds a huge new island, loaded with pirates, you can have a war on 3 large boats, fight the pirates off of seyda neen, and also adds new textured helmets, and capes.

    uploaded 13:15, 2 Dec 2005 367 9 7,736kb A helpless child

  • Mage Guild Creature Room for Morrowind

    No readme, just extract all files in Morrowind data files and go.

    uploaded 2:19, 1 Dec 2005 60 0 665kb zkucinac

  • Netch Adamantium Armor v.2 for Morrowind

    -Netch Adamantium Armor-

    Release #2

    added by Jester for Version 2:

    This is NOT an addon to the original. It is a re-release and a full mod.

    If you are using the first version. You should delete it and make a clean save before using this version. In this version, a few things have been added or modified.


    A female cuirass(re

    uploaded 22:11, 30 Nov 2005 2,402 145 1,542kb Cythus

  • Laura Craft Romance and Adventure ver 2.2 for Morrowind

    Tribunal is requiredStory: EMMACompanionscripting: THE OTHER FELIXDo you want some romance in your Morrowind life? Can you stand the thought of a Morrowind girlfriend who sometimes acts and talks like a real life girl? A girl who will get mad at you if you try to bribe her, but will enjoy a pleasant gift or sharing a bottle of M

    uploaded 14:21, 30 Nov 2005 3,958 193 3,017kb Emma

  • Emma's Breton Headpack no 2 for Morrowind

    This mod includes 24 playable Breton faces, 10 male and 14 female. No hair is included.Screenshots and further headpacks:

    uploaded 8:47, 30 Nov 2005 3,701 155 1,405kb Emma

  • Emma's Imperial Headpack no 2 for Morrowind

    This mod includes 20 playable Imperial faces, 9 male and 11 female. No hair is included.Screenshots and further headpacks:

    uploaded 8:44, 30 Nov 2005 4,186 160 1,183kb Emma