• Friendly Dremoras for Morrowind

    This is a simple mod which renders all Dremoras and Dremora Lords harmless. It also gives you the opportunity to engage in some smalltalk with them.

    uploaded 15:49, 18 Oct 2005 130 2 10kb

  • Army of Death 3 for Morrowind

    Nocturnal, angry with the failure of Lord Tharavoth has made a pact with Hircine and the Aedric divine Arkay in order to destroy Nerevar. If they cant stop Nerevar then Nocturnal will have to try herself. Bloodmoon.esm is required for this file to be loaded

    uploaded 14:25, 15 Oct 2005 193 4 11kb

  • Tales Of Miridian for Morrowind

    The plug-in: A large sprawling city just off the Bitter Coast lies between Vvardenfell and the rest of Morrowind. Miridian was founded by Imperials and is run under Imperial rule. The city is heaving with trade and has much to do and investigate. This plug-in Created by Khaan (Me) Telemon and Alf adds a huge new city

    uploaded 13:06, 1 Oct 2005 8,206 8 553kb

  • Hostile Attackers 3dot0 and Friendly NPCs 1dot0 for Morrowind

    This mod adds NPCs to a few of the level list of Vvardenfell (not Solstheim yet) that are set to attack on sight, and friendly NPCs who will come to your assistance when attacked. The NPCs are a mixture of class, race, level and gender. NPCs have been placed in the level list according to level to provide a good balanced challenge for the player.<b

    uploaded 3:31, 17 Sep 2005 174 4 10,776kb

  • Peacefull Water Life for Morrowind

    This mod makes it safe to swim for low leveled characters.This is what the mod does_-The Small Slaughterfish will not attack you anymore, unless "bothered". It would rather flee than fight.-The Slaughterfish will not attack, unless "bothered".-The Mudcrab will not attack, unless it is diseased and player bothers it.

    uploaded 19:24, 16 Sep 2005 150 1 2kb

  • Ancient Bronze Armor for Morrowind

    The Bronze armor is an armor made out of High quality Bronze and it has been magically enhanced for good protection. The armor was used by the Skyrim troops during the end of the Second Era. Somehow a Nord named Tandurr has come across a few sets of this rare and expensive armor. He is selling them for a fair price in the Vivec Foreign Quaters Uppe

    uploaded 20:44, 8 Sep 2005 451 8 4,444kb

  • Brickyard for Morrowind

    My favorite city Balmora...Replaces dull Hlaalu textures with modern brick ones. Also replaces interior.

    uploaded 15:59, 8 Sep 2005 218 2 2,852kb

  • MWE and Dev Kit 1dot6 for Morrowind

    Whats new?-All the version numbers match up-Includes the .exe, dll, documentation, examples-New keyboard input function

    uploaded 16:11, 28 Aug 2005 592 17 156kb

  • The_inwahs Elven Rapier V1dot0 for Morrowind

    This mod adds a brand new rapier to the game of morrowind. The rapier can
    be found in the Addamasartus cave, just outside Seyda Neen. I have given
    the rapier to one of the original villans inside the cave. The mesh is perhaps
    a bit overpowered, but that can easily be changed in the construction set
    by yourself. I hope you enjoy!

    uploaded 22:30, 27 Aug 2005 88 4 174kb

  • Inwah's freeware weapons for Morrowind

    This mod adds 5 brand new sword to morrowind. The sword can be bought from a khajiit,standing on the pltform, in Gnissis (near the siltstrider). The weapons aren't "Uber",Or very expensive, but still not cheap, or weak! The weapons are on a new table, the Table is freeware to. Feel free to use any of the models in a mod of yours, or

    uploaded 22:29, 27 Aug 2005 337 7 4,028kb

  • RTS Building Blocks Pack 2 for Morrowind

    69 retextures of two of KAGZ building blocks models. The model shapes are a rectangular cube, and a square cube. They are very large and meant for architectural construction primarily. There are 49 original textures which have been resized to work on the 2 models. This is an Egyptian pack, with sandstone colored blocks.This is a modder's pack. Nothing is placed ingame. I have made a

    uploaded 22:08, 25 Aug 2005 67 2 36,496kb

  • RTS Building Blocks Pack 1 for Morrowind

    37 high-res retextures of KAGZ 3 building blocks models. The model shapes are a squared column, a rectangular cube, and a square cube.

    uploaded 0:19, 25 Aug 2005 101 2 31,681kb redwoodtreesprite