• Armor on Beasts for Morrowind

    Presumably allows beasts to wear full armor (boots, full helms). No readme given.

    uploaded 18:21, 13 Aug 2006 550 13 2kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Seraphim Race for Morrowind

    A note about the mod. This is the alpha version. Meaning that it is deffinately not complete. Currently there are no quests (hopefully will be changing sometime soon). All the mod does is add an NPC to Seyda Neen that has some dialog options. To learn about the Angels of Light ask him about his background. Once you have learned about the Ange

    uploaded 18:18, 13 Aug 2006 613 14 2,663kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Rapiers for Morrowind

    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
    next to the Rapier.esp file.

    A rare shipment of Rapiers from the providince of Daggerfall has recently been shipped to Verick Germain: Trader in Caldrea. See him to buy one! The weapon does 3 chop and slash damage, but a lot of thrust damage.

    uploaded 18:15, 13 Aug 2006 210 9 777kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Magus Castle for Morrowind

    What this mod adds...

    -12 New NPCs. Some have new skins, and some are just thier to fight you.
    -Two new islands. One is the Imperial Camp, one is where Magus's Caslte is located.
    -A new Region named Dendaro Region(Remember those mountains from Chrono Trigger?) The Two Islands are the only ones affected by this region.
    -A fairly large battl

    uploaded 18:12, 13 Aug 2006 395 11 27,425kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Jambiya for Morrowind

    This is a rework of the Jambiya of Allah (Arab Dagger) mod by Snapcase [(both the model + the texture)(]. - This is a beautiful piece of work, but was overpowered + had the full set of rogue GMSTs attached to it.

    This weapon has now been balanced, no longer "ignores normal weapon resistance", is now a silver wea

    uploaded 18:00, 13 Aug 2006 110 1 2,081kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Dwemer Sky Glider for Morrowind

    You will discover this handy item in main courtyard of Balmora next to the general merchant,
    by some rocks. Under the glider you will see some folded pants: you need to wear those as
    well as the glider itself. Just equip both items to fly and unequip to do normal things.

    Again, unzip the file and put all file into the corresponding folder

    uploaded 17:52, 13 Aug 2006 633 14 943kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Dragon Riding Service for Morrowind

    Adds Dragon Riding Services to Ald'Rhun, Ebonheart, Caldera, Dagon Fel, Gnisis, Khuul, Balmora, Vos, Seyda Neen, Vivec, Suran, Sadrith Mora, Maar Gan, Molag Mar, and Pelegiad. Just talk to the Dragon Rider, they arn't the friendlist people, but if you bribe em enough, they start to like ya ;). Anyway, have fun anyone, and BTW DONT ATTACK THE

    uploaded 17:51, 13 Aug 2006 410 20 997kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Club Live for Morrowind

    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
    next to the clubLIVEv1.esp file.

    This plugin adds Bagels and Fraylox, klezmer band, to the Council Club
    in Balmora. Talk to Andrew to start the Music!

    uploaded 17:49, 13 Aug 2006 126 6 2,676kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Cloak of Three for Morrowind

    I was strolling through the good town of Balmora,
    doing a bit of window shopping, when I stepped
    into a fine clothing shop owned by Milie Hastien.
    This shop was in the NorthWest corner of Balmora
    if my memory serves and was right next to a quaint
    little herbal store.

    As I pawed through her merchandise I notice three
    particular items that s

    uploaded 17:46, 13 Aug 2006 428 18 1,791kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Magius Staff for Morrowind

    Adds the Staff of Magius to the Seyda Neen Lighthouse. It even adds a ring and robe! Just a retexture so don't get your panties in a jumble.

    uploaded 1:02, 13 Aug 2006 176 10 356kb breton187

  • Titanium Armor for Morrowind

    What you get - 3 full sets of Titanium High Ordinator Armour added to the game. Two sets can be found in Titanium chests in the Daedric Shrines of Bal Ur and Kushtashpi. The other set is scattered around between the Temples of Vvardenfell - Ald'Ruhn, Balmora, Gnisis, Ghostgate, Molag Mar, and The High Fane in Vivec. Each of these has a Titanium

    uploaded 5:08, 12 Aug 2006 462 21 1,180kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Nord Head Replacement for Morrowind

    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
    next to the Nords Heads Replacement.esp file.

    The plugin changes all the Nord faces, both male and female,
    and their hairstyle into new, more detailed ones.

    Screenshots in archive.

    uploaded 5:06, 12 Aug 2006 484 16 1,250kb Rogue_Shadow