• Holy White Glass Armor for Morrowind

    A nifty retexture & reshaping of the glass armor set into a more snazzlier set of armor!

    uploaded 1:36, 21 Jan 2007 785 16 819kb GearsOfFate

  • rolf long teeth fix for Morrowind

    this is an simple mod that makes rolf long teeth appear at lake fjalding. i did make this mod because he would not appear.
    sorry for any mispellings in the desription

    uploaded 11:07, 20 Jan 2007 48 2 1kb vegetalss4

  • money for Morrowind

    all this mod does is give you a little more money in the box on the shelf, that you can pick right at the beginning. it changes the amount from 31 to 100.

    since its just a plugin - file just copy it into your "data files" file.

    As said nothing special. ^^

    uploaded 16:00, 18 Jan 2007 186 5 1kb Graydragon

  • Necro Armor DV for Morrowind

    Im Keller von Arriles Handelshaus in Seyda Neen findet ihr einen Zettel und einen
    Schlüssel, in diesem Zettel findet ihr Informationen darüber wo sich der Totenbeschwörer
    mit seiner Rüstung aufhält. Den Schlüssel benötigt ihr um in das Versteck des Totenbeschwörers
    zu kommen. Wenn ihr nicht stark genug seit um den Totenbeschwöre

    uploaded 16:54, 14 Jan 2007 319 9 657kb Wozee

  • Drow Priestress Armor DV for Morrowind

    Eine wunderschöne Rüstung für weibliche Charaktere. Zu finden ist das gute Stück gleich in der Nähe von Seyda Neen, und zwar in der Höhle "Addamasartus".

    uploaded 16:32, 14 Jan 2007 1,132 50 805kb Wozee

  • Dwemer Ice Gun Tribute for Morrowind

    The 3rd gun as promised. This mod adds a Frost launcher based on Tempered's Spore Pod Launcher. It fires Frost Atronach Heart Fragments found in every Frost atronach in the game, even summoned ones!

    This is version 3.3 scripted. It changes from a crossbow-type gun to a one-handed axe weapon when ammo runs out or is unequipped.

    New versio

    uploaded 6:29, 14 Jan 2007 410 11 838kb DOUBLEBREWSKI

  • Houses for Sale for Morrowind

    When I'ne finished the Oblivion, I started to make this housebuying mod for Morrowind. I wanted the houseseller to simply barter the keys to the houses. I did not work... I don't know why. Now I made it in topic style.

    You can buy these houses at Clagius Clanler's shop from his wife. The houses are in Balmora, Ald' Ruhn, Pelegiad, S

    uploaded 19:01, 13 Jan 2007 1,026 40 77kb somesz

  • The Real Point Tavern for Morrowind

    This mod adds a Tavern near Seyda Neen!
    - 6 NPCs, two gives you a quest
    - this was my first quest mod for Morrowind
    - I love this tavern, it was inspired by some drunken people from the streets who always drink in a small shop: Reál Pont (Hungary)

    Simply copy it to you Data Files folder

    uploaded 18:47, 13 Jan 2007 640 27 189kb somesz

  • Deserter Legionaries for Morrowind

    - This mod adds a Blades Outpost near Gnisis, left - hand from the Fort out of the city.
    - There are some deserter legionaries in VVardenfel, and the Imperial Legion Comitte ask the Blades for help to investigate this happening.
    - New buildings, retextured armor (Blades armor)
    - NPCs with five companion Blade fighter
    - 4 quest in one Storyline

    uploaded 18:37, 13 Jan 2007 652 24 1,491kb somesz

  • Heaven Manor for Morrowind

    The big rock is in Caldera upward castle. The key to manor is in the botle in the house behind Shenk's shovel but you need czech version of the game.
    File: "morrcz.esp"

    uploaded 9:53, 13 Jan 2007 69 1 1,023kb Shadowbrang

  • Rüstung des Heiligen Nerevar DV for Morrowind

    In der Nähe des Maelkashishi Schreins befindet sich das Grab des Mondes und des
    Sternes. Wenn ihr dieses Grab durchsucht findet ihr am Ende eine Truhe in der
    sich die Rüstung des Heiligen Nerevar befindet.

    uploaded 21:28, 10 Jan 2007 127 2 1,255kb Wozee

  • Vader Mod DV for Morrowind

    -Rüstung des Darth Vader (Helm, Brustharnisch, Beinschienen, Stiefel, Handschuhe, Umhang)
    -9 Normale Lichtschwerter (Obiwan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Exar Kun, Mara Jade, Mace Windu, Yun, Dooku, sabrolaser Sith)
    -3 Doppelklingen Lichtschwert (Darth Maul, Exar Kun, Bastila)
    -3 Holocrons (Jedi, Sith, Super-Holocron)

    Wenn man von Hla

    uploaded 19:50, 10 Jan 2007 1,447 34 1,359kb Wozee