• Overunity 1.9a for Morrowind

    Eliminate the pain of managing large numbers of plugins, ensure all of your custom content is included with any plugin you wish to distribute, export object definitions for merging with TESTool when it sometimes crashes on a particular plugin for no reason...

    uploaded 18:13, 24 Feb 2006 351 17 141kb Shanjaq

  • M7Keep1 for Morrowind

    This Keep is located in the hills north of Balmora city. It has 2 levels, including bedroom, bathroom, and main room. There are also 2 NPCs - a Butler and Blacksmith, and a ghostly Bartender. The Keep has ample storage chests for your possessions. All the doors work.This is one of my simpler Mods. M7

    uploaded 6:27, 24 Feb 2006 60 1 26kb morsepone7

  • New Dwemer Coin for Morrowind

    I decided to ditch that boring grey coin for a more interesting one. I deformed the coin just a little to make it more worn/weathered, and changed the texture. The texture is an old Dwemer design that I picked up from Aldrien's Chalice.

    uploaded 3:57, 24 Feb 2006 270 12 20kb mrmistophelees

  • Riverside cottage for Morrowind

    This mod adds a nice house near the stilt strider in Balmora.

    uploaded 0:59, 22 Feb 2006 61 1 28kb rodneyleefetrow

  • W32.D Zombie_Spoon for Morrowind

    Created by:W32.DEmail:CrazyFox_444@hotmail.comRequirements:-This Plugin(MOD) requires Bloodmoon.esm to runInstallation:-Simply unzip to your Morrowind->Datafiles folderDescription:-Have u always wanted to kill someone whit a spoon? well now's your chance-Somewhere in Balmora a spoon can be found no

    uploaded 20:24, 20 Feb 2006 32 2 2kb W32.D

  • Kirel's Take a Breather for Morrowind

    Regenerates fatigue slightly faster if you stand still in sneak stance. The effect is cancelled if you have a spell/weapon ready or are attacked by any fatigue effecting attack.

    uploaded 12:15, 19 Feb 2006 231 9 2kb Kirel

  • RTS Wig Scans Closeups for Morrowind

    Closeup scans from all the Wig Scan Packs. All are sized for Morrowind texturing, ready to be placed on a nif via NIFTexture.Feel free to use this any way you like. Just give me credit for the scan work.

    uploaded 21:40, 18 Feb 2006 37 1 14,097kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Wig Scans P for Morrowind

    One scan in huge and small sizes and two individual scans of an unusual rainbow curly afro clown wig. Also, one closeup texture of the wig hair. This hair works best with swap-color rather than color-adjusting.

    uploaded 20:57, 18 Feb 2006 30 0 18,348kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Female Khajiit Heads for Morrowind

    6 new playable female Khajiit faces. The textures were made by drawing over Bethesa's and detritus2004's textures, using photographs of cat's faces. I was only able to do the face areas though. AlienSlof did a magnificent job finishing the textures and adding more details.Also included are dds texture versions of the tex

    uploaded 20:04, 18 Feb 2006 1,161 59 6,746kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Mod Text Merger for Morrowind

    uploaded 19:11, 18 Feb 2006 127 5 197kb bjam

  • Mod Text Importer for Morrowind

    uploaded 19:10, 18 Feb 2006 126 4 140kb bjam

  • Morrowind Script Packer for Morrowind

    uploaded 19:10, 18 Feb 2006 91 1 137kb bjam