• MugFix for Morrowind

    This plug-in was designed to fix the bug that was applied by a patch. You will now be able to mug NPCs.

    uploaded 2:21, 5 May 2005 93 1 30kb

  • JEB_four_strong.7z for Morrowind

    Braddock aka Mantodea's Four Strong Armor mod - adds 4 new armors based on the same mesh. More A+ work.

    uploaded 1:41, 5 May 2005 451 11 3,320kb

  • All Boat Ports Plugin for Morrowind

    This plug-in was designed to make it so you can get from any ship port to any other ship port that came with Morrowind. I was tired of having to go from one ship port to another instead of being able to go straight to my destination, now I can.

    uploaded 0:00, 5 May 2005 1,479 41 2kb

  • J_ninja.7z for Morrowind

    Braddock aka Mantodea's Ninja outfit mod, adds 3 new light armors - A+ work!

    uploaded 23:08, 4 May 2005 706 12 2,130kb

  • The leather breton V3-Addon 1-2-3 for Morrowind

    addon 3 needs The leather breton V3 adds PANTS-SHORTS THINGS- down stores in the suran shop also adds a 'Monkey tedybear' that is scripted.

    uploaded 8:17, 3 May 2005 614 5 1,043kb

  • The leather breton V3 for Morrowind

    Version 3. shop at Suran Docks. The house has been rearanged so I can add the extra ADDONS.It has 5 sets of Clothes for sale; 12 wigs(3 asian, 3 alternate pony tail) ; 6 masks. There will be addons for extra clothes, boots, wigs ect..

    uploaded 8:00, 3 May 2005 2,876 10 1,237kb

  • Intelligent Pack Guar for Morrowind

    Intelligent Pack Guar.
    v1.1 By Charles Nadolski, 2004/6/23.
    aka PierreBeauregard on mwsource forums.

    This is my first attempt at modding for morrowind, and so to get some experience I decided to make a guar mod from scratch. For this mod, I wanted to balance realism with playability.

    Version 1.0 features:
    Unobtrusive merchant: Aryne Th

    uploaded 22:54, 22 Jun 2004 193 2 7kb

  • Mzudarhk Manor v 1.1 for Morrowind

    Welcome to Mzudarhk Manor. A Dwarven Manor just north of Balmora. A place to call home. If you are looking for a Dwarven style home this one's for you. It contains many nice features such as: an observatory/library/alchemy lab, a weapons training room with working practice dummies, display mannequins and many heavy containers for your well earned

    uploaded 2:41, 9 Feb 2004 216 5 336kb

  • Hematite High Ordinator Armor for Morrowind

    This mod adds a set of black shiny metal High Ordinator Armor. Included is a beta version of the Black Saint Winged helm.

    uploaded 22:54, 8 Feb 2004 297 4 831kb

  • CDR Thin Clothing Mod update for Morrowind

    A small update to my on-going clothing mod. It adds only a shirt, and a pair of boots. New meshes of course like all parts of the mod. The sword in the pics is included.

    uploaded 0:32, 5 Feb 2004 245 7 2,118kb

  • The Cloak and Dagger patch v1.1 for Morrowind

    uploaded 1:06, 4 Feb 2004 181 5 1,671kb

  • Atoks Cave for Morrowind

    Go to Pelagiad Fort, and look at on the table near the alter. Read the aqua book, it begins the tiny quest of Atok. If you can't find the way to the cave look really close to the fort near two bushes.

    uploaded 13:20, 31 Jan 2004 218 2 14kb