• Morrowash_Clean for Morrowind

    Adds cleaning products and laundry items such as irons, washers, ironing boards. Merchants in Mournhold, Vivec Hllalu and St. Deylin Cantons.

    uploaded 18:43, 2 Jul 2006 991 5 5,491kb lbruce1730

  • Community Inventory for Morrowind

    Using MWSE, you can now share items between characters on different save games. SImply cast the 'Access Community Inventory' spell, and play on!

    uploaded 0:13, 29 Jun 2006 535 25 4kb thesilentpyro

  • Vethan Ancestral Tomb for Morrowind

    This mod adds an Ancestral Tomb just south of balmora. It also adds 2 new weapons, and 5 new tapestries. The tomb is guarded by Stone Warriors, which are a new race.

    uploaded 19:13, 27 Jun 2006 250 14 2,199kb itsme7

  • Installarions Combat Boost for Morrowind

    README: Installarions Combat boost v1.0

    By: Installarion


    1) Intro

    2) Installation

    3) What This Mod Does

    4) Upcoming mods by Installarion

    5) Credits/Special Thanks

    6) Wanna Contact me?

    7) Known bugs/Issues

    1) Intro

    When I play Morrowind (wich isn`t often) and start
    a new char, I become a little sad.

    uploaded 12:04, 26 Jun 2006 67 2 3kb Installarion

  • NPC Soultrap for Morrowind

    Allows player to capture souls of NPCs. Latest version.

    uploaded 23:41, 24 Jun 2006 2,294 57 180kb Larissa Mem

  • A Khuul Mall for Morrowind

    This adds a new Shopping Mall to Khuul village,
    in the style of a Vivec Canton. This includes a: Jeweler, bookstore, health spa, alchemist, music shop, liquor store, blacksmith, clothier, leather shop, ATM Center, Security room; a private (haunted) Tower & inaccessible sewer. Access Mall via bridge from Khuul.

    uploaded 8:55, 18 Jun 2006 2,186 34 233kb morsepone7

  • Merchant shop for Morrowind

    A house in Balmora, "Sale House", its a work in progress, but feel free to download it and check it out. Some futures for the salehouse includes a basement and maybe some missions.

    uploaded 9:58, 16 Jun 2006 67 4 17kb tomthegerminator

  • Fighters Guild Basement for Morrowind

    This plugin adds a basement to the Fighters Guild in Vivec. The base-
    ment contains 4 new rooms. There is a vault and a library, a guards
    quarters, and a basement room where there are beds and three new NPCS.
    There is also a new NPC in the Library. Being master of the Fighters
    Guild does have its advantages. You can only get into the vault

    uploaded 19:25, 15 Jun 2006 482 8 136kb itsme7

  • Manelves for Morrowind

    Manelves V1.1
    by Tom
    This plugin adds an unplayable race known as the Man-elves. . The Man-elves live in Balmora, on the outskirts on a mountain. Some New NPC's, new interiors and some new weapons.
    If you've already got V1.0 then delete it an

    uploaded 10:03, 14 Jun 2006 99 3 92kb tomthegerminator

  • Bjam enchantement ring and amulet for Morrowind

    This mod adds a ring and an amulet with high enchantement capacity.
    Both are available at Arrile's tradehouse in Seyda Neen.

    uploaded 12:19, 12 Jun 2006 337 18 1kb bjam

  • Aquarius Dungeon MC7 for Morrowind

    Visit this very nice, subterranean Dungeon near the exit bridge in Seyda Neen. Look for a trap door just below the stream on the right way looking out (towards Silt Strider platform). Within these Dwemer walls lies Danger... Though the Danger is great, with ferocious beasts and powerful enemies (a Sorceress with 1000 health points with 2 Dremora

    uploaded 3:50, 11 Jun 2006 1,139 21 35kb morsepone7

  • Modder for Morrowind

    Very simple mod that adds a birthsign called "The Modder" to the game. It makes things a little easier since it increases speed dramatically, and gives the abilities of levitation and healing when necessary.

    uploaded 0:15, 5 Jun 2006 215 4 5kb Zen the Pariah