• Real Signposts for Morrowind

    To all downloaders:

    I am not the designer of this mod. I am only a submitter. This mod is made by Matthias [ElBundeee] Kath. This is probably one of my favorite sign mods. If you visit Planet Elder Scrolls, you will find others, but this one is the one I used. I found that it only conflicts with other sign mods.


    uploaded 2:37, 3 May 2006 45,406 2,207 236kb Dimon

  • Quick Fix for Tribunal for Morrowind

    To all downloaders:

    I did not make this mod. I am only submitting this file so that everybody can use it. There is no author name in the readme, so I will refer to the mod maker as his email address: This is a mod I received 4 years ago when Morrowind Summit(dead now) was in it's infancy. I don't know how many indi

    uploaded 2:18, 3 May 2006 156 8 1kb Dimon

  • Blood Moon SpellFix for Morrowind

    To all downloaders:

    This is not my mod. I am only submitting it. I received this off of a Gamefaqs board about 3 years ago. Unfortanetly, I do not know the name of the modder. I do have his email address, so i will call this author

    The plugin fixes the 3 summons that have do not work when using Bloo

    uploaded 1:55, 3 May 2006 538 35 1kb Dimon

  • Morrowind FPs Optimizer for Morrowind

    To the downloaders:

    I am not the author of this file, but a submitter. Tired of having slow Frames per Second rates due to large towns or large amounts of monsters? This program helps with that problem. This mod was made by Alexander Stasenko.

    Why should I use it?

    Did you notice that, while playing Morrowind, your FPS rate is sometimes

    uploaded 1:41, 3 May 2006 28,122 1,004 192kb Dimon

  • TESPCD Plugin Conflict Detector for Morrowind

    Updated Info:

    Looking in the Utilities, I noticed there is another copy of this program. I believe the other version of this program is an older version. Unfortanetly, "Unknown" did not leave a version number to check, but by judging by size of the program, usually the newer one is larger. Of course, I leave this to your discretion.


    uploaded 1:00, 3 May 2006 2,045 133 319kb Dimon

  • ESP Cleaner for Morrowind

    Morrowind ESP Cleaner for TES:III Morrowind


    By Horatio a.k.a Dave Gallop

    This program provides a quick and easy way to remove all "changed references" on objects, characters, ect., in a mod/plug-in, created by The Elder Scrolls: Construction Set, that is not different by any other respects to the same reference in the Master

    uploaded 0:29, 3 May 2006 1,839 117 118kb Dimon

  • Morrowind Plugin Manager for Morrowind

    To all downloaders:

    I am not the author of this mod. This mod was made by DW.

    Morrowind Plugin Manager 1.2
    by DW (
    September, 2004

    Table of Contents:

    uploaded 23:06, 2 May 2006 22,128 255 991kb Dimon

  • Maps of Morrowind for Morrowind

    For a detailed installation description, look at "documentation.html"
    contained in the archive.

    uploaded 0:08, 2 May 2006 4,302 208 3,815kb *wz

  • Translate Ingredient Name for Morrowind

    Now i tranlate all ingredients for portuguese.

    Agora eu traduzi todos os ingredientes para o português.

    uploaded 6:35, 28 Apr 2006 342 0 9kb Eduardo_2006

  • MP3 01 for Morrowind

    Adds a simple MP3 player to Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran. It plays back selected sound effects like a jukebox. Look for it on the counter near the bar.

    uploaded 5:50, 28 Apr 2006 127 2 93kb morsepone7

  • Clean Noldor Elf AddOn for Morrowind

    by elveldir

    This mod adds some items to the chest in Balmora Guild of Fighters where you find the Gondorian Ranger Armor.

    1. Netch Leather armor for female characters.
    2. Two shield

    uploaded 22:54, 27 Apr 2006 235 9 7,073kb Elveldir

  • Clean Noldor Elf for Morrowind

    CleanNoldorElfv1.0 Readme


    uploaded 22:46, 27 Apr 2006 884 30 8,299kb Elveldir