• Elkenport for Morrowind

    This is a mod that adds another island called Elkenport. It's about 20% through (it's gonna be big) and this is just what i'm up to right now. If you have any ideas for the island tell me please. Easy to install, just unzip the files and put them into their corresponding folders. To get there, go to Molag Mar and get there by Silt Stride

    uploaded 4:52, 18 Mar 2007 84 0 111kb Hugh Jass

  • High Rock Map texture issue for Morrowind

    High Rock Map texture issue

    uploaded 6:07, 17 Mar 2007 356 4 222kb Xui'al

  • Skulds Scenic Splash Screens for Morrowind

    This rar file includes 21 scenic Screenshots from various places in Morrowind, some made by me, some by other players.

    NOTE: The images I added here are the screenshots ONLY. The splash screens have Morrowind-standard-Splash-Screen "frames".

    uploaded 15:33, 15 Mar 2007 189 16 37,180kb Skuld

  • ATAP Andys texture alternatives pack for Morrowind

    Included more than 600 textures for morrowind.
    It is a combination of new textures, upgraded original textures and textures that are taken changed or unchanged from other texture packs.
    I might add that my pack is overall a bit more performance friendly than the visual pack.
    It is intendend to make things eventually more interesting again

    uploaded 17:29, 14 Mar 2007 24,695 406 44,401kb andreasgr

  • Villages 11 ita solo esp for Morrowind

    italian version of the mod with the same name

    il mod aggiunge 3 villaggia al mondo di abliovion, con missioni e sottotrame tutte da giocare.

    in caso di problemi, o segnalazioni non esitate a contattarmi.

    uploaded 14:51, 14 Mar 2007 27 0 334kb arcadio21

  • Dwemer Spore Gun Patch for Morrowind

    This is just a patch to add the same "swap-weapon" scripts from my Gun tribute mods to the original gun mod I based them on.

    Requires Dwemer Pod Launcher mod by Tempered, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

    I added 3 scripts, 3 new icons, 1 new splash screen and 1 new gun ID to the construction set. I also changed the Enchantment value on the Spo

    uploaded 0:50, 12 Mar 2007 206 4 2,194kb DOUBLEBREWSKI

  • Hrazmah Tower for Morrowind

    This mod adds a tower dungeon in the grazelands/ashlands border that has vampires, some dwemer creatures, a horde of zombies and a boss fight. The older version of the mod can be found on planetelderscolls. The towers location is also in the readme.

    uploaded 6:58, 11 Mar 2007 1,699 7 51kb Unknown_006

  • Visas Marr for Morrowind

    This adds the clothing of Visas Marr from KOTORII The Sith Lords, I've made this back in Feb 2005 so this is just reupload for those that are still trying to find it.. Darth Sion and Revan will follow.

    uploaded 18:09, 10 Mar 2007 273 8 224kb Starcon5

  • De beaux katanas for Morrowind

    SeveriansKatanas.esp V 1.3

    vu qu'apparement on avait du mal pour trouver les katanas
    j'ai rajouté un pnj : Aerson Gribat (chevalier en armure de maille
    dans le disctric du marché imperial ) qui vend les differents katana

    uploaded 23:43, 7 Mar 2007 98 1 2,427kb Highlanders

  • Morrowind Enemy Might Tweaked for Morrowind

    this plugin intends to keep the game challenging for higher level player characters. For example atronarchs,
    ogrims, ogrim titans, dremora lords etc. always looked menacing, but never were a challenge for higher level
    characters. Now creatures like them take more hits and do more powerful melee attacks.
    I didnt go too much over the top, y

    uploaded 9:57, 2 Mar 2007 161 6 4kb andreasgr

  • RTS Better Bodies Female BMP Textures Briefs Only for Morrowind

    Two versions of the Better Bodies' female body textures with Fariel's brief texture added. Just the lower underwear part is used, so you can have full benefit of many of those pretty BB2 outfits. :)

    For the original Better Bodies textures, I worked with the PSD textures available on the Better Bodies' site, so they have the best possi

    uploaded 1:49, 2 Mar 2007 1,206 47 8,212kb redwoodtreesprite

  • RTS Better Bodies Fem Textures BMPs Briefs Only AlienSlofs for Morrowind

    (Modder Resource Textures)

    AlienSlof's high-rez BB2 female textures with more defined muscle-tone, with the BB team's brief texture added. Just the lower underwear part is used, so you can have full benefit of many of those pretty BB2 outfits. :) I worked with AlienSlof's PSD textures to make these, so they have the best possible tex

    uploaded 1:41, 2 Mar 2007 484 15 15,993kb redwoodtreesprite