• Shannon The Whisperwind for Morrowind

    This mod adds 4 new swords, 2 bows, 2 new types of arrows , full set of glass armor and NPC
    who sells them.

    uploaded 17:38, 2 Jan 2006 194 4 501kb Sex

  • Ranger and Druid for Morrowind

    uploaded 18:06, 1 Jan 2006 94 2 57kb Sex

  • Daedric House for Morrowind

    This mod adds a deadric style house to the sheogorad region (2,18 to be precise) near the Aundae clan headquaters. This is for those people who are interested in doing the aundae clan quests or just people who want a daedric style house. It consists of an outside alter/shrine. Inside is a Main hall with a statue of molag bal for show, a furness, a

    uploaded 21:53, 29 Dec 2005 133 1 69kb Seroh

  • Tweaked Morrowind.ini for Morrowind

    This tweaks the Morrowind.ini file to reduce crashes, improve lighting, and reduce how often exterior cells need to load. A full description is in the Readme.

    uploaded 11:24, 29 Dec 2005 477 24 36kb Laznin

  • Creeper Businessman for Morrowind

    This makes Caldera's Creeper buy everything, make repairs, and do spellmaking and enchanting.

    uploaded 8:17, 29 Dec 2005 118 2 2kb Laznin

  • Bouking Manor v 2.0 for Morrowind

    The owner is loyal to Redoran. He wanted to escape all the blight storms; so he built a new home. Outside of Caldera’s south gate you will find Bouking Manor. There is no door key. Just walk in and set up house. The owner of this Manor had to unexpectedly leave Vvardenfell.

    uploaded 0:13, 29 Dec 2005 232 11 6,265kb stones

  • Companionable Cats - featuring Cait's models for Morrowind

    Requires: BloodmoonFeaturing Cait's cat models The Ald-ruhn bookseller Codus Callonus suffers from allergy and need help to take care of the cats his sister left when she moved to the Imperial City. Pick your choice among totally 9 cats and kittens - or have them all. You can interact with the cats - they will love you if you give th

    uploaded 17:50, 28 Dec 2005 1,047 60 4,007kb Emma

  • Pack Donkeys - featuring Cait's models for Morrowind

    Requires: Bloodmoon and TribunalFeaturing Cait's donkey modelsDialog, plugin creation: by Emma Models: by Cait Companion scripts: based on Grumpy's work, optimized by CdCooley and Peter Right outside the gates to Suran, you will find a pack donkey seller with three donkeys for sale. Buy as many of them as you like.

    uploaded 17:45, 28 Dec 2005 450 21 742kb Emma

  • Teleport Spell - Bugfix for Morrowind

    This mod adds a spell that gives the PC the option to teleport to any one of a number of preset locations, without the use of a ring or the mark function.

    In the old version of the mod there was a bug that caused the PC to teleport whenever they selected any button in any messagebox. This fixes that bug.

    You do not need the old version of th

    uploaded 14:52, 28 Dec 2005 577 21 3kb Demon_Fire_9842

  • Spelltest Mirror for Morrowind

    Use the console command placeatPC mirror 1 0 0to deploy a spell reflector. Don't bother trying to soultrap it.

    uploaded 19:56, 27 Dec 2005 21 0 1kb Abramul

  • PotionSense for Morrowind

    This mod changes potions so they are grouped by EFFECT, rather than QUALITY.

    Uses the following form:
    EffectName - PotionQuality

    uploaded 19:53, 27 Dec 2005 405 15 48kb Abramul

  • Nerevarine Disposition Limiter for Morrowind

    Prevents NPCs from liking you as much for defeating D.U.(I think I set the disp. limit at 40)

    uploaded 19:50, 27 Dec 2005 76 3 1kb Abramul