• WitchingHour's 4th Clothing Pack v.1.2 for Morrowind

    Clothes can be found in a box marked "Secret Crate", in caldera, right outside the Ghorak manor.*Note: all the icons are the same, its picture is half of a red moon in the bottom right-hand corner on a black background. Also the ground meshes and textures are all the same*

    uploaded 19:09, 27 Jan 2006 301 19 3,635kb WitchingHourisNear

  • Lazeo`s Ulitmate Class Pack for Morrowind

    Over 30 new playable classes!!!!!including brand new classes such as wolfknight. ninja. shaman and more!!!

    uploaded 11:59, 27 Jan 2006 529 13 9kb LAZEO

  • Arrow Belts for Morrowind

    Description: This mod adds four belts to the enchanter in Ald-ruhn, Manor district. When you equip the belts they summon arrows and equip them whenever you run out. There are three types of belts; Belt of Arrows (normal arrows), Belt of Burning Arrows (fire damage and weakness to fire), Belt of Stunning Arrows (paralize), and Belt of Poison Arrows

    uploaded 18:16, 25 Jan 2006 481 15 3kb wrangler

  • True assains Armor for Morrowind

    The asassain master, Tibor, in Godsreach Is waiting for any foolish enough to challange him. Only a true asassain or next to invincible warrior could survive the onslaught of a level 100 dark elf that wants to kill you the moment you step in Godsreach, mournhold, I beat him at level 12. So the question is, you up to the challenge? Will you be a

    uploaded 23:14, 24 Jan 2006 183 5 4kb Vladerag

  • Perfect practice dummy for Morrowind

    Dummy the argonian! A guy who has enough fatigue and health to run around the world with a poison dagger sucking his health away for 15 years non stop. He respawns is in combat when you meet him, cant move, cant attack, couldn't hit you if he could, cant dodge and is baisicly a target for you to hit! Have fun!! P.S he also has a ruby amulet

    uploaded 19:55, 24 Jan 2006 54 3 0kb Vladerag

  • MWSE Melee Missile 1.2 for Morrowind

    This plugin was created to address one (in my opinion) glaring oversight in Morrowind's enchantment system. Why is it that you can enchant a weapon with Cast-On-Target spell effects, but in order to invoke the enchantment, you need to put away your weapon, select it from the list in your magic menu, and then use it as if you were casting a spell

    uploaded 19:49, 24 Jan 2006 614 22 16kb bjam

  • Morrowind Inhabitants: Freeform! (Volume 1) for Morrowind

    This mod adds unique challenges with each quest type. Vow a Sacred Oath, then travel to a randomly-chosen ancestral tomb and purify it. Participate in monthly bounty hunts to gain the favor of Imperial Guards. Assist alchemists in creating experimental potions by foraging for new, unique ingredients. Track down and obtain rare items for pawnbrokers

    uploaded 17:45, 23 Jan 2006 4,506 112 132kb scruggs

  • Better Boots for Morrowind

    uploaded 12:43, 23 Jan 2006 123 10 5kb Hariogala

  • A Sixth home for Morrowind

    This mod adds a sixth house style house, to sadrith mora; it is filled with Nasties,But once you clear it out, it should be a good home, for your evil servant of the dark lordor just a telivani retainer in between quests.Once the home of an honourable, adventurer and collection of sixth house items.He has cau

    uploaded 6:20, 23 Jan 2006 200 9 2,755kb oxinabox1

  • RTS Wig Scans E for Morrowind

    Four scans in huge and small sizes of a thick straight red wig. Also, two closeup textures of the wig hair. This hair seems to work better color-adjusted to more colorful hair shades.

    uploaded 5:10, 23 Jan 2006 63 4 26,965kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Wig Scans D for Morrowind

    Two scans in huge and small sizes of a Marylyn Monroe wig. Also, three closeup textures of the wig hair. This hair is easily color-adjusted to many different hair shades.

    uploaded 3:58, 23 Jan 2006 49 2 14,014kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Wig Scans C for Morrowind

    Two scans in huge and small sizes of a dark grey ladies wig. Also, one closeup texture of the wig hair. This one is a bit trickier to color different colors, but still can be adjusted to many shades of color.

    uploaded 3:15, 23 Jan 2006 54 3 13,227kb redwoodtreesprite