• Vampire Embrace Realism Hunger PL for Morrowind

    Admin Upload

    uploaded 23:16, 2 Jul 2005 1,188 26 16,353kb

  • RTS Japanese Prints Resource Pack 1 for Morrowind

    49 framed Japanese prints, mostly Ukiyo-E. All the textures are of a clear resolution, and in BMP format to keep the print quality as high as possible.

    uploaded 22:26, 1 Jul 2005 178 5 39,672kb redwoodtreesprite

  • ra5946 Asian Pack 1- Buildings and Bridges for Morrowind

    Large set of asian statics, mainly Japanese. This pack includes a nice building set of basic Japanese houses, with 2 foundations, 3 house shells, and 2 roof sizes in 6 texures each. There are 8 different building interior meshes. There are also three nice complete building shells, including a tavern, octagonal building, and an animated water mill.

    uploaded 21:42, 1 Jul 2005 313 6 11,939kb

  • Last Legion Trailer 4 for Morrowind

    uploaded 19:55, 1 Jul 2005 39 1 20,340kb

  • Hoss's for Morrowind

    Hoss's Soul Calibur Mod This plugin adds two swords to Morrowind.Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur Evil BladeThese swords are two-handed Long swords.

    uploaded 4:42, 1 Jul 2005 196 6 254kb

  • Merchant's Cart for Morrowind

    Merchant's Cartby: Redguard_SlayerThis is intended as a modders resource, there is a sample plug-in that adds the cart with a few Morrowind Alchemy ingredients on display in Seyda Neen.New mesh and textures. Please feel free to retexture the cart, as my texturing skills aren't the best.I have also included the Photosho

    uploaded 19:57, 30 Jun 2005 96 3 932kb

  • Dutch cutlass for Morrowind

    Dutch cutlass***************************What does this mod add?This 'mod' adds a sample plugin with a dutch cutlass. The cutlass is a freeware model I textured, and placed ingame***************************Playing the plugin:You will find the new sword in vacant tower in dagonfel.I have not touched anything

    uploaded 11:24, 30 Jun 2005 89 1 1,225kb

  • Delafs Hiden Home for Morrowind

    This mod adds a hidden house to Morrowind.

    uploaded 8:36, 30 Jun 2005 46 0 5kb

  • Legato's Akaviri Resource Pack for Morrowind

    Huge pack of Asian models made by Legato. Includes buildings, plants, armor and weapons, clothing, lanterns, bridges, furniture, and more.Included in this upload is a folder with screenshots I took of almost everything in the pack for easy reference. You can modify the models and also retexture them. It's also OK to modify the m

    uploaded 0:34, 30 Jun 2005 340 5 30,643kb

  • Mournhold Texture Replacer for Morrowind

    *****Mournhold Texture Replacer****** by Sorcha Ravenlock1. What is this?2. Installation3. Credits and Usage~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. What is this? This is a texture replacer for the Mournhold Palace and Temple Text

    uploaded 21:29, 28 Jun 2005 634 18 1,701kb

  • Nomad Female Heads and Hair Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    "There is a serious ugly factor with the models that came with Morrowind, hopefully you will agree that mine have at least made the females a little more pleasant to look at. The hair models are part of the download, since I've adjusted them to fit specifically with my models. " - NomadThese models have been available at Morrowind Creat

    uploaded 19:34, 28 Jun 2005 1,551 32 9,058kb

  • Nomad Male Heads and Hair Modder's Pack for Morrowind

    "The coloration of the heads matches best with the Breton bodies, though you can use them with any race you wish. Hair models shown are included in the download. Other hair models in the game or from Rhedd's downloads might not fit my models heads very well, that's why I'm including the hair models in the download." - NomadThese model

    uploaded 19:24, 28 Jun 2005 1,188 20 5,881kb