• BigMod2 for Morrowind

    Overall Goal: To make Morrowind more re-playable, by presenting sweeping customization options to the player via Ability, Power, Spell, and Item rewards in quests, and creature/NPC loot.

    You will encounter countless new powerful combinations of spells, powers, abilities, and loot, giving you the ability to take YOUR characters to new levels with

    uploaded 0:23, 25 Apr 2006 1,220 31 535kb xereau

  • Vending Machine M1 for Morrowind

    Adds a vending machine to Balmora Fighter Guild.

    uploaded 21:09, 24 Apr 2006 78 0 92kb morsepone7

  • Publisher TEST 1 for Morrowind

    This is a book Publishing Test Mod. If you go to the Mage Guild in Balmora and find a mysterious inkwell with a scroll, you will be able to create books (after using it). Cool huh?
    This took me a while, but all I did was modify the selection from a shrine script, and replaced the effects with books.

    uploaded 11:16, 24 Apr 2006 62 1 93kb morsepone7

  • M1_Hotel_01esp for Morrowind

    A hotel south of Raven Rock on Solstheim island.

    * Uses Morrowind & Bloodmoon, latest edition.
    In Fort Frostmoth there is a mage that will teleport you to the Hotel (M1 hotel guide). Once there you can also take a ship back to the Fort. The Hotel is within walking distance from Raven Rock, and is south of that colony.

    uploaded 6:00, 24 Apr 2006 760 3 38kb morsepone7

  • Woodmans Celeb Heads Pack 01 for Morrowind

    5 playable celeb heads are included in this pack.

    Liv Tyler - Wood Elf
    Kristanna Loken - Nord
    Sandra Bullock - Nord
    Erika Eleniak - Wood Elf
    Christy Turlington - Wood Elf

    Also contained are 2 playable "non-celeb" Wood Elf heads

    Pics are available here:

    uploaded 22:05, 21 Apr 2006 812 25 309kb Woodman

  • Boots of Protection for Morrowind

    This mod is a reply to a request. It adds boots and shoes which protect you when you're nearly dead.

    uploaded 13:37, 17 Apr 2006 282 4 2kb bjam

  • Modified Exterminator for Morrowind

    Modified .esp to make the exterminator stronger. Just replace the .esp that came with the rar with this one. This basically makes it an insane weapon for a lvl 1 to have.

    uploaded 7:29, 17 Apr 2006 40 2 1kb ModelMan

  • Dark Telvanni Armor for Morrowind

    -Nothing was added to the game world itself. While the armor is set up,
    it is not placed in-game. The console must be used to obtain it, unless you
    place the armor yourself.

    -All meshes are original MW meshes, and use default textures. There are no
    new textures included with this mod- although you might think otherwise at
    first. ;) New icon

    uploaded 18:26, 15 Apr 2006 372 12 146kb Kieve

  • Praetorian Armor for Morrowind

    -This mod adds an NPC to the waistworks of Molag Mar. Unless your saved game
    loads in this cell, you should have no problems. If it does, leave the cell
    before enabling this plugin.

    -Praetorian Armor is meant to be as balanced as possible- it's a few grades
    better than Templar, but its stats are nothing special. This was based on the

    uploaded 17:22, 15 Apr 2006 1,419 7 257kb Kieve

  • Dark Brotherhood Replacer Splash Pack for Morrowind

    These are a couple of splash screens based on my Dark Brotherhood Replacer mod. I released them separately so as to avoid making that mod's filesize bigger.

    uploaded 22:16, 9 Apr 2006 130 5 1,522kb Dimitri Mazieres

  • Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer Expanded for Morrowind

    This is a mod that changes the Dark Brotherhood assassin's armor to one that looks more like the one in Oblivion's concept art (in my opinion, of course ;-).
    None of the original DB armor statistics have been altered. All that was done was replace the relevant meshes and textures, as well as adding the mask to the NPCs inventory.
    Male and

    uploaded 21:59, 9 Apr 2006 9,897 227 2,447kb Dimitri Mazieres

  • Rock Lobster! for Morrowind

    This is my first mod and was made as a kind of way to test the features of the Construction Set. Don't worry, it's not buggy and won't conflict with other mods.

    A mysterious trapdoor has appeared in the waters of Seyda Neen,
    off of the dock where the Prison Ship once landed. Enter it
    to discover the enigmatic Rock Lobster and his ho

    uploaded 1:32, 9 Apr 2006 530 2 4kb Windfall