• Skinning Tutorial for Morrowind

    Explains how to use NIFTexture, image programs, and the TESCS to change the appearance of weapons, armor, and clothing in Morrowind. A clear, simple, essential tutorial for anyone interested in beginning to texture.

    uploaded 21:01, 10 Sep 2006 482 24 148kb Larissa Mem

  • TESCS Item Index for Morrowind

    This is an itemized list of everything in the TES Construction Set for Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon. It describes the various CS tabs and the sort of items they contain, catalogues the items, and contains some images. The introduction states: "This edition focuses on the Static editor tab and related items: Misc Item, Activator, Containe

    uploaded 20:51, 10 Sep 2006 341 25 769kb Larissa Mem

  • All Spells for Sale for Morrowind

    This Mod adds all spells to (someone, i forgot who it was but you'll know who it is beacause they'll have a barrier around them and a weird face.) at the Balmora Guild of Mages. the prices are all different.

    uploaded 11:35, 6 Sep 2006 1,875 44 8kb

  • Key Replacer Daduke for Morrowind

    (Uploaded by redwoodtreesprite with Daduke's permission.)

    Ever noticed that there are only 2 key designs in the entire game? Want to experience a bit of change? The amazing key replacing mod introduces 50 new key designs and replaces almost every key mesh and icon in the game.

    Note by redwoodtreesprite: Screenshots of all the keys in-edit

    uploaded 16:47, 5 Sep 2006 3,926 157 3,176kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Daduke Gems Modder Resource for Morrowind

    (Uploaded by redwoodtreesprite with Daduke's permission.)

    Gems - 11 different gem models by Daduke

    Untextured gem shapes. The texture maps are included, so you can make your own custom gems.

    uploaded 16:38, 5 Sep 2006 148 7 235kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Amulets and Rings for Morrowind

    (Uploaded by redwoodtreesprite with Daduke's permission.)

    This mod adds 246 amulets and 130 rings to leveled lists.

    All of the files needed are included with this download.

    uploaded 16:16, 5 Sep 2006 829 41 6,538kb redwoodtreesprite

  • WeirdPlant for Morrowind

    HEY LOOK AT THIS!! This Mod puts some nice items inside a plant named Choked-Weed (hehe). it is near the entrance to Khuul. right after the silt-strider (if you got there by one) walk down the path until you come across a plant named Choked-Weed. it is on the right if you walk DOWN the path.

    uploaded 13:20, 5 Sep 2006 50 3 6kb

  • Slot_Machine_1 for Morrowind

    Slot_Machine 1

    Morrowind misc. Mod

    Places a slot machine in Suran's nightclub, near the dancers.

    (A perfect environment)

    This is a test mod.

    uploaded 22:22, 3 Sep 2006 55 2 4kb morsepone7

  • Lakura Manor for Morrowind

    This house is situated on a rock due west of Gnisis, at the edge between the landscaped area and "Wilderness". I made this mod for myself, really. It doesn't fit with the "atmosphere". And no, it's not "Dwarven". Sotha Sil did not make it. Akatosh did not do the time warp (again) and make this house. It just is. Alright? Goo

    uploaded 5:50, 3 Sep 2006 336 11 30,324kb Rogue_Shadow

  • The Mortal Life of Vivec for Morrowind

    This mod adds the thirteen 'volumes' of the story of the mortal life of Vivec, written by Mote (Fan fiction, based off of in game texts).

    uploaded 5:03, 3 Sep 2006 167 10 56kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Black Widow Robe for Morrowind

    This mod adds a robe to somewhere in Caldera (think of a place there that would have creepy-crawlies!).
    The robe is a retexture by me, of CanadianIce's 'Female Necromantic Robe'(mesh made by Hurdy Gurdy). The texture is a spider web,
    and in different lighting, it changes color- also, the web only appears up close, simulating a real spid

    uploaded 4:59, 3 Sep 2006 455 27 773kb Rogue_Shadow

  • Aldmer Race for Morrowind

    This was a race created for the mod Death's Doorstep [Add-on] and have not been worked withoutside of that, until now. They have been set up as a playable race, with some powers/abilities and average base stats.

    The race itself does have a place in MW Lore, as the "first elves". They were Chimer/Altmer before cultural distinctions were

    uploaded 4:53, 3 Sep 2006 831 16 1,676kb Rogue_Shadow