• Hunting Mod for Morrowind

    This mod adds a new island to the east of Sadrith Mora with a beautiful landscape and a wide variety of creatures for you to hunt. Some are docile and others aren't. Includes original creatures from Morrowind and also some of the new ones introduced in the various creature mods out there. Also includes a couple of reskinned creatures of my own=

    uploaded 10:42, 8 Aug 2006 437 8 3,731kb bjam

  • MCA Vampire Head Replacer for Morrowind

    The MCA - Vampire Head Replacer, eh, replaces the standard Morrowind vampire heads with those included in Morrowind Comes Alive v5.0.

    It requires Morrowind Comes Alive version 5.0.

    uploaded 1:23, 8 Aug 2006 1,215 50 27kb newcode12

  • StarconChestsGlowmapped for Morrowind

    Six chests, two of which are glowmapped, filled with treasure--coins, or coins, chalices, and jewels. Chests are originally Starcon's, resource assembled by redwoodtreesprite.

    uploaded 23:00, 7 Aug 2006 91 6 1,362kb Larissa Mem

  • Starcon Treasure Chests Qarl Retexture for Morrowind

    Starcon's treasure chests, retextured in gold by Qarl. Two open trunks filled with coins, chalices, and jewels.

    uploaded 22:48, 7 Aug 2006 152 8 214kb Larissa Mem

  • Starcon Treasure Chests for Morrowind

    Models of two open chests, one filled with coins and the other filled with coins, chalices and jewels.

    uploaded 22:40, 7 Aug 2006 106 5 99kb Larissa Mem

  • Sextant and Shovel for Morrowind

    Sextants and shovel models. Shovel can be used as a weapon.

    uploaded 22:24, 7 Aug 2006 145 5 288kb Larissa Mem

  • One Room M7 for Morrowind

    One Room - M7.

    (Prototype), version 1.3, Morrowind GOTY edition.
    A (sewer) trapdoor in Seyda Neen leads to a one-room tomb,
    decorated in an Ancient Style, with its occupant....the Lord of All. (See enclosed images).

    uploaded 21:22, 7 Aug 2006 76 0 794kb morsepone7

  • Kiriels Furniture Statics for Morrowind

    This module adds furniture statics to the game. You will find them all under the Statics tab. They all begin with PS_Furn_.

    There is an esp file but it contains no cell changes, just the statics. You can use this esp by installing it in the correct directories and then selecting it as one of the mods to open. When you drag and drop items int

    uploaded 16:13, 7 Aug 2006 197 11 4,357kb bjam

  • LOCH Trunks & Chests Resource for Morrowind

    A new model of a trunk/chest, with 5 variations of textures and 2
    sizes for each texture- a large trunk, or a smaller chest.
    You can retexture the model very easily with the simple template
    it has.

    Note: This is a modder resource originally done by Lochnarus.
    I've only reuploaded it.

    uploaded 16:08, 7 Aug 2006 215 9 1,143kb bjam

  • McMornans Ingots for Morrowind

    This is a modder resource by McMornan.
    I've only reuploaded it.

    uploaded 16:05, 7 Aug 2006 77 2 307kb bjam

  • Daedric glasses for Morrowind

    This is a modder resource.
    I've not done this, I've only reuploaded it.

    uploaded 16:04, 7 Aug 2006 108 4 53kb bjam

  • LOCH Gold ingot for Morrowind

    This is a modder resource originally done by Lochnarus.
    I've only reuploaeded it.

    uploaded 16:02, 7 Aug 2006 99 4 148kb bjam