• Werekin v10 for Morrowind

    Adds a new race called the Werekin to Morrowind. Standard Bethesda Nord bodies. The race starts with the Werewolf disease automatically.

    Cleaned with TESAME



    uploaded 23:51, 3 Oct 2006 428 13 5kb Counciler

  • MCA 5 Lite for Morrowind

    This should reduce the amount of NPCs that spawn by almost half. The goal of this is to help reduce the framerate hit that MCA can cause in peoples games. If you want to truly have better FPS though, it's been suggested to also disable the MCA Guards.esp, as the guard scripts are reported to slow the game down, too.

    You should mainly notice a

    uploaded 18:17, 3 Oct 2006 1,053 15 5kb Marbred

  • Djupsgaard for Morrowind

    Many ages ago, the great Nordic hall of Djupsgaard and its warriors ruled over all Solstheim. Built around the great earth-tree Jarngren, the hall was a haven for all and sundry against the fierce elements and creatures of the island. Some say the hubris of its warriors angered the gods, as an earth-shattering earthquake saw it suddenly disappear d

    uploaded 5:34, 2 Oct 2006 287 9 2,925kb Polycrates

  • Cool Tomb for Morrowind

    adds a cool tomb, (tombs are always cool). This tomb is filled with monster who would love to dine on your brain and gnaw on your spine. Don't give them that oppurtunity. Ready your sword and polish that shield, then take a stroll on the trail behind Ald'Ruhn's Temple. Stroll along this path until you reach the entrance to a desecrated, an

    uploaded 4:11, 30 Sep 2006 163 6 79kb mhfi

  • Big Lake for Morrowind

    Adds a large lake near the Zainab camp. Filled with dreughs and dreugh warlords that protect your prize. Dive down deep and bring the latest scuba gear, because the bottom is definetly not visible from the surface. bring your water breathing potions and good luck me harties;)

    uploaded 4:02, 30 Sep 2006 161 4 158kb mhfi

  • Animra CAmp for Morrowind

    Places a Ashlander camp south of Balmora along Odai River. Nice items.
    Install: Unzip with WinRAR and place into Morrowind/Data folder. Enjoy:)

    uploaded 3:57, 30 Sep 2006 131 3 10kb mhfi

  • Desert Storms Camo clothes for Morrowind

    Adds a set of camo armor that a merchant in arilles tradehouse in sedya neen will sell you. It is meant to blend in with grassy areas.

    uploaded 1:42, 30 Sep 2006 191 7 213kb Desert Storm

  • Desert Storms Camo Armor for Morrowind

    ***Desert_Storms Camo Armor***

    This is my first attempt at custom armor. It is a retextured set of orcish armor. It is made to blend in with grassy areas. Ive given the armor some trim too. A merchant in Arilles tradehouse in Sedya Neen sells the sets.

    To install the meshs, put

    uploaded 21:56, 29 Sep 2006 148 2 334kb Desert Storm

  • New Race: Faceless ones for Morrowind

    ***Faceless One's -- Custom race by: Desert_Storm & Red_Baron6316***

    This mod includes a mysterious race. they are notable for the superhuman strength & constitution. (and for the fact that they have no face!)


    Meshes made by: Red_Baron6316

    Textures made by: Dese

    uploaded 23:57, 28 Sep 2006 4,771 13 480kb Desert Storm

  • Deadlier Cliff Racers for Morrowind

    Cliff racers are hated for stupid reasons amlost awalys, so i made this mod to give a reason to hate cliff racers.

    This mod adds 2 types of cliff racers: Mega racers & King racers.

    --Mega Racers are 2 grades higher then standard cliff racers in just about everything. they are 2 times as fast, and do modrate damage.

    --King Racers are at le

    uploaded 22:13, 27 Sep 2006 94 4 2kb Desert Storm

  • WM Revolver for Morrowind

    Just a doodle i made in milkshape, never intended to be used for anything, but it was requested so here it is.

    A barrel is next to the basement door of Arille's trade house with the gun sitting on top of it.
    Equipping the gun adds 6 bullets to your inventory, equip the bullets to shoot. It is scripted so you cannot have more than 6 bulle

    uploaded 19:06, 27 Sep 2006 316 7 346kb Wildman

  • Treasures in Balmora and Aldruhn for Morrowind

    This is my first Morrowind mod. I make two treasures in Balmora and Ald'Ruhn.

    uploaded 15:36, 27 Sep 2006 68 4 4kb