• Black Widow Robe for Morrowind

    This mod adds a robe to somewhere in Caldera (think of a place there that would have creepy-crawlies!).
    The robe is a retexture by me, of CanadianIce's 'Female Necromantic Robe'(mesh made by Hurdy Gurdy). The texture is a spider web,
    and in different lighting, it changes color- also, the web only appears up close, simulating a real spid

    uploaded 4:59, 3 Sep 2006 469 29 773kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Aldmer Race for Morrowind

    This was a race created for the mod Death's Doorstep [Add-on] and have not been worked withoutside of that, until now. They have been set up as a playable race, with some powers/abilities and average base stats.

    The race itself does have a place in MW Lore, as the "first elves". They were Chimer/Altmer before cultural distinctions were

    uploaded 4:53, 3 Sep 2006 849 19 1,676kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Immersive Spoilers for Morrowind

    Getting tired of finding the same leveled loot everywhere, but don't want to read a walkthrough or item location list? Then this might be for you.

    this mod will add a new topic with vague but exact loacations of special items throughout the game.

    On the ooposite side of the ridge from Vivec's shrine near ghostgate, is a small but confu

    uploaded 18:57, 2 Sep 2006 2,103 14 11kb Wildman

  • Companion Brianna Russo for Morrowind


    Mod Description:

    This mod adds a female knight near the Suran docks you will find her just wandering around near there. She is level 10
    and requires you to be level 5 before she will travel with you, she also must like you enough. In this version her script
    has been updated a bit, she now trains you i

    uploaded 21:59, 30 Aug 2006 851 40 2kb hellwege

  • Akaviri Island Alpha for Morrowind

    This is the alpha version of the Akaviri Island I'm working on. There are currently no interiors, some unfinished exteriors, and no NPCs, or quests. This is just for testing purposes.

    uploaded 4:41, 30 Aug 2006 820 14 10,529kb boethiah539

  • M7 Plugins 22 for Morrowind

    These Plugins are the creation of M-7,
    and are the first batch released to website since Summer 2006.

    They are mostly new lands or new buildings, with dungeons,
    islands, plateaus, utilities, player houses, hotels, real estate,
    a shopping mall, and other interesting items...
    Note: these mods are not Compatible together

    uploaded 6:09, 28 Aug 2006 173 8 1,504kb morsepone7

  • Paradise Found for Morrowind

    Is it a dream? Or are you really in a fantasy realm, with a dream home all to yourself?
    Visit Balmora's Temple for the special amulet to take you there.
    (Uses Tribunal, GOTY edition. Cleaned with TESAME/ESP Cleaner).



    uploaded 21:27, 27 Aug 2006 663 13 31kb morsepone7

  • Pekkas Modders painting Resource MW for Morrowind

    7 different frames are included in this Modders Resource for Morrowind. The Readme gives you info about things you should think about when you are relasing your own mod. A tutorial is included and it should be easy for the unexperianced modder to follow it as I tried to be as detailed as possible. The tutorial is made for both the MW and the OB res

    uploaded 14:43, 26 Aug 2006 116 11 35,066kb pekkape

  • Abandoned smuggler cave for Morrowind

    Abandoned smuggler cave readme

    This is only a small mod that i did when i tested the Morrowind construction set for the first time.
    This mod adds a cave west of Ald ruhn . Simply follow the road and you will find it.
    There is a smuggler in the cave lvl 10 when you have killed him you can use the cave as a home .
    I think that its pretty nic

    uploaded 18:09, 24 Aug 2006 676 8 5kb mikelindholm

  • Dunmer Armoury Shoppe for Morrowind

    This small mod adds a new shop to the Foyada Mamaca (en route from Pelagiad to Balmora, you cant miss it). Perfect for finding that special peice for your collection, or updating your arsenal. Quite a few items placed inside. Even a sitting NPC (using standard Body Parts meshes! No new meshes added!)

    uploaded 3:19, 21 Aug 2006 396 3 67kb JamesW

  • Crio_01esp for Morrowind

    Crio is situated on a crescent shaped atoll island with a low tide, to the far north of Dagon Fel. To reach Crio you can teleport from Sadrith Mora (Gateway Inn, find "Duchess of Crio") or from Dagon Fel (Heifnir the Trader's shop, find "Squire of Crio"). To leave, find "The Earl of Crio" in the Pyramid; he teleports to Dagon

    uploaded 21:02, 20 Aug 2006 188 8 968kb morsepone7

  • assassins for Morrowind

    this is a simple file that adds a chest of items in the census and exise offices in sedya neen as well as adds a type of assassin that attacks you in the wilderness ramdomly

    uploaded 5:53, 20 Aug 2006 239 10 14kb shade2513