• Guard Mod for Morrowind

    Ever get tired of being fined, sent to jail, or just slaughtered by guards for crimes you did? Well this mod makes it so that guards will just stand there and do nothing even if you kill someone or do any other crime right in front of them!

    uploaded 8:05, 29 Jul 2005 186 6 4kb

  • Morrowind Chiryu Race for Morrowind

    The chiryu are a winged humanoid race descended of dragons. They are great warriors and masters of stealth despite their size. They are honorable, but tend to sit outside the affairs of the other races... Until now.Their wings give them a limited form of flight. Their knowledge of their surroundings gives them a minor ability to sense da

    uploaded 3:54, 28 Jul 2005 826 28 3,222kb

  • ra5946 Asian Pack 2 V2.0 for Morrowind

    Large set of asian models, mainly Japanese. This pack includes animated kites with scripted sounds, animated fish (not creatures), a nightingale (not animated or creature), nightingale cage and nightingale sound, firefly (not creature), coins, eating and drinking items,a Bagua board, and a Shogi Board and table. Icons are now included for al

    uploaded 3:39, 28 Jul 2005 178 6 6,013kb

  • FF7 Weapons for Morrowind

    Special thanks to Mroczne Tajemnice Vvardenfell for keeping this great mod available,
    and for allowing it to be mirrored on other download sites.

    As there was no readme included with this mod by the modders, I've written this.

    Here is the description the LOTY modders put for this mod:

    "This mod adds small shop in Balmora. You can bu

    uploaded 1:34, 28 Jul 2005 1,871 77 872kb

  • Mournhold City of Lights City of Magic Texture Replacer for Morrowind

    This is a retexture of the Mournhold houses and accessories and walls. All house textures have been replaced with a blue marble effect in one of three shadesof blue marble used All metal and trim now have a gold and or silver finish I have tried to match all the colours and textures together to create a consistent ef

    uploaded 20:14, 27 Jul 2005 432 24 4,269kb

  • Sorcha Ravenlock's Orc Females for Morrowind

    Sorcha Ravenlock's Orcs.Created By Sorcha RavenlockThis file contains 5 retextured heads, all originally from my High Elves Head Packs.All faces are Orc Females.If you want to use my mod for your own modding purposes, please ask my permission and mention me in your read me.Also mention Golgotha since some of these h

    uploaded 14:54, 27 Jul 2005 10,129 23 807kb

  • Dwemer Golem for Morrowind

    uploaded 10:50, 3 Jul 2005 483 10 1,448kb

  • Asian Statues Modder Resource - Fixed for Morrowind

    ra5946's animated Samurai statue, and the script that Nigedo wrote to activate the animation and play a stone grinding sound when the statue bows. I made an esp with the stone sound and the statue entered as an activator, and did some tweaking of the script to customize it for the statue. I also made a demo esp with two rows of 2x-sized statues th

    uploaded 1:38, 3 Jul 2005 200 2 4,589kb

  • Vampire Embrace Realism Hunger PL for Morrowind

    Admin Upload

    uploaded 23:16, 2 Jul 2005 1,247 44 16,353kb

  • RTS Japanese Prints Resource Pack 1 for Morrowind

    49 framed Japanese prints, mostly Ukiyo-E. All the textures are of a clear resolution, and in BMP format to keep the print quality as high as possible.

    uploaded 22:26, 1 Jul 2005 183 9 39,672kb redwoodtreesprite

  • ra5946 Asian Pack 1- Buildings and Bridges for Morrowind

    Large set of asian statics, mainly Japanese. This pack includes a nice building set of basic Japanese houses, with 2 foundations, 3 house shells, and 2 roof sizes in 6 texures each. There are 8 different building interior meshes. There are also three nice complete building shells, including a tavern, octagonal building, and an animated water mill.

    uploaded 21:42, 1 Jul 2005 321 7 11,939kb

  • Last Legion Trailer 4 for Morrowind

    uploaded 19:55, 1 Jul 2005 42 2 20,340kb