• Pocket Dimensional Home Fix for Morrowind

    An apparent fix to the pocket dimension home by Qwert, no readme given.

    uploaded 20:33, 10 Aug 2006 124 6 80kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Pocket Dimensional Home for Morrowind

    This mod adds a short quest which everyone should get if the main quest is
    followed at the completetion of the quest the pc will acquire a special dwemer
    cube that can teleport the user to a pocket dimension that houses a
    lighthouse which the pc can live in.But using the cube will put a drain
    on your lifeforce.
    This mod has alchemy jars

    uploaded 20:32, 10 Aug 2006 162 7 1,590kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Qwertd Drow Race for Morrowind

    QBH Drow Race
    Updated Version 1.5
    *Increased the magnitude on the drow bolt a lil bit.
    *removed all the axes(except for the dual wielding ones)from the
    leveled lists.
    * Alter it so drow dont appear as much.
    *Guards will now attack the drow(must have giants running for this to work.)
    *added the Drow Piwafwi-only way to get it is off the drow

    uploaded 20:28, 10 Aug 2006 414 9 3,238kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Basic Essentials for Morrowind

    hunger mod-
    *no longer effects main script,makes use of tribunals edit start script.
    *olny eats bread-i changed that purposely because well i wanna keep her basic.
    *auto eats i really like that.
    *added bread to mournhold(-10).
    *added bread to wherever you can rent a room.
    *also made modular.
    *****tested ok for me so far.
    Thrist Mod-

    uploaded 20:26, 10 Aug 2006 211 6 36kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Qwerts House of Madness for Morrowind

    This is my final mod.....included is 2 new meshes of the backpack that
    i never got round to assigning them,if someone would like to assign them and
    release please feel welcome to.

    In celebration of the Gen Mod 3.0 release ive thrown together a new
    100 level dungeon with a nice little surprise at the end.This dungeon
    is located close to Hla

    uploaded 20:24, 10 Aug 2006 591 32 945kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Qwerts Paladin for Morrowind

    *Update Version-
    *if the paladin ever loses his abilities and powers if he reaches a
    certain crime levelhe will attain Anti-paladinhood,this is a 1-way
    *New Birthsign By Spiffyshoes.

    This adds a birthsign that gives the player a paladin's holy powers
    and abilities that grow as the player progress in level.
    This is based

    uploaded 20:22, 10 Aug 2006 247 9 77kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Night Armor for Morrowind

    The plugin adds a set of black light armor to the smith in Suran. The armor uses scripts to determine the race of the player, but these will not work with companions. It is, however, a simple way to do it with a minimal chance for bugs, or screwups on my account! I added a new NPC to sell the armor to minimize the risk of conflicts and bugs in ge

    uploaded 18:39, 10 Aug 2006 270 8 985kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Blood and Gore for Morrowind


    * Makes player, non playing characters (NPC) and creatures BLEED by generating visual elements (blood, chunks, smoke) when they're hit
    * Visual elements are based on the NPC/creature nature and what they've been hit by. The elements can include : blood, dark blood, meat chunks

    uploaded 18:37, 10 Aug 2006 4,595 182 1,813kb Rogue_Shadow

  • A Tribute for Morrowind

    Alright, this is the weapons mod that i wasnt going to make.
    The weapons were supposed to go to Rogue Shadow, to go in a mod.
    Since the time of agreement, my world has been turned upside down.
    I have now been banned for a second lifetime, from the TES forums.
    Thats a total of 64 YEARS so far. Thats longer than 3 life sentences for murder.


    uploaded 18:34, 10 Aug 2006 552 17 6,975kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Black Heart Armor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a new race NPC and a large chest with armor, weapons and wigs to the top of the canton in Molag Mar. When you get to the canton, head for the Temple and take a left instead of going into the Temple door. You'll see what you are looking for around the corner there.

    uploaded 18:30, 10 Aug 2006 590 22 4,077kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Skalis Bittercoat Hideout for Morrowind

    This curious and well built house lies in the swamps of the Bitter Coast, in the smuggler's backwater of Hla Oad.
    It was formerly the property of Skali.. Dunmer warrior, guildmember, and Imperial Agent.
    Keys can be found with an old colleague of Skali's in Balmora.

    This is my second house design. It combines compact architecture with a

    uploaded 18:26, 10 Aug 2006 96 5 107kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Ultra Light Herbalism for Morrowind

    Based on Herbalism by Balor and Korath's Herbalism Minimal
    Now this takes olny 1 script to run and basically all it does is opens the plant like before in the games default and disables it for a month

    uploaded 4:37, 10 Aug 2006 371 16 3kb Rogue_Shadow