• Redaynia Village for Morrowind

    Redaynia Village is a small fishing town just below it's namesake, Ald Redaynia. Transport is available from Khuul and Dagon Fel.

    uploaded 17:25, 20 Jun 2008 1,190 78 91kb darkelfguy

  • Birthsigns Are More Fun BAMF for Morrowind

    I wanted to make the original birthsigns a bit more fun and interesting to play. They are now more powerful than the original abilities/powers/spells, but are also balanced so as not to be overpowered.

    uploaded 14:19, 18 Jun 2008 3,267 191 9kb Alaisiagae

  • Aspects of the Litter Classes for Morrowind

    Adds on five new classes based around Khajiit. The five classes are made to complement each other such that together they have no weaknesses left uncovered.

    uploaded 18:30, 17 Jun 2008 193 4 10kb KzinistZerg

  • PM_Need For Speed for Morrowind

    Gives you constant 100 more speed.

    In other words: You run/walk much faster.

    uploaded 19:35, 15 Jun 2008 440 10 4kb paulmag

  • Berserker Axe for Morrowind

    Adds a 'Subdued Berserker" to the Sadrith Mora Fighter's Guild who sells a nice "Berserker Axe" and some other fun Weapons (including 200 non-respawning Daedric arrows)

    uploaded 3:48, 15 Jun 2008 135 3 3kb 3597a

  • GZ Maxipack Dwemer for Morrowind

    Modular elements for Dwemer interiors, made from modified stock meshes.

    uploaded 13:13, 10 Jun 2008 156 8 215kb TR Gez

  • PM_Pocket Bed for Morrowind

    This mod adds several kinds of beds that can actually pick up and keep in your inventory. This way you can rest anywhere, including in cities.

    uploaded 16:30, 9 Jun 2008 328 12 5kb paulmag

  • Travel Room for Morrowind

    This is a test mod.
    There is no problem with the mod, i am just wondering how i could improve. It is a simple travel location with storage. I am new at this so it isnt very good.

    uploaded 15:13, 8 Jun 2008 51 0 3kb dragondj0

  • A Dwarfen Underwater Home for Morrowind

    Ever wanted to have Your OWN Dwarfen home Underwater!
    Have your own bar bed room kitchen mages room armory and more!

    uploaded 21:20, 30 May 2008 1,535 53 74kb sheogoraththemad

  • Morrowind Public Library for Morrowind

    This mod adds a library building just north of Pelagiad, on the south shore of Lake Amaya. Over 300 unique books arranged by category, short quests and a few surprises!

    uploaded 15:50, 28 May 2008 1,301 91 7,448kb DrSilent

  • BirthSigns for Morrowind

    it adds two BirthSigns invisble birthsign wear you can stay invisble for a vast amout of time!
    Summon BirthSign that gives you lots of summoning spells!
    (SPOILER)you may need godmode for the summoning sign godmode is tgm!
    Please Rate it
    Made by FruitBat

    uploaded 12:24, 5 May 2008 351 12 182kb Fruit Bat

  • Fire ball weapon for Morrowind

    all credit goes to me
    this mod was very simple you just need other mods

    This weapon is not located in game so you have to press "~" and enter:
    player->additem "godsfireball" "1"
    it is a marksman thrown so i made it fly far


    uploaded 20:48, 4 May 2008 141 4 27kb erican_lord